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Day January
Sun 5 >
12 
16 
13 >
17 
14 
Tue 14
15 
16 
15 
20 
17 
18 
19 
20 
21 
26 
25 
23  >
30 
31 
Fri 31
dates when people of certain faiths may be unavailable  Buddhist
International Days
S Secular
BH Bank Holidays
25 Sep - 3 Oct Navaratri/Durga Puja/Dusserah Christian
Jewish - Festivals begin at dusk of previous day
> Sikh
November 2nd Anniversary of crowning of
October 9th - 15th Sukkot
March 5th - April 19th Lent
October 15th Al-Hijra
Sukkot celebrates the Jews’ years in the One of Rasta’s more holy days. A full day’s Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina celebration with all generations taking part in Jews eat outdoors in huts open to the sky.
where he set up the first Muslim state.
Nyahbinghi drumming, hymns and prayers.
February 8
October 16th Shemini Atzeret
November 3rd Ashura
th Parinirvana
Jesus’ deprivation in the wilderness.
The Buddha’s death, celebrated because he Secular
October 17th Simchat Torah
attained total Enlightenment, or Nirvana. April 13th Palm Sunday
February 14th Valentine's Day
th Vaisakha Puja/Wesak
A celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, Sikh >
December 17th - 24th Hanukah
Some fol ow a vegetarian diet but not al ; countries there are special Wesak lanterns The Jewish Festival of Lights, celebrated April 18th Good Friday
II. Another legend tel s of an imprisoned no Halal meat and smoking is prohibited.
January 5th Birthday of Guru Gobindh Singh
th Asalha Puja Day
jailer’s daughter as “your Valentine”.
April 20th Easter Sunday
March 30th Mothering Sunday
Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus This is traditional y a time for children to give Christ. The most important Christian festival, gifts, flowers and cards to their mothers and Hindu
and the one celebrated with most joy.
April 13th Baisakhi
December 8th Bodhi Day
for the whole family to spend time together. It Hindus general y do not eat beef June 8th Pentecost
typical y fal s on the third Sunday during Lent. and are largely vegetarian.
March 30th Clocks go forward
January 14th Makar Sankranti
June 15th Father's Day
June 16th Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev
International Days
This national day began in the early 1900’s God’s entry into the Northern Hemisphere.
Executed on this day, Guru Arjan Dev was the when a daughter wished to express her deep first person to compile the Sikh Scriptures.
January 31
February 28th Maha Shivaratri
st Vietnamese/Chinese New Year
November 1st All Saints' Day
appreciation for her father as he had raised October 23rd Divali
March 1st St. David's Day
herself and her siblings as a single parent.
The festival of light celebrating the day October 26th Clocks go back
Guru Hargobind was released from prison, March 17th St. Patrick's Day
December 25th Christmas Day
March 17th (Evening, then next day) Holi
taking with him imprisoned Hindu Princes.
The celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ.
November 24th Martyrdom of Guru Tegh
March 26th Bangladesh Independence Day
April 23rd St. George's Day
Islam stipulates a diet of Halal food, no pork. The ninth Guru was executed whilst protesting Orthodox Jews will only eat food certified Alcohol and smoking are also prohibited.
for the right for any person to worship in July 14th Bastille Day
March 31st Varsha-Pratipada
May 25th Lailat-Al-Miraj
the way he or she found appropriate.
drunk but spirits are permitted. Orthodox April 7th Rama Navami
Jews will take the holidays listed. Even non- Pagan
observant Jews may not work on Yom Kippur.
Vishnu and the hero of the Ramayana.
August 14th Pakistan Independence Day
March 16th Purim
August 10th Raksha Bandhan
August 15th Indian Independence Day
June 14th Lailat-Al-Bara'ah
February 2nd Imbolc
Nov 30th St. Andrew's Day
were saved from extermination by Esther.
April 15th - 22nd Passover (Pesach)
bracelet around their brothers’ wrists, Rastafarian
August 17th Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanti
June 28th - July 27th Ramadan
Most are vegetarians, though they do eat June 4th - 5th Shavuot
The birthday of Krishna. Many Hindus forego A month of dusk to dawn fasting, in March 20th Spring Equinox
Marks the time when the Jews received the sleep for the 48 hours, and some fast.
May 1st Beltane
Torah. Prayers are said, especial y at dawn, September 25th - October 3rd Navaratri/Durga and the gates of hell are closed.
coffee and salt are strongly discouraged.
to thank God for the five books of Moses.
July 24th Lailat-Ul-Qadr
and fertility is of extreme importance.
January 7th Ethiopian Christmas
August 5th Tisha B’Av
Navaratri (nine nights) is a festival in The Night of Power, when the Qur’an was June 21st Summer Solstice (longest day)
Celebration of Jesus. An acknowledgement August 1st Lughnasadh-Lammas
October 23rd Divali (Deepavali)
Muslims spend this time in study and prayer.
July 23rd Birthday of Emperor Selassie
Diwali, the festival of light, extends over July 28th Eid-Ul-Fitr
September 23rd Autumnal Equinox
One of Rasta’s more holy days. A full day's as “the saddest day in Jewish history”.
October 31st Samhain
celebration with all generations taking part in Muslims celebrate the end of fasting for September 25th - 26th Rosh Hashana
Nyahbinghi drumming, hymns and prayers.
Ramadan, with processions through the street and a celebratory daytime meal – their first September 11th Ethiopian New Year
translation “head of the year”).
December 21st Winter Solstice (shortest day)
October 4th Yom Kippur
October 4th - 5th Eid-ul-Adha
The Sabbath of Sabbaths, Day of Atonement.
Roman Catholics typical y eat fish on a Friday. A major festival marking the end of Hajj, January 6th Epiphany
wil ingness to sacrifice his son to Al ah. Most Muslims will abstain from work.

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