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Technical Information about 2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP
Fluorescent analogue of cyclic GMP

Molecular Weight

Name: 2'- O- (2- [Tetramethylrhodaminyl]aminoethylcarbamoyl)guanosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphate
Description: 2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP is a tetramethylrhodamine-modified analogue of the parent second messenger cyclic GMP
(cGMP) in which the dye is connected to the 2'-hydroxy group via a 5-atom spacer.
Properties: Fluorescent analogue of cGMP with λexc 555 nm and λem 580 nm. 2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP can be used as a substrate for
phosphodiesterases (PDEs) in corresponding assays. This type of fluorescent analogue is also available with a longer 9-atom spacer
(2'-TAMRA-AHC-cGMP, Cat. No. T 017).
Specification: Lyophilized or crystallized sodium salt. Other salt forms are available upon request. Equal concentrations of
2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP can appear very different in volume due to sensitivity of the lyophilized form to humidity. The compound can even
contract to small volume droplets. Normally the product is located in the conical bottom of the tube. Micromolar quantities are
determined by UV at λmax.

Purity: Typical analysis is better than 95% (HPLC / UV 255 nm / VIS 555 nm). The product is not sterile and has not been tested for
Solubility: 2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP is soluble in water (≥ 5 mM). Please rinse tube walls carefully and preferably use ultrasonic or vortex
to achieve total and uniform mixing. When opening the tube please make sure that no substance is lost within the cap.
Stability and Storage: 2'-TAMRA-AEC-cGMP is chemically rather stable. Nevertheless, it should be protected from light and stored
in the freezer, for longer storage periods preferably in freeze-dried form.

Toxicity and Safety: Since cyclic GMP has multiple tasks in every organism, it is very likely that its analogues will interfere with many
cell regulation processes in vivo. However, due to the rather small quantities to work with, no health hazards have been reported.
Nevertheless please keep in mind, that the in vivo properties of this compound are not sufficiently characterized up to now. Avoid skin
contact or ingestion and allow only trained personnel to handle the product.
Our products are designed, developed and sold for research purposes only! They are intended for in vitro and nonhuman in vivo
laboratory applications. Any other use requires approval of health authorities.
Not for drug, household or related uses!

Selected Reference for Tetramethylrhodamine-labelled cGMP:

Abadi, A.H.; Gary, B.D.; Tinsley, H.N.; Piazza, G.A.; Abdel-Halim, M., Eur. J. Med. Chem., 45, 1278 - 1286 (2010): "Synthesis,
Molecular Modeling and Biological Evaluation of Novel Tadalafil Analogues as Phosphodiesterase 5 and Colon Tumor Cell Growth Inhibitors, New Stereochemical Perspective" Copyright September 10 by BIOLOG Life Science Institute BIOLOG Life Science Institute, Bremen, Germany Phone: 49 (0) 421 591355 Fax: 49 (0) 421 5979713 e-mail:



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