Community Design Workshop | March 23, 2013 Civic Center Design Principles
Each of the 14 tables at the Community Design Workshop produced maps and illustrations
envisioning the future of the civic center, as well as a list of design principles for the area. These design principles are listed by table below. Principles
• Destination places (music, art, green…) • Accessible for all – walk, bike, car • Community gathering (concepts: farmers’ market, Halloween parade) • Positive encouragement for property owners (carrot not stick) • Multiple choices for activities—close together We want to create a people-friendly destination that meets our daily needs, is green, beautiful, and attractive to diverse people. We want a streetscape that is safe and accessible to all ways people move, and invites people to move around • Connect the Civic Center so it is walkable (street trees, lights, ped beacons • Encourage outdoor spaces for eating (e.g. at existing restaurants) and/or encouraging new development designed for people (e.g. close to the • Share parking (W. Stassney across street at Cherry Creek Shopping Center) • Use two redevelopments on N. side of Stassney to create anchors • Incorporate green spaces along pedestrian walkways • Vision idea: We want to connect the north and south sides of Stassney to create a welcoming place to meet and hang out with green and outdoor • Shared parking structure for destination shopping and dining • Connections—both physical and programmatic—through green spaces • Respect all by defining spaces (circulation of users): pedestrian, bike, auto • Respect neighborhood character (green spaces) by sharing infrastructure (auto)to encourage public space (third space) • Creating public spaces and art where people can gather, walk, and play • In the long-term, redeveloping properties with buildings moved closer to the • Redevelopment that protects and provides opportunities for local businesses • Integrate green infrastructure (swales, catchments, permeable pavers) into • SOMA – a place with a purpose/destination • Events – dedicated spaces (small performing spaces) • Public arts (sculptures, banners, music, murals, movies0 • Make it a place you want to go when you don’t have to • Take advantage of fact that civic uses bring people to center every day • Connecting the 4 corners and green spaces through a unified design (green • Repurposing the Cherry Creek shopping center with an iconic building • Patio area and walkways along Stassney west of Manchaca with unified • Change Library entrance/exit and add public space with amphitheater on the northwest corner of Stassney/Manchaca Access to buildings and open spaces from all directions • Safe and inviting for pedestrians and bikes • Access by all modes of transit (minimization of barriers) • Balance of leisure and business – mix of multi-generational uses • Keep S. Austin touches – art, music, culture, locally owned and grown • Green connections, e.g. outdoor central play/amphitheater “node,” e.g. • Better used outdoor spaces (rocks for seating, etc.) • Connect and increase the amount of green spaces; increase use of these spaces through programming and amenities • Reinvent the Cherry Creek development. Redesign with vertical mixed use and street frontages and internal streets • Increase walkability and access, with wider sidewalks, street trees, better • Shared parking in all four quadrants in order for patrons to be able to park • In addition and in concert with the shared parking there would be walking and biking pathways connecting all quadrants • Integrate Crockett Theater activities into a public performance space • 7 days a week, morning, afternoon, evening activities for everyone – music, • More outdoor amenities for congregating - face lift for existing Cherry Creek • Native, sustainable landscape –rainwater collecting • Bike rack within 100 feet of every business

Source: ftp://ftp.ci.austin.tx.us/npzd/Austingo/SAC_CivicCenterDesignPrinciples.pdf


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