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277 N. Babcock St., Melbourne, FL 32935 Plants have been, and still are the backbone of syrups, compresses and more. It also includes healthy choices for women, men, children and pets.
As a Master Herbalist it has always been my It also covers all of the systems of the body, the con- desire to educate people concerning the medicinal ditions associated with these systems and the herbs uses of herbs and foods so that they can be a partof, and take charge of their own healing. I have seen that can benefit these systems and conditions. You more and more people in the shop with the desire to will also be taking two nature walks, one at Turkey learn, and because it is my desire to teach as many Creek, and the other in an herbalist's garden. as I can about natural and herbal health I will be If you are ready to take a more natural approach offering my classes at a 33% discount; charging $20 to your health then I hope you will join me in these per class (pay as you go) with a registration and materials fee of $40 due before the first class.
Classes run on alternate Saturday mornings. Reclaiming Your Roots will start you 'on the road" A Pre-registration is required and a $40 NON- to herbalism providing you and your family with the REFUNDABLE deposit is required for your work- health-promoting herbal skills that have nearly been lost to our "modern" world. In this 7 month book and materials. As a walk in student there will emergency health problems, and gain an excellent Call The Herb Corner at 321-757-7522 for more grounding in the basics: of teas, tinctures, salves, WE HAVE BEEN SHOPPING!!!
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Maintaining Health and Vitality with Herbs Diet, exercise and rest have always been essential for Echinacea has had decades of research on it showing it the maintenance of good health. Now more than ever to benefit the immune system making the white blood herbs are necessary for the maintenance of our health,especially with so much stress and toxicity from our envi- cells more efficient blocking and halting the formation of ronment. For thousands of years plants have been used bacteria, viruses and fungi before they become infectious.
to increase energy, boost the immune system, provide German studies on Echinacea have found that it helps nutrition, enhance mental clarity, increase physical stam- protect non-infected cells before they become infected.
ina, and enliven the libido. Fortunately for us there are Ginkgo has also been well studied, it has been found to thousands of plants that have these abilities.
be a strong antioxidant that has the ability to prevent cel- Astragalus as an energy tonic herb helps the body adapt lular damage. It benefits the cardiovascular system to physical exertion and stress and for people with low improving blood flow and oxygen throughout the entire energy it helps boost metabolism. It has been used for body. When there is better blood flow to capillaries it over 4000 years in China and it is still used today as anherb to strengthen the immune system fighting bacteria helps areas like the eyes possibly helping macular and viruses. Astragalus is especially good for chronic degeneration. This improved circulation may also help weakness to the lungs or for those who have taken many with tinnitus, vertigo and other ear problems as well.
antibiotics and are now susceptible to infections.
Hawthorn when used long term helps improve proper Garlic also has the ability to fight bacteria that have pumping action of the heart normalizing irregular heart- become resistant to antibiotics; it fights viruses, fungi, beats nourishing and strengthening the heart muscles Candida and yeast. One of the reasons it can do this is which benefits both high and low blood pressure.
because its enzymes detoxify the body of carcinogens. In Cayenne boosts metabolism by enhancing circulation the circulatory system regular use of garlic can raise throughout the entire body. Its effects help lower blood HDL's, lower LDL's and lower triglyceride levels, and for pressure by cleaning plaque from the arteries. And it pro- many people it helps lower blood pressure.
Turmeric when taken regularly acts as a powerful anti- motes good digestion by increasing circulation to the inflammatory, for some it works much better than the long term use of cortisone because it protects the flora of the Schizandra also known as the "five-flavor-berry" also digestive system and the liver. Studies on Turmeric have has adaptogenic properties helping the body better cope shown it to be five times stronger than Vitamin E in its with stress. It improves libido and reproductive health, antioxidant properties and to be beneficial to dementia and respiratory and immune functions plus it protects the liver high cholesterol as well . Be-aware that a large amount of Turmeric inhibits blood clots; if you are taking anticoagu- Lemon Balm helps reduce anxiety and depression. Its lant medications you need to talk to your physician. antiviral properties make it good for chicken pox, shin- Dandelion is a highly nutritious plant, one that is packed with iron, making it good for anemia. As a diuretic it gles and for reducing herpes outbreaks. It also helps removes excess fluid from the body but provides the quiet the over-thinking mind that makes it hard to sleep.
needed potassium that can be lost when taking pharma- Oregano is a strong antibacterial and antiviral herb that ceutical water pills. Dandelion is also used to support the helps to improve digestion and appetite. And it helps to liver and gallbladder in the removal of waste products, this reduce gas, bloating and diarrhea. In the respiratory system detoxification provides relief for gout, eczema and psoria- as an expectorant it aids bronchitis, coughs and asthma.
sis. In the digestive system it helps promote healthy Rhodiola works very much like ginseng. It helps improve digestion; it enhances appetite and reduces gas and chronic fatigue. Reducing fatigue is especially helpful if bloating. If you are bothered by warts the latex from its you work the night shift, have small children or have irreg- stem can be applied several times daily for their removal.
Ginseng is probably one of the most popular vitality ular work hours. It has become increasingly popular for enhancing herbs. Traditional use and science agree mental and physical energy boosting motivation, reducing about Ginsengs ability to enhance energy. It also supports stress on the mind and body and for relieving anxiety.
the immune system, the liver, the reproductive organs and Rosemary is useful when recovering from long-term the endocrine system. It provides adaptogenic properties, stress or chronic illness helping to revitalize the whole which means it helps the body cope with stress by balanc- body. It helps stimulate appetite and promotes healthy ing stress hormones and adrenal functions. When used digestion plus it helps reduce cramping and bloating.
consistently Ginseng helps the body adapt to mental and When its essential oil is applied topically it brings greater physical stress increasing stamina and physical perform- blood flow to the area relieving sore muscles or ance rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit. As animmune booster it helps the body heal faster and more efficiently promoting longevity by increasing your ability to It's when we are free of toxins, receiving nutrients we expe- resist disease. It also enhances sexual stamina and rience energy and feel our best. With the amount of stress desire, and improves memory and learning skills by and toxicity we experience from day-to- day now more than improving circulation throughout the body.
ever we should be protecting our bodies with herbs.
With the hectic lifestyles we lead, the long hours at work and the caring for our families sometimes find- ing time for romance can be a challenge. All stresscan interfere with our time for romance. Let's face it to get in "the mood" you need to feel desire and when you are tired from the day it's hard to feel "in-the-mood". According to studies done recently some 43% of women and 31% of men suffer from 1/4 cup broccoli or other fresh vegetables Fortunately herbs have been used for thousands of years in all cultures around the world to spice up the bedroom. They can target certain aspects of sexual 2. Grease mini muffin pans with olive oil or butter.
health by enhancing circulation to specific areas, stimulating the functions of the neural system, processor and mix thoroughly (to frothy con- enhancing arousal and pleasure, and stimulating the sistency). Add remaining ingredients and blend. hormones needed for function and desire.
One of these herbs is Damiana. It has been used in 4. Spoon into prepared mini muffin pans.
the Mexican culture as an aphrodisiac for both men 5. Bake 12-15 minutes. Make sure it is firm to touch.
and women for hundreds of years. For women its 6. Pop muffins out and cool on rack.
constituents bind to progesterone receptors in the brain producing "feel-good" effect stimulating nervesensitivity. This effect also eases moods and easesanxiety. For men and women it has the ability to improve oxygen flow to key areas of the body forincreased pleasure. In South America and Peru bothmen and women have used Maca to stimulate desire HALF PRICE! and drive. This adaptogenic herb helps by reducing stress balancing hormones and by increasing energy and stamina. Tongkat ali boosts drive and function byincreasing sensitivity to the erogenous zones in both genders. Tribulus terrestris has been used in China,India and Russia to stimulate the production oftestosterone in men and estrogen in women, when Our bodies are like a giant magnet that attracts these are renewed it can increase desire, stamina and holds on to toxic materials including heavy and virility. Ginsengs also provide a general rejuve- metals, yeasts, uric acid and other materials. These nation effect by stimulating and normalizing blood toxins attach themselves in ionized form to yourjoints, organs, nerves, arteries and other tissue flow throughout the body enhancing nerve stimula- disrupting their functions. This can create conditions tion. Horney Goat Weed (yes that's its real name) such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, autism, allergies and has been used in Eastern Asia for over 2000 years.
The EB balancing Machine gently cleanses those unwanted It was then and still is used today to boost desire and toxins from the body. The treatment consists of placing your feet into energy increasing the libido of both men and women water treated by the EB305 unit. The unit generates a programmablemix of positive and negative ions (charged atoms) that can balance by enhancing sensations to the erogenous zones.
the body’s meridians and normalize its ph helping to rid itself of those For men Yohimbie has the ability to enhance blood flow during arousal, this can be helpful with ED. The Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter with more energy and a greater sense of well-being. Some people with edema, bark of this tree contains the FDA approved alkaloid headaches, sinus problems, gout, arthritis, lymph edema and neural- yohimbine which before Viagra was believed to sup- gia have experienced relief with multiple treatments.
port male sexual health. Just be careful because too I originally purchased this machine to help my husband cleanse his body after his radiation therapy. As the water changed colors, I much of this herb can cause anxiety, dizziness, could see exactly which organ system was detoxifying from his body pulling out many pieces of heavy metals. The average treatment with the Eb 305 Detox Machine takes With herbs you have natural options to improve 23 minutes and costs $10. Call The Herb Corner for more information sexual health and satisfaction. Don't expect immedi- and to set up an appointment at 321-757-7522.
ate results restoring health takes time.
Amethyst is a member of quartz family. The main metaphysical property of Amethyst is the connection to the divine and listening to Spirit. It aids in meditation and helps concentration.Amethyst stimulates the crown and throat chakras to work in tandem aiding in communication. It balances and calms the emotions which in turn enhances intuition. Amethyst helps to draw your attention beyond the mind to the realm of pure spiritual knowledge. It helps you let go of all that is old, and all that holds you back, so you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny. This gemstone encour- with it's cousins aquamarine and emerald.
ages selflessness and transmutes negative energy into For people who have a negative outlook on life or pure love. It also balances the physical, mental, emo- a defeatist attitude, Morganite would be a good stone tional, spiritual and energetic bodies and aids in cleans- with which to work to change their pessimistic nature.
This stone encourages loving thoughts and actions, This purple stone will calm, tranquilize or stimulate the removes blockages of karmic emotional pain and mind as needed. It quiets an overactive mind in order to releases pent up emotions. It will cleanse your heart bring on sleep. It protects from nightmares as well. Have as well as open it up to unconditional love. Morganite insomnia? Place it under your pillow at night.
will also help to attract love to your life, but use it with This is a stone for aiding the student, young and old an amethyst to encourage the right kind of love.
alike, with concentration, memory, clarification and Morganite helps to fight narrow mindedness, ego- decision making. Combine it with Sugilite to boost tistic tendencies, and over analysis. This pink stone replaces these harmful tendencies with wisdom, clear On a physical level, Amethyst is an overall healer. It thought, an appreciation of different perspectives as balances the hormones, endocrine system and meta- well as patience and tolerance. It is a stone to help bolism. It strengthens the cleansing & elimination organs reduce stress which could lead to illness.
& systems. Amethyst helps to relieve pain & stress, eases On a physical/healing level, Morganite is good in headaches & tension, reduces bruising, injuries, swelling, combating respiratory ailments such as tuberculosis, hearing disorders. Amethyst helps to heal the lungs, respi- asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis. It also helps to ratory tract, skin conditions, digestive tract, removal of par- detoxify your circulatory system and provides help to asites, absorption of water, insomnia.It is an excellent low oxygenated blood cells. This stone is beneficial to stone to use during asthma attacts when holding it and the elimination system - especially the stomach, intes- This stone is said to aid in removing addictions, block- ages, or overindulgences. It is beneficial in psychiatric If you have experienced a concussion or have prob- conditions but not for paranoia or schizophrenia.
lems with your spine, meditating with Morganite can Amethyst can be cleaned in all methods and can be assist your healing. Need to calm your mind and slow used in an elixir by the direct method. However - DON’T down your thoughts? Put a Morganite under your pillow - EXPOSE IT TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT! It will loose its beautiful purple color and turn gray causing the stone to weaken.
On a spiritual level, this pink gemstone will equal- It is an excellent stone for decorating or using in Feng ize your soul and body's vibrations to realign and bal- Shui. When using in a healing layout remember that ance them. This is also a stone that is beneficial to a having it point towards you draws in energy, while point- responsible person who uses it in soul retrieval. Soul ing it away from you draws out negativity. The same retrieval/ recovery is where a person feels they have applies when using in a Mandala layout.
lost a part of their energetic, spiritual, emotional Combining Amethyst with other stones can enhance and/or psychic self. It is not the biblical soul but all its own properties as well as those of the other gem- parts of the person, including their physical self. Often stone. For instance amethyst alone is good for spiritual the separation is caused by emotional trauma.
protection but when combined with Chlorite, it is a very If this sounds like a stone for you, please stop by powerful protector again psychic attacks or energy vam- the Herb Corner and pick a piece out of their invento- pires. You can also combined it with Moldavite for spiri- ry. And while you are at it, check out all the new gem- tual protection. When combined with Sugilite it stones that were purchased on the latest shopping trip. Also take a look at the gemstone jewelry! Let your Don’t worry about size, raw or tumbled, dark Valentine know you would like a piece of jewelry from or light when it comes to gemstones as their the Herb Corner or ask for a gift certificate so you can vibrations still work for us whether in our pockets, under our pillows or just in the room.

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