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DAMIANA: 100 Caps. $22.50
Hormonal Tonic: Has been used for nervousness, weakness
Self Help Health Guide
and exhaustion. Damiana has been recommended for SINGLE HERBS:
increasing sperm count in the male and to strengthen the egg 01/05/03 - Prices includes GST
in the female. Helps balance female hormones and ALFALFA: 100 Caps. $22.45
menopausal hot flushes. Good for the reproductive organs. High Nutritive Value: Alfalfa contains natural chlorophyll
DANDELION: 100 Caps. $22.95
and a source of Vitamins A, C, D, E and K. It contains large Fluid Retention: Dandelion is considered a mild diuretic
amounts of calcium, potassium and magnesium and a small and traditionally used to stimulate digestion. It benefits the amount of phosphorus, sulphur, copper, cobalt, molybdenum, function of the liver and aids the flow of bile into the iron, boron, sodium, fluorine, chlorine and strontium. Used intestines. A good blood purifier and builder. High in for the maintenance of general well being. vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. ASTRAGALUS: 100 Caps. $24.85
DEVIL’S CLAW: 100 Caps. $23.90
Rejuvenating Tonic: Helps provide stamina and endurance
Anti-Inflammatory: Commonly used to treat the pain and
and improves general health and well being. Also helps inflammation of rheumatism and arthritis. Also used as BLACK COHOSH: 100 Caps. $24.95
DONG QUAI: 100 Caps. $24.50
Female Tonic: Helps relieve menstrual pain and the pain of
Restore Balance to the Female System: Referred to as the
rheumatoid arthritis. For the relief of coughing spasms and Queen of all female herbs. For the temporary relief of also the symptoms of tinnitus. Not to be taken during menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual symptoms. It nourishes the blood and the female glands. Contains vitamins A, B12, BLACK WALNUT: 100 Caps. $23.35
and E. Not be taken during pregnancy. It is also a good Parasites: Has a mildly laxative action and helps expel
worms and other internal parasites. Used for the treatment of ECHINACEA: 100 Caps. $20.95
Infection Fighter: Stimulates the immune response,
BLESSED THISTLE: 100 Caps. $22.50
increasing the body’s ability to resist Lactation: Increases and enriches the flow of breast milk.
infections, especially the production of white Can also assist in temporary relief of symptoms of respiratory blood cells. It improves lymphatic filtration and drainage and it helps remove toxins from BURDOCK: 100 Caps. 21.85
the blood. It is a natural antibiotic. Good for Blood Purifier and Cleanser: Because of it’s blood
mild glandular infections, colds, flu and nasal purifying and cleansing function, Burdock is used to treat mild skin conditions including acne, boils, eczema etc. It can EPILOBIUM: 100 Caps. $25.95
reduce swelling around joints and helps rid calcification A male support formula. This formula is known to balance
deposits for it promotes kidney function to help clear the normal male physiology and function. It may be benefical to men in satisfying specific physiological requirements of the BUTCHERS BROOM: 100 Caps. $22.70
male body and enhancing masculine needs. Varicose Veins: Relieves aching legs associated with
EYEBRIGHT: 100 Caps. $24.55
enlarged or varicose veins. May also help reduce joint Eye Tonic: Internal and External. Eyebright strengthens all
parts of the eye and is used to treat eye inflammation, eye CAPSICUM: 100 Caps. $21.90
strain, conjunctivitis and infections. Also used for upper Circulation: Helps improve peripheral circulation and
respiratory conditions and relief of nasal catarrh, hay fever provide relief to people suffering from cold extremities. Very FALSE UNICORN: 100 Caps. $59.95
Restores reproductive organs in Male and Female:
Specially for menstrual irregularities particularly those of SAGRADA: 100 Caps.
menstruation and the first half of the cycle ( up to ovulation). Temporary relief of mild menstrual pain. High in Vitamin C. Chronic Constipation: Temporary relief of constipation, is
Helps stimulate re-productive organs of both male and a strong laxative. It stimulates peristaltic action of the colon. Drink plenty of water, increase fibre in diet. This product FEVERFEW: 100 Caps. $22.10
generally produces bowel movement in 6 - 12 hours. It is Migraine Headaches. Feverfew is a natural relief for
recommended this product not be taken by children under 12 migraine headaches and is considered the best natural remedy years of age. Very high doses may cause intestinal for the worst headaches. Also helps the pain of arthritis and rheumatism and is used for relieving colds, dizziness, tinnitus CHAMOMILE: 100 Caps. $21.50
and aids in circulation to the brain and head area. Dyspepsia: Chamomile inhibits nausea and vomiting and
GARLIC: 100 Caps. $22.15
alleviates flatulent dyspepsia association with nervous stress. Respiratory Infections. Garlic is nature’s antibiotic.
Used as a sedative and antispasmodic and helps relieve Stimulates the lympathic system to throw off waste materials. insomnia and is also very useful for menstrual pain. Used for the relief of mild upper respiratory infections, colds, CHICKWEED: 100 Caps. $21.75
flu, bronchitis and asthmatic spasms. Garlic has been used in Aid to Metabolism: Very nutritious herb providing large
amounts of protein and minerals. Acts as a soother for GINGER: 100 Caps. $21.95
inflammation and relieves joint swelling. Used with SF helps Motion Sickness: Assists nausea conditions associated with
to metabolise fat along with a fat free diet. motion sickness and helps maintain circulation to the peripheral areas like the hands and feet. GINKGO BILOBA: 100 Caps. $21.90
PARSLEY: 100 Caps. $19.55
Peripheral Circulation: Helps increase blood flow in the
Assists in the treatment of fluid retention and has a tonic brain to improve memory and helps prevent and treat strokes effect on the entire urinary system. Parsley acts as an after- by preventing the formation of blood clots. Helps arteries in dinner mint to reduce mouth odour. Also aids flatulent the legs and relieves pain, cramping and weakness. Benefits dyspepsia with intestinal colic. It will dry up mother’s milk after birth therefore should not be used during pregnancy. GOLDEN SEAL: 100 Caps. $44.90
Very nutritious and contains lots of minerals especially iron Mucous Membrane Inflammation: Golden Seal is
considered by many to be a ‘cure all’. One of the best PAU D’ARCO: (Taheebo) 100 Caps. $21.95
infection fighters and contains a natural antibiotic and helps Blood Tonic: It is a powerful antibiotic with virus-killing
kill poisons in the body. Has the ability to heal mucous properties and is said to contain compounds which seem to attack the cause of the disease. Contains a high amount of valuable for catarrhal conditions either in iron which aids in the proper assimilation of nutrients and the the nasal area, bronchial tubes, throat, elimination of wastes. Good for skin diseases. PRICKLY ASH: 100 Caps. $25.95
Peripheral Circulation: Used as a stimulant herb that
hypertension. Do not use in large doses. increases the circulation throughout the body. It is beneficial GOTU KOLA: 100 Caps. $22.50
in most cases of impaired circulation such as cold extremities Tonic. Gotu Kola is a useful tonic
and joint, rheumatism and arthritis and wounds that are slow during time of physical and mental stress. PSYLLIUM SEED: 100 Caps. $22.00
combats stress and improves reflexes. It is sometimes called Intestinal Lubricate: Psyllium is considered as an excellent
the ‘memory’ herbs and ‘food for the brain’. It also helps colon and intestine cleanser. It lubricates as well as heals the with the relief of the pain of arthritis. intestines and colon. It does not irritate the mucous HAWTHORN BERRIES: 100 Caps. $20.95
membranes of the intestines but strengthens the tissues and Heart Tonic: Strengthens and regulates the heart and can be
used for all kinds of heart disorders - organic or functional; PSYLLIUM HULLS: 100 Caps. $21.90
arteriosclerosis, heart muscle inflammation etc. Relaxes the Bulking Agent: This herb acts as a bulking agent and swells
body vessels and thus lowers blood pressure. Produces to 8 - 14 times it’s original size in water thereby providing natural adrenaline. Maintain peripheral circulation. improved peristaltic action. The amount of fluid taken HORSETAIL: 100 Caps. $21.80
determines whether it will have a laxative effect in Rich in Silica: As Horsetail is rich in Silica, it helps
constipation or an astringent effect in diarrhoea. Aids in the strengthen hair and nails. It also tonifies kidneys and bladder treatment of mild constipation and helps in the management and is therefore used as a treatment for bedwetting and RED CLOVER: 100 Caps. $22.00
KELP: 100 Caps. $22.60
Dry Flaky Skin Diseases: Red Clover is considered as an
Rich in Iodine: Kelp is a good promoter of glandular health.
“alternative” dermatological herb known for it’s ability in It helps control the thyroid and regulates the metabolism assisting in the treatment of skin disorders. Red Clover which helps digest food. Kelp has a salty taste and is used by combines well with Yellow Dock in this instance. Used for many people in place of salt. Contains nearly 30 minerals. KOREAN (Panax) GINSENG: 100 Caps. $29.95
RED RASPBERRY: 100 Caps. $24.90
Promotes general endurance: Assists in stamina,
Mild Diarrhoea: Administered to both children and adults to
particularly during times of physical exertion. Korean treat diarrhoea, flu and vomiting. It is one of the most Ginseng is a different genus than Siberian Ginseng but it renowned and proven herbs for women especially during pregnancy. It contains nutrients to strengthen the uterus wall. LIQUORICE ROOT: 100 Caps. $21.80
It helps nausea and reduces pain of childbirth. Coughs: Liquorice is an ‘expectorant’ preparation which
ROSE HIPS: 100 Caps. $21.95
may be used for temporary relief of coughs and chest Natural Source of Vitamin C: Rose Hips helps play an
complaints. Also used for digestive disorders. Not important role in the treatment where vitamins A, E and C recommended for people with heart or blood pressure and Rutin are needed. This herb is very nourishing to the skin problems. A source of the female hormone estrogen. and contains natural fruit sugar. It helps prevent infections MARSHMALLOW: 100 Caps. $22.95
Intestinal Soother: A traditional “mucilage” herb for the
SAGE: 100 Caps. $20.80
temporary relief of the cough of bronchitis. Can assist in Night Sweats: A herb traditionally used for the relief of
relieving inflamed, mucous membrane surfaces of the gastro- night sweats. May also be used as a gargle for inflammation intestinal tract. It is also popular as an expectorant for the SARSAPARILLA: 100 Caps. $24.55
MEADOWSWEET: 100 Caps. $22.00
Balances hormones in both male and female: Contains
Digestive Disorders: Has been referred to as being the ‘true
the male hormone known as testosterone and can assist in the normaliser of badly functioning stomach’ particularly when treatment of mild acne in adolescent males. Sarsaparilla has associated with gastric secretions. Meadowsweet combines been used to increase the elimination of uric acid from the well with Slippery Elm in bulk form in treating digestive system thereby assisting in the relief of joint inflammation. It disorders and when combined with Anti-Inflam can assist in has also been used as a blood tonic and for dry flaky skin MULLEIN: 100 Caps. $22.15
SAW PALMETTO: 100 Caps. $23.90
Expectorant Herb: Traditionally used as a demulcent,
Glandular Tissue: Hormone herb. Has a good effect on all
expectorant herb in assisting respiratory conditions such as diseases of the reproductive organs in both male and female. mucous and catarrhal build-up and irritation of the upper Helps rid the body of excess mucous from head, sinus and respiratory tract. It can also be taken as an aid to giving up lungs. Has diuretic and antiseptic properties and has a smoking. Provides relief of lung congestion and coughs. strengthening effect on the mucous membranes of the urinary PAPAYA MINT CHEWABLE: 70 Tabs $22.15
Indigestion: For the temporary relief of indigestion,
SIBERIAN GINSENG: 100 Caps. $20.95
Mental & Physical Exertion: The Chinese have used
CARDIO-TON: 100 Caps. $23.35
Ginseng for 5,000 years as an aid for the entire body energy Helps maintain peripheral circulation. Contains Hawthorn
to overcome stress, fatigue and weakness. It is stimulating for Berry, Prickly Ash Bark and Capsicum fruit. mental fatigue and improves the brain cells. It is a hormonal DERMA-X: 100 Caps. $22.80
herb and used as a male tonic. In the Orient it is considered Temporary relief of symptoms of eczema and dry “flaky”
skin diseases. Contains - Burdock Root, Echinacea Root,
SLIPPERY ELM: 100 Caps. $22.95
Acidic stomach: A traditional “mucilage” herb which has a
GASTRI-TON: 100 Caps. $23.10
soothing effect on the digestive system. It can also assist in For the relief of dyspepsia and indigestion. Contains -
relieving mild constipation and diarrhoea. Has the ability to Cranesbill Root, Chamomile flowers, Echinacea Root and neutralise stomach acidity and to absorb foul gases. Helps to heal irritated inflamed surfaces of digestive and stomach GINKGO BILOBA COMPOUND: 100 Caps. $22.50
membranes. May be used as a poultice in treating mild skin Helps maintain peripheral circulation and assists with
vascular impairment. Contains - Maidenhair Fern Tree
SPIRULINA: 100 Caps. $28.95
Rich source of protein, vitamins and chlorophyll:
HVP: 100 Caps. $22.60
Spirulina is an alga containing about all the nutrients required For the temporary relief of insomnia. Contains - Valerian
by the body. As weight loss aid, Spirulina taken before meals acts as a natural appetite suppressant. This is primarily HYPO-GLY: 100 Caps. $22.95
due to it’s high content of amino acid - phenylalanine. This Use in conjunction with a suitable diet
herb has also been shown to help reduce cravings for sugary plan to reduce sugar cravings.
and greasy foods. Spirulina may be used with SF in a weight ST. MARY’S THISTLE: 100 Caps. $22.95
IMM II: 100 Caps. $27.60
Liver Tonic: Stimulates both the production and flow of bile
For the temporary relief of head colds
from the liver and gall bladder therefore acting as a drainage and flu symptoms. Contains - Clivers
UVA URSI: 100 Caps. $22.60
Kidney & Bladder: Strengthens and tones the urinary
KIDNI-TON: 100 Caps. $23.95
passages. Beneficial for kidney and bladder infections. Uva Mild Diuretic: Contains - Clivers Herb, Cornsilk, Gravel
Ursi is an “astringent” herb to assist in the temporary relief of Root, Shepherd’s Purse and Sweet Sumach. the pain and burning sensation associated with cystitis. Not LIV-GB: 100 Caps. $26.40
to be used during pregnancy in large quantities. A liver tonic. Contains - St. Mary’s Thistle, Barberry Bark
VALERIAN ROOT: 100 Caps. $23.10
Insomnia: Valerian has traditionally been used as a
RED CLOVER COMPOUND: 100 Caps. $22.00
calmative, antispasmodic and stomachic herb and has a Temporary relief of symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and
dry flaky skin conditions. Contains - Red Clover, Burdock,
Barberry Root Bark, Queen’s Delight and Cascara Sagarda REPRO-FEM: 100 Caps. $33.90
For the temporary relief of menstrual pain and cramping.
WHITE OAK BARK:100 Caps. $22.30
Black Haw Bark, False Unicorn Root, Squaw Vine Herb and Haemorrhoids: (temporary relief by
external application) White oak Bark has REPRO-MAL: 100 Caps. $23.35
astringent and antiseptic properties and can assist in cases of Temporary relief of night frequency in males. Contains -
diarrhoea. For use as a mouthwash or gargle for mouth ulcers Black Willow Bark, Cornsilk, Saw Palmetto. or minor sore throats. Mix the contents of 2 capsules in 30 ml RESPA-U: 100 Caps. $28.40
of boiling water, stirring occasionally whist cooling. Strain For the temporary relief of symptoms of upper
respiratory tract catarrh. Contains - Echinacea Root,
YELLOW DOCK: 100 Caps. $22.55
Eyebright, Euphorbia, Golden Seal Root and Capsicum Fruit. Skin Conditions: Yellow Dock is considered to be the best
VASCA-TON: 100 Caps. $23.45
cleansing tonic, especially when skin eruptions are present. It Helps maintain peripheral circulation. Contains -
also has a gentle purgative action therefore benefiting skin Maidenhair Fern Tree leaves, Buckwheat, Hawthorn Berry diseases when associated with constipation. It is a nutritive tonic, very high in iron so it is very useful for anaemia. HERBAL COMBINATIONS:
YUCCA: 100 Caps. $22.95
ALJ: 100 Caps. $22.25
Joint Inflammation & Swelling: Yucca is often included in
For the temporary relief of “mucousy” conditions of the
formulas designed to “break up obstructions”, especially to upper and lower respiratory tract. Contains - Boneset,
reduce the inflammation in joints which include degenerative Fenugreek Seeds, Horseradish root, Mullein Leaves and diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. TRADITIONAL THERAPEUTICS:
ARTEMISIA: (Wormwood & Mugwort) Caps. $23.50
ADAPTOGEN: 100 Caps. $21.95
Anti-parasitic and digestive Tonic. Also used for
Supports the body during times of physical and mental
flatulence, chronic diarrhoea and for intestinal catarrh. stress. Contains - Damiana, Gotu Kola, Siberian Ginseng,
Contains Elecampane Root, Mugwort, Clove Flower, Garlic
Bulb, Ginger, Spearmint Herb, Turmeric and Wormwood. ANTI-ANX: 100 Caps. $21.90
ART-A: 100 Caps. $26.95
Temporary relief of mild anxiety states and insomnia.
Joint inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis,
Contains - Hops, Passion flower, Rosemary leaves and rheumatism, sciatica and lumbago. Contains - Dyrangea
Root, Yucca Root, Horsetail, Alfalfa, Black Cohosh, ANTI-INFLAM: 100 Caps. $23.95
Bromelain, Yarrow, Catnip, Capsicum, Valerian Root, Temporary relief of rheumatism, arthritis pain, sciatica
Burdock, Slippery Elm, White Willow Bark, Sarsaparilla. and lumbago. Contains - Black Cohosh, White Willow
HERBAL CA: 100 Caps. $21.60
Calcium Supplement - strengthens hair, teeth, nail and bones
HSN-W: 100 Caps. $23.50
where mineral deficiency is a factor. Contains -Alfalfa,
Hair, Skin and Nails formula. A vegetable source of
Marshmallow, Plantain, Horsetail Oat Stem, Wheatgrass and minerals rich in Silica, Calcium, Chromium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium and Zinc. Contains -
Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley: 100 Caps. $20.90
Dulse Plant, Horsetail Herb, Sage Leaves and Rosemary Circulation. Improves body circulation and helps
“mucousy” conditions of the upper and lower respiratory HY-A: 100 Caps. $22.55
tract. Contains - Garlic, Capsicum and Parsley Leaves.
Increases blood sugar levels thus relieving fatigue.
CAT’S CLAW: (Una De Gato) 100 Caps. $24.95
Strengthens and tones the Pancreas. Contains - Liquorice
Powerful antioxidant. It lowers the risk of cancer by
Root, Safflowers, Dandelion and Horseradish Root. scavenging for carcinogenic cells. Supports the body during
IGS II: 100 Caps. $23.90
chemotherapy and radiation treatment and aids an already For the temporary relief of head colds, flu symptoms and
weakened immune system at this time. Assists symptoms of mild infections. Contains - Echinacea
mild upper respiratory tract infections and also for the temporary relief of arthritis. Contains -Cat’s Claw Bark
(Uncaria tomentosa), Astragalus Root and Echinacea Root. CCA: 100 Caps. $23.50
K: 100 Caps. $22.70
Coughs, colds and influenza. Take immediately at the first
Diuretic and kidney tonic. Helps
sign of symptoms. Contains - Rosehips, Chamomile,
strengthen and tone the kidneys and bladder Slippery Elm Bark, Yarrow, Capsicum, Golden Seal, Myrrh and increases water flow. Contains -
Gum, Peppermint Leaves, Sage Leaves and Lemon Grass. ECHINACEA/GOLDEN SEAL: 100 Caps. $31.95
Colds, flu and respiratory infections.
LBS II: 100 Caps. $24.25
Assists in the treatment of colds and flu by reducing the Lower Bowel Cleanser. A purgative laxative with added
severity and duration of symptoms and relieving mild upper ingredients to reduce ‘griping’. This product generally produces a bowel movement in 6 - 12 hours. It increases the EIGHT: 100 Caps. $22.35
natural peristaltic action of the colon and therefore assists Stress Formula. Helps to relieve nervous tension or stress
with elimination of waste material. Contains - Cascara
and mild anxiety. Contains - White Willow Bark, Black
Sagarda, Buckthorn, Liquorice, Barberry Root, Capsicum, Cohosh, Capsicum, Valerian, Ginger, Hops, Wood Betony Ginger, Couch Grass, Red Clover and Rhubarb Root. LIV-A: 100 Caps. $23.50
EW: 100 Caps. $31.90
Liver tonic and Mild diuretic. Assists in toning and
A herbal combination for sore, strained eyes. Also relief
strengthening the Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas and Kidneys. for sinus congestion and hay fever. May be used as an eye Contains - Beetroot, Dandelion, Parsley, Horsetail, Yellow
wash externally. Contains - Barberry Root, Golden Seal
Dock, Birch Leaves, Blessed Thistle, Angelic Root, Root, Eyebright and Red Raspberry Leaves. Chamomile, Gentian Flowers and Golden Rod Herb. FC with DONG QUAI: 100 Caps. $22.65
P-14: 100 Caps. $27.95
Female Tonic. Acts as a balancer during body changes and
Helps digestive disorders and may also assist in fluid
growth for young girls experiencing problems with acne. For retention. Assists in the breakdown of proteins,
the relief of menstrual pain and premenstrual symptoms. carbohydrates and fats and controls the body's blood sugar Contains - Red Raspberry, Dong Quai, Ginger, Liquorice
level. Contains - Golden Seal, Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi
Root, Marshmallow Root, Black Cohosh, Blessed Thistle and Leaves, Cedar Berries, Mullein, Garlic, Yarrow, Slippery Elm Bark, Capsicum, Dandelion, Marshmallow Root, White Oak Fenugreek/Thyme & Wood Betony:
PS II: 100 Caps $22.30
Stress & Nervous Tension. For the
Tonic for mature men. Also used as a urinary antiseptic as
it possess diuretic properties and gives temporary relief of pain and burning sensation with cystitis. Contains -
gargle for sore throats. Contains -
Horsetail, Uva Ursi, Liquorice, Kelp, Gotu Kola, Barberry, Glucosamine with Cats Claw: 60 Caps. $22.90
Shark Cartilage/Reishi Mushroom: $44.00 100 Caps
Helps to increase joint mobility associated with arthritis
Muscles and Joints:
and joint inflammation. Glucosamine is a natural
Temporary relief of the pain of arthritis, may help reduce compound present in joint cartilage and is derived from joint inflammation and swelling and may help increase joint seafood. It is an amino sugar formed from glucose and is mobility. Children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and found in the joint structures and synovial fluid surrounding those who have recently had a heart attack, surgery or a major the joints. Contains—Glucosamine hydrochloride 400 mg,
accident should not consume this produce without medical GGC: 100 Caps. $24.95
SF: 100 Caps. $26.00
Energy Pick Up. A tonic for use during mental and physical
Aids fat metabolism. Can be used in conjunction with TS II
exertion. Contains - Capsicum, Siberian Ginseng Roof and
and Chickweed to assist metabolism when participating in a weight control program. Digestive aid and mild diuretic. Herbal Pumpkin: 100 Caps. $23.90
Contains - Chickweed, Cascara Sagarda, Liquorice,
Mild laxative. Cleanses the lower bowel - generally
Safflowers, Echinacea, Black Walnut, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn produces bowel movement in 6 - 12 hours. Helps eliminate Berries, Papaya Fruit, Fennel and Dandelion. intestinal parasites. Contains - Pumpkin Seeds, Black
Sm & Fenugreek: 100 Caps. $22.70
Walnut, Cascara Sagarda, Violet Leaves, Chamomile, Respiratory. A herbal combination with ‘demulcent and
Mullein, Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm Root. expectorant’ properties for the temporary relief of mild HS II; 100 Caps. $22.60
respiratory congestion. Contains - Fenugreek Seed,
Helps maintain peripheral circulation. HS II contains three
herbs known for their capacity to strengthen the heart and the SN-X: 100 Caps. $27.90
circulatory system. Contains - Hawthorn Berries, Capsicum
For Sinus relief. Also used for relief of symptoms of catarrh,
sinusitis and mild upper respiratory infection. Contains -
Burdock, Bitter Orange Peel, Capsicum Fruit, Golden Seal nutritional aid for strengthening and maintaining the body’s Root, White Horehound Herb, Parsley Leaf, Marshmallow system. Also assists in reducing the severity of viral based diseases such as cold sores and a cleanser for skin rashes, Special Formula No. 1.: 100 Caps. $24.15
acne and itching. Contains - Dandelion, Purslane Herb,
A herbal blood and liver tonic which has a toning and
Indigo Leaves, Mithridale Mutard, Bupleurum root, Baical cleansing effect on the digestive system. Also aids in the
Skullcap Root, Pinellia Rhizone, Ginseng Root, Cinnamon relief of constipation. Contains - Barberry, Gentian, Irish
Moss, Cascara Sagarda, Fenugreek Seed, Slippery Elm Bark, Chinese Cleanse: 180 Caps. $32.80
Safflowers, Myrrh Gum, Yellow Dock, Echinacea, Black Is a 10 day herbal cleanse program for the relief of
Walnut, Catnip, Dandelion Root, Chickweed, Uva Ursi occasional constipation and helps to remove toxic accumulation and create balance within your body. Drink STR-J: 100 Caps. $21.60
plenty of water and increase the fibre in your diet. Contains -
Nervous Indigestion. Helps to relieve nervous tension or
Black Walnut, Psyllium Husks, Burdock Root, Buckthorn stress and mild anxiety. Contains - Passion Flower,
Root, Liquorice Root, Bupleurum Root, Peony Root, Chamomile, Marshmallow Root, Fennell, Feverfew and Dandelion Root, Irish Moss Whole Plant, Pinellia Rhizone, Yellow Dock, Barberry Root, Cinnamon Root and Dong Quai Three: 100 Caps. $22.40
Health tonic. This combination is rich in minerals
CORDYCEPS: 90 Caps. $38.40
particularly iodine and a natural source of vitamins, Niacin, Physical Exertion. Helps provide stamina and promote
Iron and Calcium. Assists anaemia, fatigue, goitre, blood endurance and improves general well being. Best used in builder, thyroid and water retention. Contains - Alfalfa,
times of physical exertion. Wild crafted botanical harvested TS II: 100 Caps. $23.25
Natural source of Iodine and other minerals. Aids in
SynerSup HP Grape with Vitamin C: 60 Caps. $33.90
metabolism and body tone and helps maintain a healthy Powerful antioxidant in a capsule form. For the treatment
appetite. Contains - Kelp, Irish Moss Plant, Parsley, Hops
X-A: 100 Caps. $24.95
m a i n t e n a n c e o f p e r i p h e r a l Male Tonic. Helps balance hormones and useful during
times of physical and mental exertion and for the maintenance Contains - Grape Seed (6.3g) Grape
of general well being. Contains - Siberian Ginseng,
Skin (400 mg) Standardised to contain equiv. Catechin Echinacea, Saw Palmetto, Gotu Kola, Sarsaparilla, Lactuca, polymers 26 mg, Vitamin C (50 mg). SynerSup base is made Prickly Ash, Chamomile, Capsicum, Garlic and Chickweed. up of powdered Broccoli flower, Carrot Root, Beetroot Root, Wild Yam/Chase Tree: 100 Caps. $26.10
Rosemary Leaf, Tomato, Turmeric, Cabbage, Chinese Female tonic. For the relief of pre-menstrual syndrome and
Cabbage Leaf, Bioflavonoids and Hesperidin. menstrual symptoms such as pain and cramping. Also assists Bilberry Plus Conc: 60 Tabs. $22.65.
Eye Care. To maintain eye health and to assist vision in poor
light and during times of eye strain or eye fatigue. Contains -
5-W: 100 Caps. $25.45
Chase Tree Conc.: 90 Tabs. $22.80 (Vitex)
Pregnancy - used for women during
Mature Woman. A herbal concentrate for the temporary
the last 5 weeks of pregnancy.Acts as a
relief of pre-menstrual tension, fluid retention, headaches, crampy periods and tender breasts. Chase Tree compliments cycle. Contains - Black Cohosh,
Dong Quai and Sage for symptoms sometimes experienced by mature ladies. Contains - 500 mg Vitex Agnus - Castus
Cranberry/Buchu Conc: 100 Caps. $28.90
AG-X: 100 Caps. $23.45
Cystitis. For the relief of the pain and burning sensation
Flatulence (wind). Helps reduce the occurrence of wind in
associated with Cystitis. Also assists in the treatment of fluid the intestinal tract. Has been used successfully for retention. Contains - 415 mg Cranberry Fruit Powder, 60 mg
indigestion and heartburn. Contains - Papaya Fruit, Wild
Yam Root, Ginger, Peppermint Leaves, Fennel Fruit, Ginkgo/Gota Kola & Brahmi Complex:
BLG-X: 100 Caps. $23.60
Liver Tonic. Assists in eliminating toxins from the body and
helps the bile to flow more freely. Contains - Barberry,
memory, concentration. Brahmi has
Ginger, Crampbark, Fennel, Peppermint, Wild Yam Root and increase blood flow, help older citizens BP-X: 100 Caps. $23.25
Cleansing. A cleansing herbal combination for the
walking distance. Useful for students who temporary relief of skin disorders including acne and eczema. study under pressure and has shown to reduce memorization Contains - Burdock Root, Pau D’Arco, Red Clover, Yellow
Dock, Sarsaparilla Root, Dandelion, Cascara Sagarda, Ginkgo Time Release: 30 Tabs. $26.95
Buckthorn, Peach Bark, Barberry, Stillingia, Prickly Ash and For peripheral circulation - released over a 12 hour
period. Helps improve blood flow and circulation to hands,
C-X: 100 Caps. $29.45
legs and feet. Contains - 6 gms (6,000mg) Dried extract
Mature Woman. Specifically designed for mature women
experiencing symptoms of menopause. Can be used in Liv-Pro Conc.: (St. Marys Thistle) 50 Tabs. $22.95
conjunction with ‘Sage’ to relieve hot flushes. Contains -
Liver Tonic. Especially useful for those recovering from
Black Cohosh, Liquorice Root, Squaw Vine, Blessed thistle, surgery or illness. Contains - St. Mary’s Thistle, Dandelion,
Siberian Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, False Unicorn Root. Betacarotene, Ascorbic Acid, Iron, Choline, Bitartrate, HRP-C: 100 Caps. $24.95
Cold Sores. Powerful Chinese formula which provides
Sheep’s Sorrel Complex: 100 Caps. $32.95
For the symptoms of minor skin disorders such as eczema
$32.50. Cold and Flu symptoms. Each tablet provides a
and dermatitis. This herbal remedy is also known as Essiac. balanced source of Vitamin C. Each 1000 mg tablet has Contains - Burdock, Sheep's Sorrel Herb, Slippery Elm,
layered coatings of natural corn proteins that ensure gradual Turkey Rhubarb Root. Do not take when pregnant or breast release over a 6 - 8 hour period. Contains - Ascorbic Acid
(Vitamin C) Rosa Canina fruit, Acerola extract, Rutin, St. John’s Wort with Passion Flower: 100 Caps. $29.90
Has a calming effect and helps relieve nervous tension,
Citrus Bioflavonoids with 500 mg Vit. C: 90 Tabs. $18.95.
stress and mild anxiety. Beneficial during times of stress.
For bleeding gums and people who
Also for the relief of the pain of sciatica. Contains - St.
bruise and bleed easily. Also used for
John’s Wort and Passion Flower. “St Johns Wort affects the spider veins or haemorrhage of capillaries way some prescription medicines work”. Consult your doctor. in the eye. For the body to fully utilise FLASH-EASE Time Release / Dong Quai: 60 Tabs $25.90
Hot Flushes associated with menopause. One tablet taken
present. Bioflavonoids contribute to the in the morning and night will conveniently provide approx. 10 hours of Time Release herbs for symptoms of menopause. Also for the relief of PMS and menstrual symptoms such as permeability and fragility. Contains - 500
pain and cramping. Contains - Black Cohosh, 560mg and
mg of Vitamin C in a base of Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin, Rutin and Rose Hips. Vari-Legs: 90 Capsules $25.90 To strengthen and tone
Comb. Potassium: 100 Caps. $18.10
vein walls. Helps to improve blood circulation and reduce the
Urinary Aid. This capsule is a herbal source of potassium
itching , swelling and aching associated with varicose veins. derived from a combination of Kelp, Dulse, Watercress, Wild Also haemorrhoids, which are actually ’varicosed’ rectal veins. Contains - Contains Horse chestnut seed, Butchers
Vitamin E: 400 i.u. 60 Caps. $21.95 100 i.u. - 180 Caps.
broom, Ruscogenin, Ascorbic acid (Vit. C) Bioflavonoids, $23.90 Circulation, recom. for heart disease patients as it
Hesperidin, Rutin, Fenugreek Seed powder. lowers insulin and triglyceride levels. Vitamin E is a
powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger and
reinforces the action of Betacarotene and Vitamin C. Each Acidophilus Flora Force: 90 Caps. $26.95 This Nature's
capsule consists of naturally derived d-alpha tocopherol from
Sunshine product is for those who wish to reinforce and vegetable sources in a base of cold pressed soybean oil. maintain their normal level of friendly intestinal flora,
Vitamin E with Selenium: 60 Caps. $22.95 Protects
which aids digestion and helps prevent yeast proliferation. against liver degeneration, poor blood circulation,
Acidophilus is a useful supplement after courses of antibotics. anaemia and premature aging. When selenium is taken
This formula is milk free for people who cannot tolerate dairy with A,C, and E. it enhances the nutritional performance of products because of allergies or ther sensitivies or who are each. Contains pure d-alpha tocopherol obtained from natural vegetarians. Each capsule contains approx. 2 billion counts of pure strain hardy, viable Lactobacillus acidophilus cultured Flax Seed Oil: 60 Caps. $21.90
in carrot power. Product must be kept refrigerated. Peripheral circulation. A plant source alternative to fish oil
Bifidophilus Flora Force: 90 Caps. $33.90
capsules. Has twice as much Omega 3 essential fatty acids as Antibiotic use and poor dietary habits can deplete these fish oil products and approx. 18% Omega 6 and 16% Omega friendly bacteria. This probiotic supplement provides living
9. The Flax Seed Oil used is certified Organic. Each
organisms to help replace them. Contains no milk, wheat,
capsule contains 1000 mg of 100% unrefined flax seed
corn, soy products or preservatives. Each capsule contains (linseed) oil (550 mg of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Lactobacillus acidophilos 2.5 billion, Bifidobacterium Iron with Vitamin C: 120 Tabs $15.15
Longum 1 billion, with Fructooligosaccaride (FO.S.) , Carrot Iron deficiency. Beneficial to nutritionally deficient women
powder, Safflower Oil and Maltodextrin. F.O.S. is a dietary suffering from an improper diet and who are pregnant. The fibre that promotes the growth of friendly bacteria. Product presence of Vitamin C enhances the absorption of Iron. Contains iron and Vitamin C in a herbal base - 155 mg per
Vitamin B6: 120 Tabs. $14.95
Used to metabolise protein in the body. It has also been
Lecithin: 270 Caps. $21.95
known to assist with nervous and skin problems such as acne. Nutrition. Lecithin is a natural source of choline and
As a natural diuretic, it can assist in the relief of fluid phosphoipids, constituents of all cell membranes of the body. retention association with premenstrual tension. Contains 50
Choline is used by the body to manufacture nerve mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6). transmitters. Contains - soy lecithin in soft gelatine capsules
Vitamins B Complex: 100 Caps. $18.95
with no oil carriers. Easily assimilated. Vitamins Supplement. The effectiveness of Vitamin B is
Magnesium - SynerSup Vege Base: 60 Caps. $23.60
lost if the entire group is not present. All Vitamin B products Useful for the relief of muscular cramps and spasms.
are water soluble. They are dissolved and flushed out of the Helps slow bone loss. Magnesium is an essential mineral
body hence supplementation is needed daily. Sugar and that accounts for about 0.5 of the body's total weight. Nearly alcohol consumption, physical exercise and illness may 70% of the body's supply of magnesium is located in the increase the body’s need for B complex vitamins all of which bones together with calcium and phosphorus, whole 30% is can be supplemented with this capsule. Contained in a
found in the soft tissues and body fluid. Magnesium helps SynerSup Vege Base of Rice polish, Watercress, Wheat promote absorption and metabolism of other minerals such as calcuim, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. It also helps Calcium/Magnesium Complex: 240 Tabs. $21.95
with the utilisation of the B Complex, Vitamins C and E in Aches, Pains and Cramps. If a calcium deficiency exists,
the body. Contains - Magnesium (elemental level),
the body will rob calcium from the bones to supply it’s needs, Magnesium Orotate, Masnesium Aspartate, Magnesium leaving the bones calcium poor. Ample calcium is essential Amino Acid Chelate, Potassium, Vit. B6 in exclusive for the development of strong bones and teeth and magnesium is an important co-factor. Both are combined in a SynerSup Mega-Chel: 100 Tabs. $33.90 Oral Chelation. Minerals
base of antioxidant cruciferous vegetables. Calcium bound (or chelated) to amino acids are more efficiently supplements may be of assistance in the prevention of absorbed by the body. This oral chelation formula is based on osteoporosis. Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3,
the process of mineral supplementation. It is especially designed to supply maximum nutrition to the circulatory Vitamin C Time Release: 60 Tabs. $17.45, 180 Tabs.
system. Contains - multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
prefer chewable supplements will also enjoy these fruit flavoured tablets. Contains - Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc,
Nutri-Calm: 100 Tabs. $22.80
Stress and Nervous Tension.
Chewable Elderberry Plus: 60 Tabs. $19.90 For the
Nutri-Calm is a blend of vitamins and herbs, formulated to treatment of colds and flu symptoms.
provide the nutrition the body needs to cope with a busy, Contains - A lime flavoured chewable tablet containing
modern world. Contains - plentiful amount of B Complex
Elderberry, Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus and Frutose. and C Vitamins, Schiandra Fruit, Valerian Rot, Skullcap in a HOMEOPATHICS:
base of Choline bitartrate, p-amino-benzoic acid (PABA), Allergy: 30 ml $15.70
Bee Pollen, Inositol, Hops and Citrus Bioflavonoids. (Bee A natural Homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief
Pollen may cause severe allergic reactions). of common allergic symptoms.
Omega 3 EPA: 60 Caps. $17.95 Circulation.
Contains - Leopard’s Bane, Eyebright, Ignatius Bean, Club
has suggested that certain oils found in cold water fish may Moss, Skunk Cabbage, Tree of Life, Antimonius Sulfide, have a protective effect on the heart by affecting blood Histamine Hydrochloride, Purified Water and 20% ethyl clotting and reducing levels of triglycerides in the blood. The fish oils that appear to have a beneficial effect contain the Tobacco Detox: 30 ml. $15.70 A natural Homeopathic
fatty acids (EPA and DHA). These belong to a group called medicine for the relief of symptoms related to withdrawal
Omega 3 fatty acids and occur in oily fish such as mackerel, from tobacco use. Also aids detoxification. Contains -
sardine and salmon. Contains - 1000 mg of Omega 3 per
Calcium Phosphate, China (Cinchona officinalis) Indian Tobacco (Lobelia inflata) Tobacco (Tabacum, St. Ignatium Protein Digestive Aid: 200 Tabs. $24.95 Digestion.
Containing acid and digestive enzymes to assist in the APPETITE CONTROL: 30 ml $15.70
digestive process. Contains - 325 mg of betaine HCI,
A natural homoeopathic preparation to assist as an aid to
supplying dilute hydrochloric acid to supplement normal controling appetite when participating in a weight
body secretions and 65 mg pepsin a natural protein digestive management programme. Contains - Antimonium
enzyme. This may assist in digestion and ease bad breath Crudum, Fucus vesiculosus (kelp) Graphite, Iodine, Wind flower, Gold, Sulfur. Also purified water and 20% USP Resistance Plus: 150 Tabs. $25.95 Reduce symptoms of
colds and flu. Ideal for taking prior to the winter months
when symptoms of colds and flu may be reduced. Combined Aloe Vera Juice: 945 ml. $29.95
Digestion. A cold stabilised, vegetable drink, make from
100% Aloe Vera pulp. All the active constituents are retained. Good for inflamed joints, stomach ulcers, liver Supp. Vitamins & Minerals: 120
Fibre Boost: 342g. $29.85 Natural Fibre.
Multiple Vitamins & Minerals.
Contains a selection of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres in a SynerSup base of antioxidant, cruciferous vegetables. It is intended for use as a fibre supplement for those wishing to maintain a healthy Digestive System. Contains - Psyllium
Husk powder, Apple fibre powder, Acacia powder and Oat Acid, Phosphorus, Iron, Iodine, Copper, Magnesium, Herbal Beverage: 98g. $17.45
Zinc Plus: 25mg 150 Tabs. $15.95 Skin. May assist in
Is a natural “caffeine free” coffee
acne, wounds and scars. Plays a vital role in enzyme alternative. Herbal Beverage is made from
function. An excellent accompaniment for Betacarotene a combination of roasted herbs and grains (natural Vitamin A). Zinc works to assist in the body’s own which have the taste and aroma of coffee. natural production of collagen. Collagen is our body’s A perfect way to break the coffee habit. intercellular cement and works to keep our skin firm, supple Contains - Roasted barley, malt, chicory,
and elastic. Contains - Kelp, Thyme and Alfalfa powders
together with Zinc Gluconate which is easily absorbed and Hydrated Bentonite: 945 ml $29.85
Absorbs body toxins.
Olive Leaf Extract: 60 Caps $23.50
Hydrated Bentonite is an important part of any cleanse. It’s Bactericidal Qualities. Supports patients recovering from
natural cleansing properties help absorb body toxins for cold sores and other viral conditions. Benefits cold and flu elimination and also assists in mild uncomplicated cases of symptoms and fungal infections. Protects and helps maintain diarrhoea. It can also absorb toxins on the surface of the skin. health of capillaries and assists blood circulation. Benefits Many teenagers suffering from acne may apply Hydrated fatigure and allergies. Contains 2.8g Olive Leaf, 40mg
Bentonite to their face and neck at night. Liquid Chlorophyll: 475 ml $19.95. 945 ml $32.85
Cleanses and deodorises the body.
Children’s Chewable Vitamins & Minerals:
Liquid Chlorophyll is a healthy green drink which is produced by a special process which extracts the chlorophyll Vitamin & Mineral Supplement.
or green pigment from the leaves of the Alfalfa plant. Use Useful for picky eaters or during illness. Each strawberry/ one teaspoon in a glass of water to cleanse and deodorise the banana flavoured chewable tablet. Contains - 13 essential
body. Also use as a natural breath freshener. vitamins and minerals in a SynerSup vegetable base to give Noni Juice with Agave Nectar: 475 ml $34.95.
each child a nutritious start to the day. Contains Fructose and Whole Body Tonic. Noni (finest Polynesian Morinda
Citifolia fruit) works at a cellular level as a whole body tonic. Calcium For Kids: 120 Tabs. $20.95 For the treatment
Pau D’Arco Tea: (Taheebo) 200g $29.95
and prevention of calcium, magnesium and zinc
Blood Tonic. See description under Single Herbs. Some
people prefer to drink Pau D’Arco tea rather than have in a Supports the structural system of young growing bodies and helps maintain structural health in adults. Also for trace Psyllium Hulls Combination: 375g $32.95
mineral, copper and magnesium deficiencies. Adults who Bulk laxative. Assists in the management of constipation
and the temporary relief of constipation associated with with weak digestive systems. Used successfully to clean irritable bowels. Produces a bulk laxative effect to assist in the management of haemorrhoids. Drink plenty of water and Papaya 35 Concentrate: 500mls $25.90
increase fibre in the diet. Contains - Psyllium Husks,
A liquid concentrate of paw paw leaves, mature green paw paw fruit and seeds high in live enzymes and beneficial lactic Slippery Elm Bulk: 200g $36.90 Acidic Stomach.
acids. Supports the digestive system and helps to maintain a See description under Single Herbs. May be used in either healthy intestinal tract. Papaya leaves and mature green papaya fruit are known to have anti-cancer properties. Grabbers: 360 Caps. $45.95
Booklets Available on the Following Subjects:
Dietary fibre supplement. Grabbers contains Guar Gum and
Psyllium Husks, both highly effective natural bulking agents. Fibre is of vital importance to the efficient passage of matter through the bowels. Grabbers also contains Chickweed and Lecithin which helps to aid dispersion of fibres. So by combining these four natural elements which have a long history of beneficial and effective providing the bulk, thus suppressing the Diabetes * Echinacea * Essential Fatty Acids * Evening Hand & Body Lotion: 250ml $19.50
Primrose Oil * Garlic * Ginkgo Biloba * Ginseng * Body Care.
Golden Seal * Herbs for Children * Herbs for Detoxification * Herbs for Healthy Digestion * Herpes * Homoeopathy * Hypoglycaemia * Immune System * Kava & Valerian Root * Liver Health * Marine Lipids & Sunshine Brite Toothpaste: 100g $9.85
Medicinal Mushrooms * Melatonin * Milk Thistle * Fluoride free toothpaste. It is made from a mixture of carrot
Parasites * PMS * Prostate Disorders * Pycnogenol * calcium and baking soda which are natural abrasives and Selenium * St. John’s Wort * Stress * Taheebo * Wild cleansers that remove food particles and stains. It also contains myrrh extract and natural mint oils which have long Fresh Certified Organic Fruit and Vegetables - Are
Tei Fu Massage Lotion: 118ml $19.90
We also stock the following products:-
Deep penetrating Lotion. This lotion will help soothe
Certified Organic Dry Goods: - Bread, Rice, Flour, Beans,
aching muscles and stiff joints. Tei Fu Massage Lotion’s Pasta, Cereals, Cooking Oils, Salt, Vinegar, Mayonnaise, emollient, greaseless properties leave the skin soft and Jams, Tahini, Tamari, Sauces, Olives, Cooking Herbs in Jars smooth. Contains - Aloe Vera juice, l-Menthol, Wintergreen
and Packets, Sugar, Herbal Teas, Coffee, Fruit juices, Oil, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, Lanolin, Clove Oil, Allantoin Canned Vegetable soups, Tomato Paste, Beans, Sauces, Chocolate and Carob products, Licorice, Seeds for sprouting Tei Fu Essential Oil: 5ml $12.95
and Vegetable & Herb Seeds for planting in garden. Temporary relief of sinus congestion. Apply 2 - 3 drops
Biodynamic Meat & Free Range Chickens & Eggs: Beef
of oil to palm of hand. Rub both hands together vigorously Mince, Beef Sausages, Diced Beef, Stir Fry Beef and Lamb, and form a fist with both hands and enhale. Tei Fu can effect Fillet Steak, Porterhouse, Rump Steak, T-Bone, Topside the eyes so close them when using this method. Also helps Steak, Veal, Lamb & Beef roasts, Pork Chops, Bacon, headaches - use 2 - 3 drops to temple area and massage. For Chicken Breasts, Chicken thighs, Chicken Mince, Chicken stiff neck, itching, swelling, toothache - add 2 drops to Wings, Chicken Livers, Chicken Sausages and Whole effected areas. Contains - Safflower Oil, Menthol,
Wintergreen Oil, Camphor, and other essential oils. Organic Dairy Products: Biodynamic Cows Milk, Raw
Aloe Vera Gel: 235ml $20.95
Goats Milk, Soya Yoghurt, Goats Yoghurt, Goats Whey, Body Care - relief of sunburn and thermal burns.
Soya Cheese, Biodynamic Cows Cheese, Tofu, Rice Burgers, Contains 100% natural Aloe Vera Gel made from a cold stabilised vegetable gel direct from Aloe Vera Barbadenis. Organic Skin & Hair Products: Shampoo, Conditioner,
Irish Moss is added as a thickening agent and to assist in Hand & Body Lotion, Deodorant, Soap, Bath Salts, additional skin soothing and moisturising. Also ideal for sunburn and thermal burns - when used, the pain is relieved Allergy Free Cleaning Products: Dishwashing liquid and
almost at once, swelling subsides and no blisters form. powder, Laundry Liquid and powder, Stain Remover, Skin tissues regenerate faster and when used and there is Dishwasher Powder, Pure Ground Soap, Multi Purpose minimal or no scar tissue. Also Vera has also been used for bites from insects, acne, psoriasis, itches and eczema. Organic Fertilisers: Pelletised Poultry, Blood and Bone, All
MSM/Glucosamine Cream: 57g $24.95 Provides support
Purpose, Rock Dust, Sheep Manure Pellets, Fish Fertiliser, for healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissue function as Seaweed Powder. See separate price list. well as mobility. It is a significant source of of glucosamine Other Natural Products Unprocessed raw Honey, Bee
sulfate (4%) a component of healthy joints and the organic Pollen, Spirulina, Carob, Yeast, Barley Green, Bottled sulphur MSM (2%) a component of the body’s tissues. This deep penetrating formula provides prolonged release action Pet Products:
of both MSM and glucosamine sulfate through a patented Flea shampoo and coat conditioner, Omega Balance food Dried Mature Green Paw Paw Fruit: 300gms $31.30
Organically grown in Australia. At low temperature with no
Poultry Laying Pellets: Certified organic by BFA.
preservatives or chemicals added. In granulated form, is a living food high in natural occurring digestive papain, enzymes and valuable nutrients. Excellent to support the digestive system as it is capable of digesting proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Especially useful for the elderly and those

Source: http://www.valley.iinet.net.au/selfhelpguide.pdf

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