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The Corsley Centre, Old School, Deep Lane, Corsley, Wiltshire BA12 7QF Tel: 01373 832 340 CASE HISTORIES – Babies & Toddlers COLIC - The Bowen Technique gives excellent
to stretch. She then fell asleep. Her mother rang results in relieving colic in babies under 4 months the therapist the next day to say that she had fed K. old, often with only one treatment. At 4 months of for the first time without having her vomit age, babies tend to suffer less from colic, but if it is afterwards and she seemed more settled. Since then she has had no recurrence of the problem. BREATHING DIFFICULTY
J. was four weeks old and suffering from severe S. was often unable to draw breath when crying, colic after meals which was distressing for him and even fainting and requiring artificial respiration on for his poor parents. During the Bowen treatment one occasion. He was given three treatments in a he seemed to relax completely. After this one short period of time. First, the therapist performed the moves on S.’s soft toys with him puffing. Then his mum tried her hand on him and finally he allowed the therapist to touch him while he performed a few of the gentle moves. After a year, This little girl had very bad colic. The midwife had there has been no recurrence of the problem. tried everything but she was still being sick half CHILDHOOD ASTHMA
way through the feed and at the end, she was displaying the classic sign of crunching her knees. She was taken to see Bowen practitioner Dawn T, aged 2 years, suffers with asthma. At her first Davies who administered the standard Bowen treatment she was very wheezy and had been treatment for colic, with her parents holding her. prescribed steroids, which her mother was After the treatment the baby was calmer (when she reluctant to use. Both parents smoke. The arrived she had been screaming). Dawn then gave wheezing reduced after the first treatment and has the baby her bottle and, much to the amazement of now disappeared, though there was a period of her parents, she took her feed with no problems and they phoned Dawn a week later to say the improved after 4 treatments, so much so that the baby had not looked back since and was now a school have commented on it. The steroids were discontinued before the first treatment. It is very difficult to treat a two-year-old child who is sitting SLEEPING PROBLEMS
and squirming on her mother’s knees. However, it seemed to work well despite those difficulties. M. was a fine, healthy baby weighing 7 lbs. After Normally, the child has had asthma attacks every 10 days, her mother rang the Bowen therapist to two weeks or so during the winter. She has had say that all was well but that the baby was sleeping all day and awake all night and she wondered if the therapist could do anything that might help to “My 2½ year old daughter has suffered from reorganise the baby’s body clock. The therapist asthma and also an over-production of mucus from visited them at home and gave M., who was birth. She has Ventolin and also Becotide on dozing, a Bowen treatment. That night she slept right through, apart from feeding, and was awake worsened and the GP advised restarting steroids at more during the day. She has continued to follow a higher dose. She took a severe reaction to steroids so we stopped them immediately. That week she received her first Bowen and has had PROJECTILE VOMITING
treatment once or twice a month since. She has not needed any medication since; she has a very slight period of wheezing occasionally which is managed K. was vomiting after every meal and was not with essential oils. It has been a remarkable absorbing her food. She had been thoroughly checked by the paediatrician and nothing was improvement, particularly as she is a lively two found to be wrong. She seemed to be a rather year old who doesn’t always stay still for the agitated little baby and her mother was anxious and worried. Immediately after the Bowen treatment, K. became much less agitated and began



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