Alex Kentsis, MD, PhD
Assistant Member, Molecular Pharmacology & Chemistry Program, Sloan-Kettering Institute Attending Physician, Department of Pediatrics, Memorial Hospital Assistant Professor, Weill Medical College of Cornell University Opportunity Type: Research Technician
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Job Description:
We seek a highly motivated and organized individual to join our
efforts to investigate the molecular pathogenesis of treatment-resistant leukemias and
embryonal tumors. Our approach combines protein chemistry and mass spectrometry
proteomics with functional genetics in the mouse model system and in human cancer
cells. The selected candidate will work on experimental research projects directly with
the laboratory principal investigator (85% effort), and will also spend 15% effort on lab
management duties. A highly motivated and productive technician may get the
opportunity to lead an independent research project within the lab.
A bachelor’s degree is required, including formal study in biochemistry, molecular
biology, and genetics. The candidate must be a responsible individual with
outstanding communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Previous
experience in scientific research would be a strong asset. Experience with mass
spectrometry and cancer biology is not required, but enthusiasm for learning new
techniques and careful attention to experimental details are essential.
40 hour/week full-time position with flexible hours and competitive salary/fringe
benefits. Anticipated start date is April to June 2014. A 2-year minimum
commitment is required.
A great transition opportunity for a matriculating
undergraduate student interested in pursuing a graduate or medical education after
additional laboratory training. Current and previous Kentsis Research Group
technicians have been co-authors on several papers and are now attending graduate
and medical schools.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 1275 York Avenue, Box 223, New York, New York 10065 | Published papers on which technicians have been co-authors:
Kentsis et al. Ribavirin suppresses eIF4E mediated oncogenic transformation by
physical mimicry of the 7-methyl guanosine mRNA cap. Proc Natl Acad Sci.
Kentsis et al. Urine proteomics for profiling of human disease using high accuracy
mass spectrometry. Proteomics Clin Appl. 2009;3:1052-1061.
Kentsis et al. Discovery and validation of urine markers of acute pediatric appendicitis
using high accuracy mass spectrometry. Ann Emerg Med. 2010;55(1):62-70.
Kentsis et al. Detection and diagnostic value of urine leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein
(LRG) in children with suspected acute appendicitis. Ann Emerg Med 2012;60:78-83.
Kentsis et al. Autocrine activation of the MET receptor tyrosine kinase in acute myeloid
leukemia. Nature Medicine 2012; 18:1118-22.
Kentsis et al. Urine proteomics for discovery of improved diagnostic markers and
therapeutic targets of Kawasaki disease. EMBO Mol Med 2013;5:210-20.
Please send inquiries and resume to principal investigator. College transcripts
and 3 letters of reference will be needed upon request.
Job Function: Research technician and laboratory manager
Additional Details: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is one of the top cancer
research centers in the world, and part of the Tri-Institutional research campus
comprised of Rockefeller University and Weill Cornell Medical College on the Upper
East Side of Manhattan.
Lab Website:
Application Method: Please apply by email to laboratory principal investigator:


I väntrummet på S:t Lars är vi jämlika. Människor, var­ken mer eller mindre. I psykakutens milt välkomnande ljus finns inga titlar. Fyllbultar och docenter, hemlösa, förgråtna tonårsbrudar, uppgivna medelålderskrisar och stinkande gubbar. Där sitter vi i trådslitna fåtöljer. Ofta ensamma. Oftast ensamma. De unga tjejerna har ibland med sig en väninna som stöttar och tröstar. Rik


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