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Comparison of a new skin penetration system containing
a toxicokinetic modul with Franz diffusion cells
Beiersdorf AG, Toxicology, Hamburg, Germany *Correspondence/SOT Full Member: Introduction
Critical endpoints in in vitro testing of cosmetic ingredients are the We could show that the recovery rates of caffeine and benzophenone-3 determination of the bioavailability of test substances in different skin recorded by SPS are highly comparable to those in GDC. No significant layers and the examination of the toxicokinetic profile. Skin penetration studies are so far performed in Franz diffusion cells using pig skin1.
percutaneously, benzophenone-3 remained mainly on the surface Unfortunately with these cells an automated toxicokinetic determination is (Fig. 2 a, b). It is also possible to take samples from the receptor fluid not receivable. To record a full toxicokinetic profile we developed a automatically . Fig. 2 c shows a toxicokinetic profile of caffeine. One can semiautomated skin penetration system (SPS) that collects samples from see that the samples taken from different cells within the SPS are the receptor fluid automatically. This skin exposure module is a prototype.
reproducible. Percutaneous penetration of caffeine is observable after a We developed it on the basis of a penetration cell from VITROCELL® Systems and tested it for comparability to Franz diffusion cells.
To perform toxicokinetic studies, we developed the SPS with eight In conclusion, the new SPS is highly comparable to glass diffusion cells.
parallel running diffusion cells. To substitute the glass diffusion cells with We observed percutaneous penetration for caffeine after 7 h. Sampling the SPS it is important to compare both systems in terms of performance from the receptor fluid of different penetration cells within the SPS leads Fig. 2 Comparison of the penetration of caffeine (a) and benzophenone-3 (b) in the skin and reproducibility. Therefore we investigated the penetration of caffeine penetration system (SPS) and glass diffusion cells (GDC) after 24h. Both assays are highly to reproducible results. The SPS has the advantage that manual and benzophenone-3 after 24 h through full-thickness pig skin using comparable for hydrophilic and lipophilic substances. 16 skin discs from three pigs were used in sampling from the receptor fluid is no longer necessary. Therefore one each penetration assay. c) Recovery of caffeine in the receptor fluid in a time dependent manner.
normal glass diffusion cells (GDC) and the SPS (Fig. 1). In total 16 skin can record a full toxicokinetic profile, even over night.
The toxicokinetic profile has been recorded with the SPS using 16 skin discs from two pigs. It discs from 3 different pigs where investigated in each system. After shows a good reproducibility between different diffusion cells within the SPS.
Currently we are refining the SPS in terms of liberation studies. This successful comparison of the penetration we recorded a full toxicokinetic means the determination of the liberation of a test substance from profile of caffeine. Currently we are refining the SPS for liberation different formulations could be tested semi automatically.
Reference and Acknowledgement
1W. Diembeck, H. Beck, F. Benech-Kieffer, P. Courtellemont, J. Dupuis, W. Lovell, M. Paye, J. Spengler, W. Steiling: Test guidelines for in vitro assessment of dermal absorption and percutaneous penetration of cosmetic ingredients. Food Chem Toxicol. 1999, 37(2-3):191-205.
The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of VITROCELL® Systems for support and construction of the SPS.
Fig. 1 Semiautomated skin penetration system (SPS) for toxicokinetic studies. a) Complete overview b) Inside view showing the experimental setup with syringes, Franz cells and storage vessels for receptor fluid c) Enlargement of experimental setup showing HPLC vials, receptor fluid in- and outlet and integrated Franz diffusion cells.


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