IDX Manager
Getting Started
Before you begin setting up links in the IDX Manager, it would benefit you to be familiar with setting up and selecting a listing report and business card. All of these items will be needed to create an IDX link. Also, if you plan to use the Registration option (Step 6, requiring a consumer to log in to a portal) on your website, you will need to have your Portal Preferences set up beforehand. Create an IDX Link
When you are ready to create a new link, click New to
begin. Start by creating a name for your link, and use
the drop-down list to select the type of link.

As you make selections, the remaining steps will
adjust according to what you have chosen. For
example, if you select a My Listings type of link,
no options will be available in Step 2, because no
search options need to be selected for that type
of link. For other links, in Step 2 select from the drop-down list which search template you’d like to use. At the right,
review the criteria, and make changes as needed using the link marked Change.
On Step 3, customize the display options for your IDX link. Use the drop-down list to select a type of report from your saved reports, and select the Listing view, which determines the columns of information that will display on the List tab of your search results page. Next, set your branding preferences.
Select whether you’d like a business
card, and which business card you
would like to include, then select the
edge of the page on which you’d like
the business card to appear. If you’d
like to customize the background color
of your page, click on the colored box marked Accent background color. From there, click to select a color, or if you
know the HTML color code for the precise color you’d like, enter it here.
Select the start position and tabs. Use the start
position drop-down list to select the initial view
for your link. Use the check boxes to select
which tabs, and which detail items beneath the
tabs, that you’d like to display. At any point in
the process, click (preview IDX search) to look
at your current selections in practice.
Final y, choose the point at which you would like website visitors to be asked to create a registered account. By default, a name and a valid e-mail address are required to set up an account – using the Portal Preferences page you can select additional required information. You may choose to prompt for registration before viewing a set of search results, before listing details are displayed, or after a set amount of time or number of searches or listings have been displayed. You have the option to allow your visitors to skip registration after the prompt. When you are happy with your selections, click the button marked
I’m Ready! Save This Link!
Manage IDX Links
When your link has been saved, it wil appear on the My Links tab. Using the columns of information on the My Links tab, review your current links. • Link Name – This is the name you selected when creating your link. Click on the link name to edit the link
Tiny Link – The tiny link shows the unique set of characters that appear at the end of your link address. Click on
the tiny link to preview the link with its current settings – to view the complete link address, click Get Link
Link Type – Review whether the link is a Quick Search, My Listings, or other type of IDX Link
Created – Review the date the IDX link was created
Get Link – Access the address for the direct link, the iframe link, and for
Saved Search or My Listings links, the Listing Widget link • Edit –Click to edit the link properties, including the type of link, default
Remove –Click to remove the selected link – a confirmation screen will appear before the link is removed
Menu Options
New - Create a new IDX link, as described in the section Create an IDX Link
Save - When using the Link Editor tab, the Save option appears in the menu - save your settings
Bulk Tools - Take action on selected listing using the drop-down list of bulk tools
Your Account - Make changes to your account billing or contact information
Settings - Change your default IDX settings here; for example, select a standard report type for a property type,
or select which tabs appear by default when creating a new link • Wizard – On the Link Editor page, click Wizard to create a new link for a
property type using your default IDX link settings as defined in the flexmls IDX settings Listing Widget
For Saved Search links and My Listing links, flexmls IDX also offers a format called the Listing Widget. The Listing Widget is a small frame that will highlight five listings at a time in a brief synopsis view. The listing Widget includes links to your IDX Portal, to the full set of listings, and to your contact information. Installing the Link to your Website
To take the link from the IDX manager and place it on your website, you can copy and paste the ful link, accessible by
clicking Get Link. Some agents know and have the ability to set up and/or change hyperlinks within their websites. If
you do not know how to do this, you should contact your website provider or webmaster and let them know you want
to add some hyperlinks to your website.
Remember, once your personal website it set up with these links, there is no need for you to do anything on your site to maintain up-to-date information. As changes are made to the MLS system, those changes are automatically and instantly reflected on your links. You can edit your links (if you want to change a column or field) at anytime and those changes will also show on your site automatically. Congratulations! You are now ready to provide your prospects and clients with live, accurate data directly from your MLS system. If you experience difficulties in using the IDX Manager, please contact our support team at 888-525-4747.

Source: https://www.flexmls.com/files/2013/01/IDX-Manager.pdf


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