SEPTEMB ER 3, 2013
T he meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Persons present were Paul Hoff, Bert Kinzler and Marilyn Olson. Jim Erpelding and Rick Jacobson were absent. Also present were Anna Kiser and Anita Guests were: Matt Dreschel, Richard Pachel, Dave and Linda Lerfald, Stan & Betty Klug, Michelle Jevne, Greg Blum, Susan Barrett and T ed T rochman. Bob Schlieman from Apex Engineering T he agenda was approved by motion of Kinzler, second by Olson. T he minutes for the regular meeting and the public hearing held on September 19 were both approved by motion of Olson, second by Paul informed those present that the issue regarding closing what is known as Centennial Ave West is on the agenda as item VII b. Michelle Jevne was recognized. She informed those present that all the adjoin land owners have indicated that they would be interested in purchasing the property if an acceptable price could be attained. Ms. Jevne informed those present that there was no parcel attached to the road right of way, nor is there a deed on record. She questions how the city can say the area in question is a road. Paul informed her that the city attorney concurs that the land can be sold. Ms. Jevne is requesting that the lots be reassessed as they were originally assessed in the ‘80’s and were assumed to be flat lots. She is also concerned that 33' for a road, as it is now, would not be sufficient; the gravel would wash out into the wetland. People would actually be driving on private property. Paul informed those present that if the road opened it would be maintained as a minimum road. T he following bills were approved by motion of Olson, second by Kinzler. Ann informed the council that in researching the CT AS (accounting program) she would be purging the records from 2000-2006. All records will be backed up on a CD before the purge. Hopefully this will enable the program to run more efficiently. She also reminded the council of the community service project which is scheduled for Sunday Ann informed the council that she had heard from Brad Leitch regarding the bill that was sent for tree removal. He informed her that he wasn’t going to pay it has the notice should be 10 days from when he receives the notice, not 10 days from the date of the notice as stated. T he bill will be resent if not paid within the 30 days as stated on the statement. Ann has sent the general and fire fund budgets and will send the remaining fund budgets to the Streets, Lighting, Parks, & Recreation (Hoff, Erpelding) Paul opened the floor to the residents who attended regarding the closing of a portion of Betty Klug again indicated that the adjoining property owners were interested in purchadsing the land in question. She asked about the legality of selling the land in question. She also wanted the value of the land reassessed to be more accurate to its worth. Michelle stated that no adjustments were ever made; also, that the travel surface of the road is not in the ROW. Susan asked how much the lots were originally sold for. Linda stated that the lots were Paul will talk to the county about assessing and will look at the old records. Another item the residents were concerned with was a guarantee by the city that if the property were sold that it would not be used (taken) by the city in the future. Another question, was why only two options; either the road is open or it’s closed. Is there another option that could be considered? Betty then presented a signed petition to close the road. Paul informed those present that their questions would be looked into, however the final decision would have to be in the best interest of the entire city. T he street would remain closed until the T he issue of repairing pot holes which are on private property adjacent to city streets came up. Paul and Ann are both looking into policies or ordinances that may address this. Ann will check Ordinance #45 to see if it is addressed. Ann informed the council that Hamer Enterprises will be handling auto pays/credit & debit cards Aaron Meyer from Rural Water and George Minerich from MDH stopped to discuss that update on the Well Head Protection Plan with Ann and Paxton. T he current plan expires in 2016 and a new one will have to be approved. We will begin working on it in 2013 and 2014. Bob Schlieman gave the city an update on the extension project. He handed out a preliminary schedule. He also had sent a copy of the engineering agreement by e-mail. Ann will forward it to the council members. Kris has a copy and was asked to review it. Bob stated that MnDot may require a bond for the project. He did check and the City of Underwood doesn’t have one on file with them. T he exact amount won’t be known until next year, but generally it is in the $5-25,000 range and the cost is A motion by Kinzler, second by Olson was approved to authorize the preparation of plans and specifications for the utility expansion project. Personnel & Safety (Olson, Erpelding) A motion by Olson, second by Kinzler to hire Ryan Kiser as of August 15, 2013 at $7.25 as a Zoning (Kinzler, Hoff, Lind, Olson, Jacobson) Ann informed the council that the current zoning map will have to be updated as none of the annexations indicated land use. T his will require a public hearing. She has a map and will up-date and After some discussion, a motion by Olson, second by Kinzler was approved to adopt Resolution #0913-1the proposed levy for 2014. Roll Call Vote: Paul Hoff---Aye; Bert Kinzler --- Aye; Marilyn Olson --- Aye; Jim Erpelding --- Absent; Rick Jacobson --- Absent. RESO LUTIO N #0913-1
BE IT RESO LVED, by the City Council of the City of Underwood, County of Otter T ail, State of
Minnesota, that the following sums of money be levied and collected in the year 2014, upon taxable property in the City of Underwood, for the following purposes: Adopted by the City Council of Underwood, Minnesota on this the 3rd day of September 2013. _____________________________________ AT T EST : ________________________________ Paul informed the council that he would check into what ot her small cities are doing as far as joining the Economic Development Partnership. Bert stated that Stalker Sportsman Club is planning on replacing the boat dock in the spring of As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Kinzler/Olson ____________________________________AT T EST : _________________________________



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