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• Measures UV intensity up to 20W/cm2 (Standard Range) • Totally self-contained, battery-powered Applications
• Monitor UV spot curing system performance • Measure individual UV lamp performance • Determine proper UV intensity required for curing any Operation
The portable, EIT SpotCure is simple to use. Its compact, As UV spot curing technology has evolved, it has become flashlight-like shape (4.60” long by 1.74” diameter) can increasingly important to establish a method of measuring system performance. The EIT SpotCure UV Intensity Meter is an easy, portable, effective method of quantifying UV In operation, the instrument is gripped in one hand while the light guide is inserted with the other hand. Once a spot curing system’s light wand is inserted into the measurement The EIT SpotCure UV Intensity Meter is a self-contained, head, the “START” switch is depressed and a measurement is electro-optic instrument designed to measure and display the taken. When the “START” switch is released, the intensity emitted by a UV curing system. Degradation of UV measurement is frozen and can be viewed on the LDC display. lamps, light guides, and reflectors can cause decreases in It will be held for approximately 3 minutes until the display intensity and create curing problems. The EIT SpotCure UV times out or until the “START” switch is depressed again. Intensity Meter is designed to provide the operator with instant Adapters insert into the measurement head to accommodate feedback as to the performance of the spot curing system. the standard light wands on the market. This flexibility allows the instrument to be used in a variety of monitoring applications. Configuration
Short, simple operation instructions are printed on the The EIT SpotCure UV Intensity Meter is totally portable, outside of the instrument. The EIT SpotCure UV Intensity self-contained, and battery-operated using a special lithium meter is designed to withstand the rugged UV environment battery stick for extremely long life – in excess of 100,000 and extremely high intensities that can be associated with UV readings! The measurement head which contains the optics, is spot curing. It can monitor UV intensities up to 20W/cm2 for attached to one end of the cylindrical instrument. Light guide the standard version and 200W/cm2 in the Extended Range adapters that fit into the measurement head are available to fit most size light guides. An EIT SpotCure UV Intensity Meter can be configured to read one of the following UV transmission bandwidths: 250-260nm, 280-320nm, 320- EIT, Inc. 108 Carpenter Drive, Sterling, VA 20164 Phone (703) 478-0700 Fax (703) 478-0815
For Local Support Singapore 65 6270 2188 Malaysia 604 390 5882 Thailand 66 2361 2926 Email
UVA (20W); UVB (2W), UVC (200mW), UVV (20W) Extended Range Versions (& Full Scale) 10mW/cm2 Extended Range Version 100mW/cm2 12,500 hours continuous operation (over 100,000 readings) 6.40”L x 1.74” Diameter (16.26cm x 4.42cm); Measurement head – 2.13” Diameter 250-260nm (UVC), 280-320nm (UVB), 320-390nm (UVA), or 395-445nm (UVV) Specifications subject to change
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Model SP254 (250-260nm) Model SP313 (280-320nm) Model SP365 (320-390nm) Model SP405 (395-445nm) EIT, Inc. 108 Carpenter Drive, Sterling, VA 20164 Phone (703) 478-0700 Fax (703) 478-0815
For Local Support Singapore 65 6270 2188 Malaysia 604 390 5882 Thailand 66 2361 2926 Email


I väntrummet på S:t Lars är vi jämlika. Människor, var­ken mer eller mindre. I psykakutens milt välkomnande ljus finns inga titlar. Fyllbultar och docenter, hemlösa, förgråtna tonårsbrudar, uppgivna medelålderskrisar och stinkande gubbar. Där sitter vi i trådslitna fåtöljer. Ofta ensamma. Oftast ensamma. De unga tjejerna har ibland med sig en väninna som stöttar och tröstar. Rik

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Psalm 85:1,4 / Psalm 50:7 / Ester 9:1,2,20-28 / Psalm 35:1,13 / Psalm 30:1,3 / LvdK 90:1,3 Bij deze preek hoort een power point presentatie, deze treft u op de website op dezelfde datum. Wanneer u deze preek wilt gebruiken anders dan voor privegebruik, wilt u dat dan even doorgeven? Preek n.a.v. Ester 9 Intro met de kinderen: wat is het purimfeest? Gesprek over het verhaal van Ester en M

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