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Instructors Guide for Using SoftClick
SoftClick is an easy-to-use browser-based application for educational assessment that allows
students to send answers using virtually any device that is web-enabled, such as laptops, cell phones
and PDAs. SoftClick works with standard web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
Considerations you need to know before implementing SoftClick for
your interactive classroom:

SoftClick is an internet based application that collects student responses from their web-enabled device, such as a lap top, cell phone or PDA. These responses, stored on H-ITTs SoftClick site, are retrieved by the Acquisition program via an internet connection on your computer. For reliable operation a good internet connection is required of all devices.
In some cases this may not be an issue, for example in a computer lab, where students use dedicated computers with internet access. However, in a general classroom setting there can be many variables that should be addressed prior to implementing SoftClick as your students educational assessment answering device. In the case of wireless internet access, such as web enabled cell phones or a local area Wi-Fi it is
important that your students verify and test their wireless service provides adequate data
communication (i.e. good internet service) prior to purchasing a SoftClick license.
Since student access to classroom(s) may not be possible before school starts, we recommend that for the first few days of class you allow students to test their web-enabled device to make sure their internet service in that class is reliable. Then, you can give students the option to either purchase a SoftClick license, or Purchase a H-ITT remote from the Bookstore. About SoftClick:
SoftClick works with the H-ITT CRS version 2.1.3 or later classroom response system software, which is free to download from The H-ITT CRS V2 software can accept SoftClick inputs and H-ITT remote clickers at the same time. This gives your students the option to choose SoftClick, or purchase a remote (typically sold through a bookstore). If SoftClick is the only answering device you intend to use then you do not need any hardware. However, if some students will be using real clickers you will need to have a H-ITT base unit installed so that real clicker inputs can be received. SoftClick is capable of multiple choice, multi-digit and fill-in-the-blank type questions with the same features/functions as H-ITT’s TX3200 remote. If students purchase SoftClick, you will need to direct them to – click on the Purchase tab, and follow the links for SoftClick purchases. You can include this with your class syllabus, or during the first classes. Remote class rooms: Students do not need to be in the classroom to send in their answers, so
SoftClick is well suited for applications where a host presentation is being broadcast to remote
classrooms anywhere.

Enabling SoftClick:
From your class in Acquisition, select WWW Clickers from the Options pull down menu. There are 2
selections you can enable by clicking the new button, and a unique ID will be assigned.

Session ID
is a unique
identifier assigned for all in-
class questions.
Homework ID is a unique
identifier assigned for
homework assignments.
The web site storage area for
these two types of questions
differ in that, for all in-class
questions the storage area is
cleared out when the question is started in Acquisition, so only student responses that are sent during
the question are retrieved. For homework assignments, the storage area is cleared when the question
is stopped, so that students answers to homework assignments can be sent in prior to the homework
being collected.
Both the In-class Session ID and the Homework Session ID are remembered for the class so you
only need to enable SoftClick once for the semester or school year.
When students log in to SoftClick they must enter the Session or Homework ID so their answers are
sent to and retrieved from, the appropriate web site storage area designated by this unique identifier.
>The SoftClick pallet to the right is the students “welcome” screen and
allows them to enter the appropriate session or homework ID, and select
the question type.
The question type they select must match the question type you select
in Acquisition in order for their responses to be accepted.
Notice that the question type selections in the SoftClick pallet coincide
with the Acquisition’s selections under the Modes and Question Type
pull down menus. Multi-Digit is selected for fill in the blank question
To assist students in selecting the correct unique identifier (session or
Homework ID) and question type (Remote Mode) the Acquisitions
screen will display this information as described below.
When the students answer, their ID box in the Acquisition window will
appear exactly the same as if students were using regular clickers, and defaults with the last 3 digits
of the SoftClick remote ID.

The example to the right shows a typical Acquisition
The text shows the session (or homework ID) your
students should be logged in under, in this case it is
gentle rider_.
The Question Type and remote mode (in this case
Multiple Choice_ is displayed for both) however these
may be different as described below

The following shows the text that will be displayed for the session or homework ID as well as the
question type and the remote mode the students would use.
Multiple Choice
Question Type: Multiple Choice
Remote Mode: Multiple Choice
SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider

Multi-Digit (fill-in-the-blank)
Question Type: Fill in the blank
Remote Mode: Multi-Digit
Question type: Fill in the Blank, used for both general SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider
Alpha-numeric and Numeric only
TEST: Multiple Choice
Question Type: Multiple Choice Testing Mode
Remote Mode: Multiple Choice
SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider

TEST: Multi-Digit (fill in the blank)

Question Type: Fill in the blank Testing Mode
Remote Mode: Test Mode
SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider

Homework Mode

Acquisition selections: Mode: Homework Collection Question Type: Homework Collection Mode
Remote Mode: Homework Mode
NOTE: The session ID is different for the SoftClick Session ID: allied winner
Roster Modes
Student ID Collection Mode
Send your student ID number
Remote Mode: Roster Mode
SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider
Student Name Collection Mode
Send your name
Remote Mode: Roster Mode
SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider
Screen Name Collection Mode
Send your screen name
Remote Mode: Roster Mode
SoftClick Session ID: gentle rider



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