Bulgarian Chemistry and Industry, 74, No 4 (2003) 118–119 CONTENTS FOR VOLUME 74
G. VISSOKOV: Nanoscience and nanotechnology research directions in chemical industries . 1 H.-J. BART, D. KAMENSKI: Modelling the kinetics of the reactive solvent extraction of zinc with ZH. BALGARANOVA, L. PHILLIPOV: Stabilisation of aniline by addition of hydrazine .19 G. N. VASSILEV: Synthesis, chemical structure and growth-regulating activity of 2-fluorenyl methylene hydrazides of some biologically active acids .22 V. SAMICHKOV: On the rheological properties of mixtures of associative polymer and anionic surfactant . 26 P. IVANOVA, I. HAVEZOV, M. KATAYAMA: Chelating resin disk preconcentration as a pretreatment step for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometric determination of trace elements in sea water .30 T. NEDELTCHEVA, M. ATANASSOVA, J. DIMITROV: Anodic stripping voltammetry of copper in the T. NEDELTCHEVA, M. ATANASSOVA, J. DIMITROV: Adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry of copper in the presence of chloride ions .39 L. T. VLAEV, S. D. GENIEVA, E. M. POPOVA: Conductometric titration of nickel(II) in presence of chromium(III), iron(III) and manganese(II), using EDTA as the reagent .45 K. BASAVAIAH, H. C. PRAMEELA: Four simple methods for the determination of famotidine in bulk A. SAHU, B. SRIVASTAVA, D. K. SINGH: Spectrophotometric determination of theophylline and caf- CH. BONEV, G. KADINOV: Infrared spectroscopy and chemisorption measurements of alumina-sup- ported platinum and platinum–lead catalysts .61N. GROVER, S. K. UPADHYAY: Kinetics of palladium(II)-catalysed oxidation of ethylene-diamine tetraacetic acid by alkaline and acidic chloramine-T .67G. GENTSCHEVA, E. IVANOVA, J. JORDANOV, V. PETROVA: Use of atomic spectrometry for the determination of Li, Na, K and Al in novel optical materials based on double alkali-aluminium tungstates .73O. BOZHKOV: Rapid semi-quantitative spot test for beryllium determination in industrial solutions .76K. BASAVAIAH, U. CHANDRASHEKAR, H. C. PRAMEELA: Indirect titrimetric and spectrophoto- metric determination of propranolol hydrochloride using sodium metavanadate .79D. K. SINGH, S. SINGH: Zinc silicate bonded 8-hydroxyquinoline: a chelating sorbent for separation S. B. ILIEV, G. S. GEORGIEV: Dependence of the acceleration of donor–acceptor bulk and emulsion copolymerisation on magnetic field pulsations .91A. A. TZONEVA, V. A. SPASSOV, L. G. LYUTOV, G. S. GEORGIEV: An opposite electrostimulated response of polyzwitterionic aqueous solutions and hydrogels .95I. KRAICHEVA, S. VARBANOV, G. GROZDANOV, CHR. DIMITROV, E. CHRISTOVA, G. BORISOV: Study of the synthesis of phosphorus-containing antibiotic fosfomycin .99N. M. STOYANOV, G. I. IVANOVA, S. MINCHEV: Synthesis of 2-(2-thienyl)-3-hydroxyphenalene- 1-ones and 3-(2-thienylmethylene)-1H,3H-naphtho-[1,8-c,d]-pyran-1-ones .103S. NENKOVA: Fibrous-wood granulated sorbents for elimination of oil pollution.108G. SIMEONOVA, I. VALCHEV, S. NENKOVA, J. GAIDAROV: Developments in ClO bleaching tech- nology for better chemical efficiency and pulp properties .111Forthcoming Events .116Author Index for Volume 74 .117Contents for Volume 74 .118

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