238 Capital Improvement Drive
It’s funny how a set of numbers can bring back so many memories. For many of us, 238 East Main Street was home, whether we actually paid rent or just hijacked a couch. For a good portion of our years at Kent State, she was where we laid our heads. Hundreds of men have walked through the back door in hopes of one day walking out the front door a Brother. We called the Pine Room ‘home’ for a week, thinking, and building bonds with brothers that hold strong to this day. 238 has been home to more than just brothers; she has been home to our brotherhood. Heated debates, great social events, and solving the problems of the world on Sunday are just a few things that made our Throughout the years, the Zeta Lambda Housing Corporation has done its best to improve living conditions for undergraduates and preserve the rich history contained within its walls. Some milestone • Paid off the mortgage (through alumni donations led by Brother David A. Pond) • Fire Safety system with 24/7 monitoring • New electrical wiring for the first floor and basement • Renovation of the front (trophy) room and re-dedication to Brother Richard George O’Brien • 20 new windows and new steel doors, front and back These upgrades (in excess of $36,000), along with improvements to individual rooms, have made 238 an attractive, and popular living option for undergraduates.
However, even with all these improvements, 238 still needs our help. Housing Corporation has dedicated itself to removing as much of the financial burden from the undergraduates as possible. This is done through keeping rent at break-even levels and waste to a minimum. Housing Corporations three major expenses are: insurance, real estate tax, and maintenance of the property. This leaves little for renova- tion projects. As I am sure many of you saw at Homecoming, there are still many improvements that Flooring (first floor common areas, staircases and second floor hallway), Roof/Gutter/Drainage im- provements, finish electrical wiring upgrades, and exterior siding are some of the needs to 238. There is also the subject of the Pine Room. Years of ‘brotherhood’ have finally taken their toll on this beloved piece of history, and the City of Kent has deemed it hazardous and will not renew our boarding license next year without replacement. We have received an estimate of $10,000.00 to fully renovate the Pine Room. This includes all new tongue and groove pine board walls, floors, and a solid plywood ceiling. The history of the old Pine Room will be re-created through its transfer to the Chapter Room walls.
The Zeta Lambda Chapter of The Sigma Chi Fraternity The 238 Capital Improvement Campaign is your way to give back to the place that gave you so much. This is not a scholarship fund or social fund. Your generous donation will be used for repairs/improve- ments to the house ONLY. $1 or $20,000.00, everything helps. In addition, through a generous pledge by fellow Zeta Lambda alumnus Richard O. Warther, EVERY dollar you donate to this Capital Improvement
Campaign will be matched (up to $5000.00). This is a great opportunity for your donation to really go further than ever before. We realize the need is great; but together, we can all make the White Cross of Sigma Chi shine brighter than ever before at Kent State University.
Donations can be made securely through the website www.zetalambda.net Rather send a check? Please make checks payable to Zeta Lambda Housing Corporation, and mail it to Anthony Catalano catalano.anthony@gmail.com hsteine1@kent.edu (undergraduate representative) The Zeta Lambda Chapter of The Sigma Chi Fraternity

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