Thirteen years experience in computer systems and network analysis, design and administration on a wide varietyof server and workstation systems. Hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of UNIX, networking, VoIP,languages, databases, architectures, training and day-to-day operations. Emphasis on problem solving, innovativeanalysis and design. Brings an end-to-end perspective to all work.
• Authored and presented full day VoIP tutorial and seminars at universities and technical conferences including USENIX ATC, LISA, SANE & Linx Kongress.
• Publicized columns for the popular worldwide USENIX ;login: magazine • Participated in Open Source projects including Asterisk and NetBSD • Proficiency in UNIX, networking protocols, shell scripting, LAMP Leonid Consulting, LLCSenior Consulting Engineer Leonid is a software firm that specializes in VoIP provisioning, business workflow management and fraud detectionfor telco environments. My responsibilities includes deployment scheduling, liaison between deployment team anddevelopment.
• Instituted the use of Cloud Computing for dev and QA, managed deployments with automated configuration • Developed various scripts for LAMP products on provisioning and CDR auditing and lead the visual device Avaya is a global leader in communication systems, applications and services. As a post sales engineer, my primaryfocus was to provide bill-able service, technical leadership and liaison for partner design solution concerns.
• As resident UNIX guru, supported Interactive Response, Voice Portal environments including VXML, Text- ToSpeech, Automatic Speech Recognition, Apache Tomcat and IBM WebSphere application servers on Linuxand Solaris platforms.
• Originated Voice Portal virtualization using Xen to support QA, and to replicate customer environments.
Expanded documentation on self-serviced system backup, restore and upgrade procedures to mitigate Avaya’ssupport effort.
Canadian Imperial Bank of CommerceSr. Infrastructure Engineer As a senior infrastructure engineer, my primary responsibilities involved level 4-5, compliance support of CIBC’s600+ UNIX servers amongst 4 data centers.
• Developed scripts to automate security audit initiatives, over 20000 accounts reconciled across 600+ UNIX • Introduced various CMT (configuration management test) scripts to ensure server compliance to security and • Recommended best practice for Solaris virtualization to simplify and consolidate UAT and test environment used by multiple lines of business, participated as UNIX guru in various DR and SAN migration exercises.
SOMA Networks delivers broadband wireless access solutions to service providers and carriers worldwide. SOMAhas offices located in Toronto, Ottawa, San Francisco, Dallas, Delhi and Singapore.
As a senior member of the IT Group, I managed a medium size team of UNIX, network, desktop administra-tors, responsible for the global operation of our four data centers and office environments. My core duties involvedmaking technical and strategic decisions to fulfill business requirements, hiring and managing contractors, main-taining budget and vendor relationships.
• Managed the network topology of the SOMA’s wireless last mile product to a successful launch in a customer • Designed, implemented and maintained data and voice networks between six corporate offices (redundant LAN/WAN), managed corporate Internet presence - email, web and B2B. Standardized corporate serverarchitecture on Sun hardware, including backup strategy and business resumption plan.
• Executed the installation of networking, voice, security and electrical for four new corporate offices, including the construction of the three corporate data centers. All moves went smoothly with no business impact.
• Supervised a team of application developers, network/voice engineers and launched a scalable self-served voice-mail and conference platform. Leveraged VoIP and expanded a legacy Nortel Option 11C system withenhanced functionality from Asterisk IP PBX.
ATI Technologies Inc. (now AMD)Systems Engineer • Established a framework based on MRTG for gathering data from network equipment, servers and work- stations for performance analysis. Implemented auto-alerting mechanism, enabling quicker convergence toproblem identification.
• Implemented a jumpstart infrastructure to handle server refresh and new installations.
installation script to fulfill engineering requirements.
Ryerson UniversityComputer Service Consultant As a part-time employment at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, my responsibility was to provide assistanceto the lead system adminstrators in accomplishing UNIX administrative tasks. It included support for 30+ Linuxworkstations and Solaris servers, evaluation of engineering and back-office support application, as well as supportfor faculty staff and expansion of computing facilities.
2000 Bachelor of Engineering: ElectricalRyerson University, Faculty of EngineeringThesis project: GPS Navigation tool (based on Rockwell chipset)Written in C & Tk • Member of Professional Engineers of Ontario



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