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New Media100 Lab: Assignment 3
Section 2 (W11am-1pm)
*Due Wednesday October 2nd*


Col aborate with your randomly selected partner (see list below) to create
two distinctive portraits, one as subject and one as photographer.

As a subject, this exercise presents an opportunity for self-expression
resulting in a photograph that confidently represents who you are as a
person at this juncture in your life.
As a photographer, this exercise presents an opportunity to practice the
decision making processes necessary to create a portrait, and to physical y
see the results of those decisions.

When creating your two images, you wil switch off the roles of subject and
photographer, in one image you wil be subject- in the other you will be the
photographer. The subject wil make decisions about location, environment,
dress, and overal mood. The photographer wil make decisions about
composition and exposure, considering choices for ISO, aperture, and
shutter-speed. You wil work together as a team to successful y solve any
creative and/or technical problems that occur.
The portraits must be representative (head and shoulders clearly visible).
This does NOT mean that it needs to be a "headshot"; a portrait that
creatively shows the personality of the subject is encouraged. It can be a
full-length photo as long as the subject is not so far away as to be
The two portraits you submit should be distinctly different, i.e. don't switch
spots in the same situation. For example, if one is outdoors the other
should be indoors or if one is during the day the other should be at night.

Photographs must be taken with a DSLR camera, shot in RAW format, and
on the camera's manual setting "M." You may choose to use auto or
manual focus- I recommend experimenting with both.

Some things to consider:
Location/ Environment: Is there a particular place that has meaning to you?
Are you an outdoorsy type? A bookworm? Both? How can the environment
around you say something about who you are?
Objects: Do any objects hold special meaning for you that you want to
incorporate into your portrait? Do you play an instrument? A sport?
Style: What does the way you are dressed/ how you style your hair/make-
up say about you as a person? Are you formal or relaxed?
Overal Mood: What personality traits do you want to portray through
emotion/ expression? Are you thoughtful/ funny/ energetic/ determined/
sil y?

Some things to consider:
Composition: Consider different angles (front view, side view, from below,
from above), variations in distance from the subject, and how much of the
subject is shown or not shown. How do these variations change the overal
impact of the image?
Lighting: Are there any light sources in the chosen environment that you
can take advantage of? How can you adjust your camera settings to
manipulate the light in an interesting way?
Exposure: Play with ISO to decide if you want the image to be grainy or
smooth. Play with the aperture to control depth of field- do you want a smal
or large area in focus? Do you want smooth skin or to show texture? Play
with the shutter speed to freeze or blur motion.

For your reference, the lab presentation,
"Pierce_NMD100_Lab2_2013_IntroToDSLR.pdf" is posted in the course
documents folder on FirstClass.
These examples do not necessarily represent the "right" way to solve this
creative problem, but rather examples of how others have responded to it.
It might also be useful to explore the "about me" web pages of people that
inspire you and see how they use imagery to represent themselves.

Select the images together.
Bring 2 RAW unadjusted files to class.
Be prepared to discuss the choices you made to create these images in
Name your file in the following convention:

The Subjects name should come first, fol owed by the photographer’s
name. You wil be graded on the success of both images, so make sure
your name is on both.
You wil be asked to hand in your assignment on a flashdrive that will be
passed around the classroom.
*Your assignment will not be accepted if you do not follow these
naming conventions.


Lockman, Seth and Morse, Dustin
DeFrancesco, Kayleigh & Sutryn, Maria
Kirchner-Macri, Kendal and Marvin, Zach
Nguyen, Han and Ullman, Nate
Hathaway, Carter and Morrison, Eric
Kel y, Lauren and McDonald, Joe
Ericson, Lucy and Munn, KC
Lucas, Calan and Regan, Julia
Drew, Kirstan and Robe, James
It is your responsibility to get in touch with your assigned partner.
Talk to your partner after class today or contact your partner through
FirstClass to set a time to take each other’s portraits.
Good Luck!


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