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downtime. The following information explains how each option is used, what their benefits are and who is a suitable candidate: 1. Juvederm/ These fillers work by plumping up wrinkles that are visible even when you are not changing the expression of your face (ex. smile lines). They are also used to augment areas of lost volume including the under eyes, 2. Botox is best used for wrinkles that form when making facial expressions. These expressions cause creases in the skin that often appear beside the eyes, between the 3. This injectable encourages the formation of the body’s own natural collagen, to correct signs of facial fat loss and to improve the skin’s thickness and volume.
4. An effective and natural treatment solution that uses your own biology to reverse the aging process by stimulating tissue regeneration and collagen. A small amount of your own blood is collected to isolate natural Platelet –rich Fibrin Matrix for injection into the skin.
5. This filler acts as scaffolding under the skin to provide structure and encourages collagen production. This in turn provides an instant lift to the skin and underlying us don’t know what would be the most appropriate intervention.
So we recently asked Dr. Khanna to explain the differences between the various body contouring procedures (Click here to 2. Well suited for patients who have an excess layer of fat on the abdomen with good skin tone. Remains the most popular option for male patients. Many other areas can 3. A non-surgical treatment option that uses cooling technology to destroy and eliminate excess fat cells. Well suited for isolated pockets of fat on the abdomen. Can also be used on the back, love handles, arms, legs and 4. A non-surgical treatment option that uses ultrasound to destroy and eliminate excess fat cells. Well suited for all over reduction on the abdomen, sides and Acne is something that plagues many, and tends to have multiple options. The following options are all effective, and may be used either alone, or in combination to clear the skin.
1. A gentle, fast and pain-free treatment that uses blue light to kill acne bacteria. It is best used in combination with topical therapies, or for mild to moderate acne.
2. A laser treatment that reduces the redness, irritation and scarring that is associated with active breakouts.
Patients often express their excitement when they go from wearing heavy makeup to no makeup at all! 3. A laser treatment that reduces breakouts, oiliness and enlarged pores by reducing excess sebum/oil 4. Accutane & Prescriptions – These options are medications that either destroy acne bacteria from the inside, or topically, and salicylic acid 2-step system that kills acne bacteria, reduces redness and inflammation and improves the look of the skin. Can be purchased through the Skin Spa and works well alone or in combination with other therapies.
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