Learning objectives:

Microbiology with an Attitude
In this one-day session, offered on two different days, Dr. Dennis Wegner will show you howintermediate and smaller-sized laboratories can apply the latest techniques and provide highquality, patient care-oriented microbiology at minimum cost. You will see how qualitymicrobiology practices will increase prospective payment reimbursements and greatly helpyour hospital’ All participants will receive a copy of a CLSI/NCCLS formatted bacteriology Procedure

Registration & Coffee: 8:30 am –9:00 am **REGISTER NOW**
At the conclusion of this program, Participants will be able to: List vancomycin and linezolid MRSA infection treatment options.
Describe the importance of Gram stains for preliminary culture reports and correlation with clinical findings.
List new techniques applicable to small and intermediate-sized hospital microbiology laboratories.
Discuss the medical and financial necessity for microbiology broad-spectrum active intervention.
Improve culture sensitivity and reduce confusion regarding urine cultures from long-term urinary catheter patients.
Understand adverse pregnancy outcomes due to bacterial vaginosis (BV) and quantitatively score BV Gram stains.
Use Gram stains in evaluating mixed flora from wound and sputum specimens.
Dennis L. Wegner, PhD
Kathleen Gerhardt, MS, MT(ASCP)SM
Microbiology Coordinator, The Valley Hospital Gerben Zylstra, PhD
Katie Leone, MPH
Microbiology Technologist, The Valley Hospital COST-EFFECTIVE, NUTS AND BOLTS HOSPITAL MICROBIOLOGY Check one:
Saturday, April 23, 2005, 9:00am-4:00pm First name:_______________________
Last name:_______________________
Mailing Address:__________________
Daytime Phone:___________________
Evening Phone:___________________
Check one:
Registration before April 8, 2005: $30.00 Registration after April 8, 2005: $35.00 On Site Registration: pending available space Make check or money order payable to:
Mail check and registration form to:
Registration Fee:
Registration before April 8, 2005: $30.00; After April 8, 2005: $35.00; On Site Registration: pending available space.
Registration fee includes tuition, procedure manual, refreshments, and lunch. Minimum and maximum enrollments havebeen established –please register early to guarantee your space.
This program is sponsored by the Theobald Smith Society and The Valley Hospital, in cooperation with BectonDickinson and Company.
Meeting Facility/Confirmation and Directions:
The program will be held at the Dorothy B. Kraft Center, The Valley Hospital, 15 Essex Road, Paramus, NJ. Upon receiptof your registration, you will be sent a confirmation letter. Directions are available at http://www.valleyhealth.com.

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