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Mukhtar S Haider, MD
103 Laconia Street Lexington, MA 02420 Home: 1-781-652-9539 Cell: 1-609-775-7756

Professional Overview:

Seasoned Pharmaceutical business professional with successful track record, with 19 years of Sales,
Marketing and General Management
experience in several strategic global Pharmaceutical markets
including Asia, Europe, South America and United States.
This diversified experience includes organizational restructuring, team building, portfolio
rationalization and strategy setting, alignment of distribution channels, negotiating business
agreements for products, managing Joint Venture, introducing system and procedures for both
corporate compliance and robust deliverables.
Demonstrated in-depth skills in people management with proven ability to manage cross culturally
along with great acumen of cultural sensitivity. Identified and lead strategic change in management,
setting measurable objectives for team.
Successfully managed the business through economic crises (Asian crisis, 1997, and Turkey, 2001)
and maintained the profitability. Experienced in working closely with manufacturing operations for
timely product availability and supported in manufacturing process for overall efficiency.
Lead the Global full development team, strategically for new product, from early phase 3 planning,
and received approval from the senior management on brand strategy based on business opportunity
identification and launch plan development.
Core competency lies in strong leadership with ability to lead decisively, build result oriented team,
have ability to analyze complex business issues, and strategize the outcome.
Strong commitment to invest in development of high potential employees through personal
coaching, developing through support and exposing to challenging assignments.

Pharmaceutical Career History:
June 08- till to date
Full time Management Consultant for Global projects,
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

2006 –2008
Vice President, Global Commercial Operation
Bristol Myers Squibb Medical Imaging, Billerica, MA, USA

2005 – 2006
General Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb, Mexico

2003 - 2005
General Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb, Korea

2002 – 2003
Vice President & Brand Champion
Global Marketing
Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
1999 – 2002 General Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb, Turkey
1997 – 1999 General Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb, Indonesia

1992 – 1997
Director Marketing, Sales & Medical Affairs
Bristol Myers Squibb Pakistan & Export markets
(Bangladesh, Srilanka & Nepal)

1988 – 1992
Medical Director
Bristol Myers Squibb

Clinical Career History:
1979 – 1988
Hospital Appointments / Chest Specialist, Lahore, Pakistan
NHS Hospitals in England & Scotland, UK ( 5 years ) Baqai University Hospitals, Karachi, Pakistan (2 yrs )
Professional Experience:
Management Consultant June 2008 till to date
Bristol-Myers Squibb,
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

• Working as a full time management consultant for Bristol Myers Squibb. Projects includes: - Trade Working Capital Projects: Ongoing. Three years plan. - MJN IPO Project. Completed. - 2010-13 Company wide productivity initiatives.

Vice President,

Global Commercial Operation,
Bristol Myers Squibb,
Medical Imaging
Billerica, MA

• Joined Medical Imaging division as Vice President for international business in February 2006 and was promoted to Vice President, Global Commercial Operation in August 2006. • Responsibilities included global commercial activities for annual revenue of over $650 million. Functions reporting were US Inline Marketing, US Sales and Global marketing responsible for pipe line product and commercialization. International operation reported through business unit which included EU, Latin America and Canada and Asia Pacific. • Life cycle management of existing product and budgeting with forecasting. • Chairperson for the Marketing Operating committee (MOC) to review the brand plans of the marketed products and commercialization plans of the pipeline products • Co-Chair the Research Development Operating Committee (RDOC) with the Vice President of R&D to review and monitor the progress of the clinical programs for the pipeline products. • Responsible to review the pre-clinical and clinical data at different stages of development and make appropriate resource investment recommendations to management. • Member of the select team to develop strategic options for the Medical Imaging Division as a major product loses its exclusivity by mid 2008. • Member of the Executive Committee of Medical Imaging Division providing leadership to the
General Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb,
Mexico City, Mexico

• Directly responsible of Pharma business with annual revenue of $260 million, with host responsibility for Mead Johnson & Convatac, with annual revenue of $250 million. • Provided support services to 3 manufacturing units for Pharma and Nutritional products. Host services included Finance, Human Resources, Legal and other support function. • Inducted a new leadership team committed to highest level of integrity and compliance to BMS business standard. 80% of the operating committee was newly inducted. • Reorganized Pharma business into three major business units -mature products, strategic products and OTC portfolio. Prepared new strategic plans and approved reflecting the portfolio shift. • Introduced new process and SOPs in order to streamline the decision making and minimized the risk of compliance violations resulting in a clean financial audit in 2006. • Allowed for strong OTC business performance with improved channel management and effective media campaign with introduction of new advertisement campaigns at prime time. Picot and Tempra were ranked among the top product in their therapeutic class. • Implemented a promotional campaign to extend the life cycle of 70 years old mature brand, Penetrexyl, an antibiotic, to improve its profitability and growth. The action plan included launch of new SKU with improved cost.
General Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb,
Seoul, Korea

• Restructured the leadership team and aligned the organization to newly launched corporate strategy which focused on ten disease areas and high value primary care provider. This included induction of four new members to the operating team and six departmental heads as part of global business synergy. • Phase-out approach was used to implement the business unit concept for focus approach and creating synergies and business alignment between sales and marketing. • Reviewed product portfolio and completed exit plan for non-profitable products from promotion, resulted in investment in key products and its optimization. • Restructured sales force, and improved the coverage of high value customers by right sizing • Developed and implemented the Taxol defense plan against the low priced generic product, stopped market share erosion, and maintained the leading product position at market place. • Successfully managed the co-promotion Plavix through Joint Ventures. Plavix continued a double digit growth and became 3rd largest product in Korea. • Launched HIV product in a niche market with high returns on investment through targeted • Developed in house sales data collection system and implemented to monitor sales representative performance. Important achievement in the absence of reliable third party data. • Developed and implemented wholesalers inventory tracking system for effective inventory management which has been highlighted as weakness of the organization. • Aggressive Sales and profitability targets were submitted and achieved with endorsement by
Vice President & Brand Champion

Global Marketing
Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton,

• Global Brand Champion for Entecavir, a new molecule in Phase III for the treatment of • Responsible for the development of vision, strategies and plans for the successful global • Worked closely with the Development Champion in PRI (Pharmaceutical institute of Research) for development of clinical program to support the life cycle of the product. • Developed Country specific clinical program to focus the special regulatory requirement in • Lead the Global Marketing of Entecavir for to define Positioning, Trade name selection, Global Branding, Market Segmentation, Global Pricing and Reimbursement strategy, Publication Plan and pre-launch and Launch plans for key markets. • Co-Lead the Full Development team with cross functional representation from clinical, market research, regulatory, technical operation , pricing , global marketing and regional operation. • Initiated new business working model by FDT to ensure regional participation in all decision making and was later adopted by all other FDT’s. • Member of the Strategic team responsible to develop/ recommend the Performance Management segment of the Marketing Excellence, a standard tool used by Corporate for all brand planning and discussion.
General Manager

Bristol Myers Squibb,
Istanbul, Turkey

• Exceeded both sales and profitability targets for both years, turn around of affiliate into • During tenure as General Manager, led continued growth at BMS Turkey confirming the benefits of right sizing and restructuring of the business. • Managed the financial crisis of 2001 successfully through timely implementation of system for inventory control and cash collection. BMS Turkey was awarded President’s award. • Developed a winning leadership team through leadership development and cross functional rotation within the organization. Senior position were filled by high potential candidates from Human Resources, Finance, Medical, Marketing and Sales through this rotational program. • Developed and implemented sales forecasting and production planning tool for effective inventory management during high inflation and currency devaluation period. • Successfully implemented innovative Taxol defense plans against generic launch and was able to grow the Taxol sales, maintaining profitability despite discounts and commissions. • Successfully managed JV relationship to launch Plavix with co promotion partners. Sales of Plavix in Turkey during first twelve months ranked 5th within BMS worldwide sales behind USA, Germany, France and Spain. • Initiated and lead the negotiation with a German company for marketing rights of anti-
General Manager

Bristol Myers Squibb,
Jakarta, Indonesia

• Achieved sales and profitability targets for all the three years despite vibrant business climate due Asian financial crisis and during political crisis. • Successfully implemented leadership development programs and exported high quality managers for regional assignment. Three managers were selected for regional expatriate • Positions during my tenure as General Manager while two were posted at a later stage. These included two country managers, one regional finance director and one country finance director. • Developed and implemented both short term strategy for the business challenge during financial crisis and long term strategy for continued business growth. • Negotiated and adopted innovative alternates to avoid any exposures from all distributors when bank guarantees were not available during economic crisis. • Used successful business model and timely implementation of strategies, achieved continued • Led significant development in order to achieve corporate objective of 100% subsidiary status and delisting of two local listing of stock exchange markets. • Successfully conducted and completed all legal requirements of local listing including the General Body Share holders meeting for two years. • Participated in key productivity initiatives with Mead Johnson and Technical operations during Asian Financial crisis and achieved “Zero” complaints status for the host service provided by medicine group.

Director Marketing, Sales & Medical Affairs

Bristol Myers Squibb & Export markets
(Bangladesh, Srilanka & Nepal)
Karachi, Pakistan

• Successfully restructured sales and marketing and lead a high performing team which was reflected in the improved IMS ranking of BMS from 15th in 1988 to 7th in 1997. • Re-launched Velosef which became highest ranking product of the industry in 1996. • Initiated BMS business in Srilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal by getting product registered as import from business by using distributors sales force model. • Successfully challenged the regulatory authorities working with corporate legal department for several years against tariff barrier to cephradine raw material import when locally manufactured material became available.
Medical Director

Bristol Myers Squibb
Karachi, Pakistan

• Developed and established the medical department being the first medical doctor to be appointed. Developed systems and procedure for promotional material review, medical training for sales and marketing and approval of clinical trial approval. • Participated in all brand development meeting to provide the medical input to marketing • Supervised all product registration and pricing approval by maintaining a professional and cordial relationship with ministry of health and regulatory agency. • Introduced the concept of medical marketing and actively participated in all activities for it successful acceptance by sales and marketing. • Assumed marketing responsibilities for cardiovascular franchise in 1991 and successfully launched Capoten for broader indication and usage. Capoten became the fastest growing product of the company despite the availability of low price generic products. Awards, Assignments and other Distinctions:
1989 Received BMS Business Unit Achievement Q/P Award for BMS Pakistan as a
member of the management team. This was the highest award to be given on worldwide basis in Squibb before it merged to become Bristol Myers Squibb. 1992 Leader of the winning team of BMS Q/P Innovation Award for “Repositioning of
1993 Member of the Global marketing task force for Capoten and participated in the
Development and implementation of Capoten life cycle management plan 1998 Received President’s Award for Indonesia on the development of Score Card, a
comprehensive tool to monitor the performance of an operation during financial crisis. 1999 Member of the Global Development Team for Lobucavir, a new molecule for
1999 Received Outstanding Achievement Award for Indonesia for best BUC
Achievement versus budget within APMESA region. 1999 Outstanding Achievement Award for Indonesia for best new OTC
TV commercial within APMESA region. 2000 Received two President’s Award for BMS Turkey for Inventory Deployment
2000 Received Outstanding Achievement Award for Turkey for Best Sales
Achievement versus budget within APMESA region. 2000 Received Outstanding Achievement Award for Turkey for Best BUC
Achievement versus budget within APMESA region. 2001 Was selected by BMS to participate in two years ADP (Accelerated Development
Development) for high potential manager in executives grades. 2002 Received President’s Award for BMS Turkey for management of Financial
2004 Received Best Performance and Best Growth Achievement award for BMS Korea.
2005 Received President’s award for 'Mature Brand Strategy' and “Award of Distinction “for
Education Background:
Welsh National School of Medicine, UK DTCD 1978

Personal Details:
• Citizenship : USA / Pakistan citizenship


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