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West Coast Christian School
IN ORDER TO SOLEMINIFY the desire of the undersigned parties to glorify the Lord with their obedience to Him and to promote a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of each party, the undersigned parties adopt the following agreement: I, being the legal parent or Guardian, for and in consideration of, ________________________________, being admitted as a student at West Coast Christian School, do hereby accept such admission and the duties and responsibilities entailed therein and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement: 1. I subscribe without reservation to the Articles of Faith and the Standards of Conduct of West Coast Christian School and agree that my family will abide by these doctrines, both on school grounds and at all school ministries and functions. 2. I have read and understand the Student Handbook and I agree to fully comply with its contents. I agree that my child and I must abide by all of the policies, rules and regulations of the school, including those listed in the Student Handbook, and I agree to support West Coast Christian School with my conduct. I hereby agree to support all regulations of the school in the applicant’s behalf and authorize this school to employ discipline as it deems wise and expedient for the training of my student.
3. I understand and agree that the education for my child will be guided by the instructors and other school officials. I agree that my purpose in obtaining a Christian education for my child will be achieved by following the curriculum set by the instructors. To that end, I agree that I will require my child to perform all duties and responsibilities entrusted to him/her by that instructors and school officials to the best of his/her ability to their satisfaction. I will support the decisions of the instructors and the school officials and will never attempt to undermine their authority. I understand and agree that during my child’s enrollment the courses offered and the instructors teaching them may change from time to time in the discretion of the school leadership.
4. I understand that West Coast Christian School has the right to treat all children when needed for all first aid treatments with over-the-counter topical medications, including but not limited to: bandages, antiseptic wash, antibiotic cream, eye drops, anti-itch relief, muscle rub, mouth pain reliever like Ora-jel, lib balm and after sun care like aloe & lidocaine. Children 12 years and older may receive for a minor illness over-the-counter medications including but not limited to, Ibuprofen or Advil, Acetaminophen or Tylenol, Naproxen Sodium or Aleve, Bismuth or Peto-Bismol, Tums or antacid tablets, cough drops, Antihistamine or Benadryl, cough suppressant or Triaminic, when needed providing that they have not taken prescribed or parent given medications. If your child has allergies to anything of this nature you MUST list them on their Medical Release Form. I understand that any and all medications must be kept in the office and must have an Authorization for Medication Card on file.
5. I understand and agree that my child has no right to publish and distribute a student newsletter or any other publication. I understand and agree that West Coast Christian School has the right, in its sole discretion, to control what is published, circulated, or otherwise distributed at its school to its students or staff, and I will ensure that my child understands this provision.
6. I understand and agree that attending West Coast Christian School is a privilege and the school reserves the right to suspend or expel my child from the school in accordance with its official policies as determined by the school. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, this Agreement does not bind either party to any specific period of enrollment. Either party may terminate this Agreement without cause upon seven (7) days written notice. I understand that no rights or presumptions of continued enrollment are conferred or implied by this Agreement or by a number of consecutive Agreements. I further agree that no right to notice of renewal or non-renewal of the Agreement is conferred or implied.
7. I agree to pay all tuition and fees in a timely manner as set forth in West Coast Christian School’s Financial Information Statement. If my child is on scholarship, such as the McKay or CTC Scholarship, I agree to pay any fees that are not covered by the scholarship’s policies at the WCCS designated time. I understand that if I fail to make a timely payment, my child may be withdrawn from school and I may be subject to late-payment fees and other costs, including any necessary costs of collection in accordance with school policy.
8. I give permission for my student to take part in all school activities, including sports and school-sponsored trips away from the school premises, and absolve the school from liability to me or my student because of any injury to my student at school or during any school activity.
9. As West Coast Christian School is a Christian ministry organization, both parties agree that they would never make demands, threaten to sue, or actually litigate any matter whatsoever relation to or resulting from this Agreement. I understand that making demands, threatening to sue or actually litigating a matter against West Coast Christian School clearly violates Biblical teaching and practice and shall constitute sufficient grounds for immediate withdrawal of my child from enrollment at West Coast Christian School. I understand that retaining or instructing an attorney to contact the ministry with regard to a potential claim or dispute will be interpreted as a threat to sue. Accordingly, the parties agree to resolve all potential claim, disputes or causes of action through binding arbitration using the procedures outlined in the attached procedures.
a. I agree to follow the Biblical patterns, of Matthew 5:23-24, Matthew 18:15-20, I Corinthians 6:1-8, and Galatians 6:1, and always give a good report. All differences are to be resolved by utilizing Biblical principles – always presenting a united front.
b. The parties agree that the methods outlined in this section (§7) shall be the sole remedies for any and all controversies or claims arising out of the enrollment relationship or this Agreement and expressly waive their right to file a lawsuit against one another in any civil court for such disputes, except to enforce a legally binding arbitration decision.
c. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Procedures for Arbitration adopted by West Coast Christian School and agree to abide by the procedures outlined therein.
d. I agree to do everything in my power to avoid involving West Coast Christian School in any legal proceedings which may take place or legal requests for documents or testimony of school officials concerning the custody and/or education and upbringing of my child. I understand that if, in spite of my and my attorney’s best efforts, any school official is legally compelled to provide testimony or documentation beyond a copy of my child’s standard academic records, that the student may be immediately disenrolled from West Coast Christian School and that my account may be charged for any and all expenses incurred in complying with such legal process.
10. The parties agree that there are no other agreements or understandings between them relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements, oral or written, between the parties and is intended as a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement of the parties. Neither this Agreement nor its execution have been induced by any reliance, representations, stipulations, warranties, agreements or understandings of any kind other than those expressed herein. If any provision of this agreement is found to be void or able to be void, it shall not affect the validity of any other provision. Both parties shall remain bound by all other provisions.
11. I certify that I will explain this agreement and its meaning to my child. I will assist the school in every way necessary to ensure my child abides by all the terms of this agreement.
12. I understand that this Agreement shall not take effect until fully executed by all parties.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the _________ day of ________________, 201_______.
BY ___________________________________________ BY __________________________________________ I understanding this and its content and agree to abide by its terms and all rules which apply to students.
BY ___________________________________________ Sworn before me this ___________ day of ________________________ in the year of our Lord ACCEPTED AND APPROVED BY __________________________________________


Patient Information Written Diagnosis/Symptoms/Reason for Exam(s) Please list signs and symptoms, along with any clinical information that is pertinant to this study. Include ICD-9 Code(s): Exam Requested ULTRASOUND INTERVENTIONAL PROCEDURE � Contrast � No Contrast � Contrast � No Contrast Spine Pain Management � Radiologist to Decide � Radiologist to

Substances in (choose priority list)

22/09/2006 Active substances of the 3rd priority list included in the review programme Human hygiene biocidal products N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamineD-gluconic acid, compound with N,N''-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-3,12-diimino-2,4,11,13-tetraazatetradecanediamidine (2:1)Mixture of cis- and trans-p-menthane-3,8 diol / Citriodiol1-[[2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-propyl-1,3-dioxolan-2

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