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The Five Fatigues

Ask a cross-section of health care professionals what health
complaint they hear most often, and chances are good they'll
all say the same thing; fatigue.

It's a symptom with many possible sources, and once serious illnesses like cancer
or heart failure are ruled out, finding the reason for your fatigue boils down to a
process of elimination. The good news, however, is that there are safe and natural solutions you can try for just about every possible cause in the book. Adrenal burnout is one frequent cause of fatigue. During times of stress, your adrenal glands boost production of the hormone cortisol, with balance restored once the stressful event is over. Sometimes, however, your adrenals will continue producing cortisol even after the triggering event has passed-leaving your glands exhausted and unable to produce any cortisol at all. The result is excessive fatigue. In a recent study, researchers measured daily cortisol variations in a group of 78 subjects. Morning cortisol levels were significantly lower in the exhausted subjects than in subjects without fatigue.1 Incidentally, morning cortisol levels also happen to be lower in female patients with chronic fatigue.2
If you suspect adrenal exhaustion, you might want to test your cortisol levels with
a simple saliva test available or you could try a formula like MAGNOL 1, it's a
particularly effective in restoring HPA function.
Fatigue is also a common symptom of a sluggish thyroid gland-accompanied by weight gain, hair loss, coldness, and depression. In this case, several studies have
shown that SPECIAL T may help.3
You may want to measure TSH levels as well as T3/T4.
Depression, along with anxiety often causes fatigue and adding a few natural
compounds like AFFECT D, TRAN-QWILL and vitamin D3 into your regimen
could help to boost your mood-and you’re energy-significantly.
An often under-recognized cause of fatigue is delayed food sensitivities. Recently, Georgetown University Medical Center researchers noted there is emerging evidence to suggest that food allergies appear to be an important triggering event in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.4 Taking EPI-GASTRO ENZYME
and GUT CLEAR can strengthen gut function and restore intestinal
health. Good gut function also aids the immune system. Lastly, difficulty getting to sleep-or staying asleep-is probably the most obvious cause of excessive fatigue. More often than not, this problem is due to a reduction in your body's levels of the hormone melatonin. Clinical studies have shown that CIRCADIAN (coming soon) supplementation will increase melatonin levels and can improve several measures of sleep quality, from sleep initiation to duration.5 It's also delivered noticeable benefits to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.6 When trying to determine the reason for your fatigue, the only approach you can take is to begin eliminating potential causes. By playing detective and looking at all the factors mentioned above, the reason why you are fatigued will likely
become apparent and you can then take steps to regain energy.
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