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Below is the introduction of an essay analyzing the solutions to a common skin
disorder, acne. Write the

all the relevant
. You may add your own ideas and examples. Do not lift the
sentences directly. (100 pts.)
Severe skin problems tormented me throughout my adolescence. It started with pimples andblackheads. Then, as I tried to scrub them hard with soap or to squeeze them, they got evenworse. I ended up with a face full of acne and red, swollen blemishes. The doctor put me onRetin A, a cream that helps unplug oil ducts, and Minocycline, a kind of oral antibiotic.
Minocycline turned out to be harmful for my liver, so I switched to Tetracycline, which Iused twice a day for 5 months until the blemishes cleared up.
Darren Hayes, 25, pop singer The different forms of benzonyl peroxide are the most effective medications available to helpkill bacteria, unplug oil ducts and heal acne. I mostly prescribe a combination of benzonylperoxide and an oral antibiotic. In general, I think, liquid and solution forms of medicationsare less irritating than creams and gels. If the patient's skin cannot tolerate the medicine, Iadvice them to wash it off after about 10 minutes.
Dr. Fleur Nightingale, dermatologist I rub watermelon rind and cucumber on my acne. I also drink lukewarm water with 2 spoonsof honey every morning on an empty stomach. I always wash my face with cold water and amild cleanser made of natural substances such as Aloe Vera. I also apply one pea-size dose ofRetin A before going to bed. This cream is the most effective cure for inflammatory acne. Mydermatologist says that if I use an oral antibiotic like Minocycline or Tetracycline, my skinwill improve much sooner in about 5 months.
Nicole Simpleton, 21, university student HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE
Acne, a common problem affecting many people, is brought about by oil clogging thepores in the skin. It is characterized by red, swollen skin blemishes or pimples. Thisproblem commonly begins during puberty because of the increase in hormones,especially male hormones, which causes the skin to produce more oil. It can alsooccur due to stress, allergic reactions to some substances, smoking and junk food.
Acne is not only irritating and itchy, but also quite painful.Therefore, especiallyteenagers and women try several methods to get rid of these blemishes. The threemost commonly proposed solutions to this skin problem are medical treatment,natural remedies and a healthy diet.
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