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Post-doctoral position in gamma-ray astrophysics On 1st January 2010, Linnaeus University opened its doors for the first time as Sweden’s newest university, the result of a merger between Kalmar University and Växjö University. Context of position
The astroparticle physics group in the Faculty of Technology, Department of
Physics and Electrical Engineering at Linnaeus University invites applications for a
postdoctoral research position in gamma-ray astrophysics. Linnaeus University
provides an international and dynamic environment for the training of young
The successful candidate will be based in the Växjö campus, and will work in
cutting edge technical and scientific aspects for the Cherenkov Telescope Array,
with the possibility to spend part of the time on the study of extra-galactic cosmic
accelerators and improve the analysis within the second phase of the H.E.S.S.
experiment (HESS-II).

A maximum of 20% of the time is dedicated to teaching and supervision at the
undergraduate and advanced levels. The position is limited to two years full time
and located in Växjö Sweden. The contract can start immediately. Participation of
women in research is encouraged.
Bases of assessment
Qualification requirements
The eligibility requirements are a Ph.D. in Physics or Astrophysics or equivalent.
The applicant must have completed her/his Ph.D. studies no more than three years
before the application deadline.
 Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are essential.  Ability and interest in development of analysis strategies together with accommodation of hardware developments (e.g., test-benches) are key aspects for the position. The applicant is assumed to have the ability to conduct research within the described area, with demonstrated skills to generate new ideas and innovate.  Documented background and experience in the proposed research area are advantageous. Research track record including a minimum of two peer-reviewed research publications is required; stronger publication history a plus.  Interpersonal skills and flexibility are of great importance since the work is 1. Ph.D. in Physics or Astrophysics or equivalent. 2. The applicant ability to conduct research within the described area, with demonstrated skills to generate new ideas and innovate. Further information:
Head of department Hans Veenhuizen, phone: +46 (0)480-44 63 14,
e-mail: hans.veenhuizen@lnu.se
Senior lecturer Yvonne Becherini, phone: +46 (0)470-70 85 91,
e-mail: yvonne.becherini@lnu.se
Personnel consultant Camilla Andersson, Phone: +46 (0)470-70 80 36,
e-mail:Union representatives may be contacted via the university switchboard
at +46 (0)772-288000
The application has to be registered no later than December the 16th, 2013. Ref.no is: PA 2013/474-2.2.1. More information will be found on the Linnaeus University homepage Remember to enclose a CV, a list of publications, names and contact of three references and other relevant appendices, such as degree certificates, when applying via our website.

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