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Helping Pets with Cancer
Dear Doctor Our mutual patient is due for recheck blood work soon and may come to your clinic for this to be performed. If you have any questions please call me. • The type of bloodwork needed will be indicated on the last set of discharge instructions (feel free to run additional bloodwork as deemed necessary based on the clinical presentation of the patient) • For each of these visits the patient must be examined by a doctor
Please fill out the attached “Follow-up Bloodwork” form each time you examine the patient
and fax it to us, together with a copy of the bloodwork. • If you are unable to see a patient as recommended, clients can return here for bloodwork visits (Monday through Thursday), even on short notice. • Once the results become available at your office, please call the client with the results and
recommendations in addition to faxing us form and the results. Contact me if you have any
Typically I use the following guidelines (based on normal ranges provided by Antech): • Neutropenic (less than 1000 neutrophils), asymptomatic, afebrile patients
o should be placed on antibiotics (I typically use Clavamox, Simplicef, or Cephalexin for one week) – please note this on the “Follow-up Bloodwork” form faxed to us. o instruct client to monitor the temperature at home twice a day for 3-4 days and call if o instruct client to call if the patient becomes sick. • Febrile and neutropenic patients, patients with profuse vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration
Thrombocytopenic patients (less than 30,000) – discuss risk of bleeding with clients,
decrease activity level of the patient, no running, jumping or other activities that could lead to (even mild) trauma. • Anemia – many cancer patients will have mild/moderate anemia. Please compare with the
previous values to determine if there has been a significant decrease We greatly appreciate your referral and we consider you an intrinsic member of the team that takes care of this patient. We look forward working with you on this case and we appreciate your support. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Sincerely Luminita Sarbu, PhD, DVM Practice Limited to Oncology VETERINARY ONCOLOGY CENTER
Helping Pets with Cancer
* Please fill out the entire form, attach bloodwork results and fax it to VOC*

Date of evaluation ___________________ by Dr. ______________________
Bloodwork performed (results should be faxed with this form):
CBC Chemistry UA Other ___________________________________
Physical examination findings:

Weight _______ Temperature______ HR ______ RR ______ Attitude ______ Hydration _____
Any pertinent PE findings?
Other ? Any recommendations/medications prescribed? Was the client informed of the bloodwork results? N (Please call the clients and inform them of the results, as well as prescribe antibiotics, if indicated)


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