C L A S S I C C E L L U L A R N U T R I T I O N F1 – Shake Fiber & Herb
Multivitamin Substitution for F4 F5 – tablets
complex - tablets Capsules - Omega369
REDUCING REGIME – is regulation of body weight down (about 5 kg a month). Shake F1 substitutes two daily
meals, the best are breakfast and dinner (Shake is a "liquid meal"). It is recommended to use Fiber & herb tablets and
F5 about half an hour before meal or Shake because they reduce appetite. Use other tablets closely before meal. The
best is one light warm meal at noon that shouldn´t contain sausages and over-supply of sugar and fat. Keep away
from minifood (chips, crackers etc.) and sweet drinks, liquor (stops reducing of weight for 3-5 days), beer (is caloric
rich) and to limit caffeine drinks (they drain organism – instead of them we recommend Guarana tablets). We recom-
mend combination with Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate that supports the process of lipolysis (fat fission) and
supports especially body shaping for maximization of reducing effect. Next special fibre PSYLLIUM is a suitable
supplement to Shake.
REGENERATIV REGIME – without reducing of body weight; though mostly people lose weight 1 up 2 kg. If even
this small weight loss is undesirable we recommend replace by Shake F1 not two but only one meal. If there is some
Shake left after 30 days you can consume it single without tablets. The tablets are used just before meals. For better
organism cleansing we recommend to combine cellular nutrition with herbal drink of aloe vera – Herbal Aloe Concen-
REALIMENTATION REGIME – is regime of building muscle mass. Drink 3x daily Shake F1 (25g powder for one
serving) to common daily food (at least 3 meals a day) and use all the adittional tablets (Fiber & Herb, Multivitamin,
F4 and F5)
. If there isn´t for example regeneration after long time lasting illness etc. it is necessary to exercise
intensively. The use of cellular nutrition in this regime is recommended to be completed by adding of three Shakes F1
to the set of cellular nutrition. Then the product can be used in the recommended dosage.
Mix (preferably by an electric mixer) one level spoonful (cca. 9g) into 0,2 l of favourite liquid preferably into low fat milk.
You can also use water, juice, white or fruit yoghurt, fat-extracted curd etc. You can also stir up Shake in milk and mix
in white yoghurt. Mind the fact that about 40 % of adult the population has not enzymes needed to digest milk already
and that is why they can´t use milk for preparation of Shake. Mind the additional caloric intake especially at Reduction
regime (fruit juice and fruit like bananas, table grapes etc.). It is recommended to add a special fibre PSYLLIUM into
Shake for limitation of feeling of hunger – more information see at www.hl.cz
- children up to 4 years - only F1 in quantity of 0,11g of Shake x weight of the child in kg
- children from 4 up to 8 years - 1/3 of dose for adults (tablets only 1x daily)
- children from 8 up to 12 years - 2/3 of dose for adults (tablets only 2x daily)
- children above 12 years – full dose like for adults
It is recommended to start with a third of dose, after 3-5 days if you feel well to increase on two thirds and after other
3-5 days to apply full dose for adults. Lowered dose means e.g. 1/3 – tablets are used only 1x not 3x daily; dosage of
Shake is the same.
Tablets are used as one piece – it´s not suitable to cut or chew them. If that bothers you the size of tablets order the
crusher of tablets (CZK 125,-). Tablets should be taken 3 times a day (excluding the above exceptions). The rest of
product remaining after 30 days you can use up next month of course. If you forget to take tablets e.g. in noon it is
necessary to take even those forgotten in the evening because it is needed to keep the daily dose of all tablets. It is
necessary to drink down every tablet at least with 0,2 l of liquid. Besides this quantity it is needed to increase markedly
intake of liquids, at least for 3 litres daily, especially in the first week. It is because of increased levels of harmful
pollutants that are released from the gastrointestinal tract through the body and are excreted by urine, especially in the
first days of cure – so-called Detoxication. If there is a long-term diseased person you can start with 1/3 of dose and
increase it gradually like at older people. If the client uses any medicines regularly it is necessary to consult it
with a physician before start of cure
– you can find composition of the products on our websites www.hl.cz
Before using of the Cellular nutrition there is necessary a consultation with a doctor at persons who are treated with oral antidiabetics, diuretics and antihypertensives. People suffering from diseases of heart, liver, gastric ulcers, people after cerebral apoplexy and pregnant and nursing women should also consult it with a doctor before usage. The product is not suitable for people with celiac disease, lactose intolerance and those allergic to bee products.

Source: http://eshop.alfafit.cz/_obchody/letaky/en/herbalife_classic_cellular_nutrition.pdf


2001 No. 3386 NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE, ENGLAND The National Health Service (General Medical Services)The Secretary of State for Health, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 29 and 126(4) of the National Health Service Act 1977( a ) hereby makes the following Regulations— Citation, commencement and extent 1. —(1) These Regulations may be cited as the National Healt

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