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Helpful Online Resources and Financial Assistance
Transplant Patient Support
The transaction! Council serves and represents all potential transplant donors and recipients. This organization helps patients find free transportation to and from their transplant center, many times hundreds of miles away. AOTA has recognized the need to assist transplant patients with the cost of their immunosuppressant drug therapy.
Eye, Tissue and Blood Support
only tissue banking organization in the United States is dedicated to recovering tissue for donors and distributes excess allograft for millions of tissue My Transplant Life offers caregivers resources on how to support their loved ones through their journey and how to continue the journey after This program helps provide blood products to healthcare facilities around the United States. This foundation represents the donor community and provides ongoing support to organ and tissue of OPO, the only organization that recovers organs This association focuses to improve the quality of life for lung transplant recipients by offering support, committed to increasing the number of eye, tissue Transplant living provides information on before and after transplant life through stories and facts. Bank Association of America distributes and assesses donated eyes for corneal transplantations and This organization focuses on improving the quality of lives by the miracle of transplantation. Education and Awareness
This non profit international organization represents committed to educate minority on transplantation individuals in the practice of transfusion medicine and the need for donors, as well as to increase the and cellular therapies. Their goal is to improve number of minorities who donate tissues and organs. health by focusing on the patient’s safety and donor primarily responsible for the regulation of organ transplant systems in the United States. This association assists healthcare professionals in increasing awareness of organ donors and Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients-
transplantation statistics across the country. Arbor Research Collaborative for Health improves patient care through research conducted projects that shapes clinical practice and medical policies The Nicholas Effect- A Boy’s Gift to the
World-The Nicholas Effect focuses on spreading
awareness on the shortage of donors around the Fosrenol On Track Support Program- This
program aims to provide resources and help patients with End Stage Renal Disease manage and monitor National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive
and Kidney Diseases-
waiting list and matches donors to recipients daily. This association conducts research training and medical support on the following diseases in order to improve an individual’s quality of life. Washington Regional Transplant Community heals communities through organ and tissue donation. The National Kidney Foundation focuses on the Their goal is to excel in recovery and attempt to try prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases. every option possible for organ transplantation. Helpful Online Resources and Financial Assistance
FinancialAssistance Resources
Give Forward- Give Forward is a fundraising page
Amgen Assist-This site offers reimbursement
where individuals can create a page or story about resources and support tools to those who take or their loved ones who are in need of financial support. This Program helps provide funds for transplant Patient Assistance Program, we provide one-time financial assistance to transplant patients and living donors. Through financial assistance we empower people to give the Gift of Life and help transplant patients keep the organ that saved their life. dedicated to helping people financially with copayments, coinsurance, and premiums for medical treatment that they are unable to afford. The goal is essentially to give health care to people, even if they assistance program that provides non-oncology Heal with Love Foundation-This foundation
aims to reimburse donors for their loss wages during Dental Lifeline Network is a national humanitarian organization providing access to comprehensive dental services for people with disabilities or who are
HelpHopeLive- HelpHopeLive assists in helping
elderly or medically at-risk at an affordable cost. patients and families launch successful fundraising campaigns to raise money for out of pocket medical The Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) provides free, one-on-one financial counseling by trained professionals to low-income residents in Denver and The American Organ Transplant Association is in by offering financial counseling to community need of funds for a Medication Assistance Program. Based on the recipient’s condition, they are required to take immunosuppressants as well as other medications that are extremely expensive. The Genentech Transplant Access Services- This
Original Medicare Plan however has provided service helps connect eligible patients in need of patient coverage of necessary medications for a coverage and reimbursement for Valcyte and Medicare is a health insurance company for people Patient Access Network Foundation- This
over the age of 65, with End Stage Renal Failure. foundation works with underinsured patients to help Learn more about Medicare and how it can possibly assist in paying co-payments and in covering out of pocket medical expenses through more then 50 Medicare D Patient Assistance- This assistance
aims to help those who already have Medicare but Pfizer Pfriends Program-Pfizer offers multiple
need additional help with prescription drug assistance programs providing Pfizer prescriptions at a savings cost or for free. Wyeth medications are available through this program now as well. NAIDW's purpose is to provide unlimited resources, PhosLo Patient Assistance Program- PhosLo
sends up to a 60-day supply of medication to the support, guidance and short-term financial patient’s home if patient is on Dialysis and meets assistance to injured & disabled workers and their families that suffer from the result of an injury, National Foundation for Transplants-
This foundation offers financial assistance through The Children’s Organ Transplant Association’s grant programs and fundraising campaigns for Recycle for Life helps kids in need of a life saving transplant related costs that aren’t covered by organ transplant. Volunteers collect recyclable cell phones and printer cartridges and 100% of the proceeds go to COTA families. This organization assists in providing fundraising assistance. Providing financial assistance to those who want to donate an organ, priority is given to individuals not Renassist- This program is designed for individuals
otherwise able to afford the travel and subsistence who are prescribed Renvela but do not have coverage expenses associated with living organ donation. for Renvela under any other programs. Sanofi then grants these patients with these lifesaving Partnership for Prescription Assistance- PPA
helps patients connect to patient assistance programs free of charge that they may be eligible or Helpful Online Resources and Financial Assistance
Simple Fill- This advocacy service helps qualified
For More Information:
patients access medications and remain in their assistance programs by a reduced monthly service The online community for living donors, potential donors, their families, and the medical community aimed at improving the living donation experience. Pharmaceutical Support
Abbvie Patient Assistance Program-This
patient-focused, patient-run organization that program provides Abbvie medicines at no cost to those individuals in need and who are qualified. provides non-medical services to those affected by Reimbursement Services (ARS) provides numerous Community of dialysis patients that support each other and help new patients and veterans of this disease cope with the daily struggles of living with Johnson & Johnson- Johnson & Johnson offers
free prescription medicines up to one year for those patients without adequate financial resources. Learn About Living Kidney Donation:
Novartis- Novartis is a pharmaceutical corporation
that provides medicine to treat and prevent diseases as well as improve patient’s quality of life. The Novartis Patient Assistance Program provides access
Prograf Value Card Program-
savings card to not only save money on your Prograf, immunosuppression medication but if applicable to


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