anti-oxidant vitamin face, neck and decolletè treatment intense and nourishing with cloudberry and canola oil, rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it deeply neutralizes free radicals, restructures and detoxifying and draining action due to the active ingredients in thesoft monticelli thermal mud, enriched with mineral salt thermal waters collagen anti-aging fruit acids treatment a deep yet delicate treatment that stimulates cell regeneration aromatherapeutic, both deeply hydrating and oxygenating, combined and visibly reduces wrinkles and skin defects. gives the skin an with a special relaxation technique inspired by ancient egyptian rituals.
carnitine and caffeine have an exceptional action on eliminating fatty the face regains its glow and tone thanks to the synergy of essential deposits and improving blood flow to the skin. the hot and cold effect oils and lavender, iris, lily and rose aromatic flower extracts.
increases blood circulation to the areas being treated, stimulatingtissue function and the elimination of toxins. has both a reducing bilberry instant relief treatmenta gentle treatment specifically formulated to relieve redness and couperose. it leaves the complexion fresh and glowing. recommended enriched with pearl powder and active natural ingredients, it due to the combined action of an exclusive re-oxygenating greatly increases skin luminosity and provides a deep oxygenating complex and brindleberry extract, it reduces adiposity (fatty tissue) and cellulite, providing great tone and elasticity.
detoxifying treatment with marine sediment for visible results in contrasting dark spots and uneven complexion.
rebalancing and detoxifying, revitalizes metabolism, deeply purifies complete deep cleansing treatment that leaves the skin feeling fresh enriched with pearl powder and active natural ingredients, it contrasts and velvety. perfect for all skin types.
hyperpigmentation and skin oxidation.
re-oxygenating and reducing action with essential oils and active deep cleansing recommended for problematic skin types. leaves the natural principles that work in synergy, stimulating the elimination of toxins accumulated in body tissues, restoring body tone, lightness relaxes eyes, reduces puffiness and small wrinkles. nourishes, tropical fruit treatment for impure skins [also with comfortsauna and pressotherapy] elasticizes and tones the area around the eyes.
an intense treatment with tropical fruit extracts for removing impuritiesand for remineralizing and nourishing facial tissue. the face regains nourishing and elasticizing eye and neck treatment based on laminaria algae, accelerates metabolism to reduce fatty extraordinary synergy of active principles and specific manual tissue and cellulite, aiding toxin removal. the body is left feeling techniques that restore tone, elasticity and hydration to the eye and with marine algae to deeply purify and remineralize. recommended [above treatments may be combined with a face treatment] for skins lacking tone and hydration.
30 minute gentle and delicate cleansing, for all skin types.
anti-oxidant replenishing replumping treatment deep action that leaves the skin feeling more elastic and toned with extra care and beauty for the lips and lip contour. due to kamani oil that stimulates collagen synthesis and anti-free radical the synergy of rose and fruit extracts, it visibly reduces small walnut extract. firms the skin and encourages deep relaxation.
wrinkles, replenishes and replumps the lips.
[also with comfortsauna amd water cocoon] 24 hr deep hydrating treatmentgives exceptional nutrition and hydration due to the synergy of trehalose, mineral salts, betaglucan, honey and hibiscus extracts.
stretchmarks treatment with illipè butter recommended for particularly dehydrated skin caused by stress, excessive sun exposure, air conditioned areas, pollution and frequentair travel.
actively restores tissue firmness due to its elasticizing and toning active principles. protects and nourishes the skin, aids in the preventionof stretchmarks.
firming treatment with essential oils and marine algae based on native collagen, specifically for dry, dehydrated and depleted remodels, firms and tones tissue thanks to anti-aging active principles skin. restores hydration, elasticity and tone to the skin.
that provide elasticity and protection. reduces feeling of heaviness relieves states of tension and stress. the skin is left toned and and gently aids in the prevention of stretchmarks.
smooth while creating an intense state of physical and mental gives compactness and skin elasticity to the delicate area of the bust.
the freeze-dried marine algae guarantees a hydrating and lenitive exceptional anti-aging action thanks to the synergy of elasticizing nourishing treatment with vegetable extracts action. the collagen and elastin fibres endow the epidermis with a retinol, hydrating and firming hyaluronic acid, filling lacto-proteins.
contains fresh pumpkin cells, tomato extracts, vitamin B1, B2, C that visibly reduces wrinkles and has a draining effect on tissues. thanks give deep tissue nourishment, with an effective anti-free radical action, to an exclusive massage technique, it provides an intense sense of leaving the skin toned and revitalized.
relaxes and reactivates body energy. by stimulating the feet and using due to the synergy of vegetal extracts, antioxidants and vitamins, a delicate massage technique, it restores well-being.
it deeply nourishes the delicate bust tissues, restoring tone andelasticity.
holistic shiatsu rebalances mental and physical energy and alleviates muscular delicate epilatory treatment ideal for sensitive skin types wih natural softening and protective principles such as water lily extract, jojoba, stimulates hair growth adding nourishing and strengthening elements.
almond and wheat germ oil. leaves the skin feeling silky smooth andpleasantly scented.
75 minutes of extraordinary treatment that performs a detoxifying, relaxing and draining action. with its natural essences and the efficacy of an intense massage with heated basalt stones, this treatment leaves the tisses elasticized and toned.
delicate areas (face, underarm, bikini, arms)back epilation effective treatment series for reactivating the correct functioning of lymphatic and vein circulation. recommended for problems of cellulitestasis, fluid retention, oedematous conditions, swelling and heavinessof the lower limbs. the tissues are completely drained and the body is left feeling lighter and more agile.
with a purifying, relaxing and re-energizing effect.
with its sweet and delicate ingredients it has a draining effect with a draining, relaxing and purifying effect.
of extreme efficacy, tested at medical-university level, this technology and relieves joint tension by reducing swelling and heaviness.
is the most advanced in remodelling and reducing fatty tissue.
with purifying, detoxifying and relaxing effect.
a synergy of products and manual treatments that help regain tone, calidarium pleasant turkish bath with an exfolliating and smoothing purification and intense relaxation.
actionaromashower fresh shower with mint essential oils alternated with a warm shower rich in maracuja essential oils, both energizing and to maximize the benefits of the treatment, tones, deeply nourishes laconicum ancient roman sauna, both relaxing and detoxifying aroma pool warm bathing pool in stone that aids relaxation witharomatherapy and chromotherapyrelax area with chromotherapy has a rebalancing and relaxing post specific treatments and programs for menbody, face, hair, anti-stress green cleansing active refreshing cleansing treatment. algae mineralizing active remineralizing and toning treatment.
an ideal treatment for conferring a golden yet subtle tan. it leaves hydra restoring active moisturizing and elasticizing treatment.
the skin with a natural, glowing sun color. it soothes and restructures energy mud muscle relaxing and re-energizing treatment.
reducing mud fatty tissue reducing treatment.
de-stress hot stone massage deep de-stress massage.
aromasoul ritual massageswith flower, fruit and natural extract essential oils vital hair and scalp stimulating massage treatment, nourishes and mediterranean has a draining and revitalizing effect strengthens hair and releases neck and shoulder tension.
vital foot foot massage treatment that relaxes and revitalizes.
your choice: one skin, body and special treatment with a herbal tea hands and feet ritual with tiarè blossom intense relaxation, care and tonification.
and light brunch. [10% product bonus on the entire program].
an exotic treatment inspired by an ancient polynesian rite for bestowing well-being to hands and feet. with its exfoliating, hydrating and relaxes and rebalances energy levels.
refreshing action, it restores suppleness and hydration to tired handsand feet, leaving the skin pleasantly perfumed.
can be combined with manicure or pedicure on request.
deep, intense, favouring the reduction of fatty tissues.
specifically designed to drain tissue and reduce lymphatic problems.


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