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Facebook / AdvoCare Do's and Don'ts

By Barry Tallis
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From Jason Horsely (He gets
Social Media/Facebook/Internet).
Why oh why are some people having
so much more success via Facebook than I am? Can't say I haven't heard
this question dozens of times so I figured, even before Charlie and I
record our AdvoCare Facebook Training Call, I would jump on this subject
in a short message for everyone to peruse and put to use NOW!
So why is
it? Honestly, really only two likely reasons. First and foremost, you are
posting things that appear salesy, such as links to your website or offers
for discounts, and/or, second, you are simply not SHARING success
stories and testimonials!
It's that simple! DO NOT do the first, do A LOT
of the second! (Charlie and I will cover the reasons in more detail in the
call recording that is coming soon.)
Facebook for AdvoCare Made
Simple (product intros, I would NOT suggest Facebook Wall posts
talking about the Business, typically comes across VERY gimmicky)

Post success stories (your clients and/or those of your fellow team Give "Shout Outs" to those who have seen product success Comment on fellow Team Members posts (ever notice how a handful of us are ALWAYS commenting and offering congrats on other Team Members posts.there is a reason, AdvoCare becomes bigger than any one of us individually this way) Post 1-3 stories or shouts-outs per day and 1-3 comments on others per day (seriously 10 minutes worth of time) DO NOT use the word AdvoCare in your post (you want questions) DO NOT say things like "contact me for more info" (Let interested people show you their interest through their questions. Remember, when the time is right for THEM, you simply want them to remember you and ALL of the success stories they have seen.) Use the below real shout-outs, stories and testimonials starting right now! (find more daily on the AdvoCare Challenge & Product Results Group) DO NOT answer questions via a wall post! Let them know you will inbox them with more info and DO SO IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT try to do it alone! The moment you have that connection, find the first opportunity to introduce 3rd party credibility and make AdvoCare bigger than just you! 
Above all else, this requires consistent, dedicated effort if it is to work! If
you don't have interest shown immediately, you don't give up! If you do,
it will be because you are doing this for the WRONG reasons!
Your goal,
100% of the time, should be to help others who want or are looking for
help! If you are merely trying to "sell" or "push" AdvoCare, your integrity
will forever be questioned. Get people who want results.results and
watch others FLOCK to you!
If you take the time to do the above daily,
you will see interest! If you try to handle that interest alone, you will be
back at square one quickly. If you introduce 3rd party credibility (email,
Facebook, calls) you will see success!
Some Sample for Immediate Use
(merely copy and paste on your wall as is)

From Kimberly Martin Dean, "I personally have thyroid disease. I have done the 24 day challenge and dropped 19 pounds. I now take MNS3, catalyst, thermoplus, spark, leptilean. My endocrinologist dropped my synthroid dosage in half after being on AdvoCare products. I've never felt better." Congrats to Maru Pulido Frohring for completing the first 10 Days of her 24 Day Challenge! Maru is already down 5 pounds and 10 inches! Way to go girl! Now we keep this going and feel the real experience of the challenge!!! "My 24 day Advocare challenge is over and I am thrilled to report a loss of NINE pounds!!!! I dropped 2 sizes in my clothes and that is what I most happy about!! While I do plan on enjoying this "cheat" day, I am actually looking forward to what is next on the journey of becoming and staying healthy!" - Shellie Watkins Herndon Congrats to 24 Day Challenge participant Karen who has lost 10 lbs in her first 10 days.yes I said 10 lbs.fantastic job Karen! From Nicole Scott."I finally quit smoking cigarettes after 12 years of smoking (half my life). It was the last step of kicking out my bad habits and building a new and better life. Yesterday after my Spark and Arginine Extreme I shaved 3 minutes off my mile and felt incredible. I'm so glad I was introduced to this's changed my life in ways I never thought was possible. :)" Congrats to three 24 Day Challenge particpants who completed the Challenge today: Lauren who lost 5.6 lbs and 6.5 inches, Jorge who lost 4 lbs and 8.75 inches and Yolee who lost 4 lbs and 11 inches.good job to all three of you for fantastic results and the start to the rest of your life.SIMPLY AMAZING!!! From Tonya Dwyer, "On day 12 of my Challenge and I feel awesome! I walk 3.5 miles on a daily basis and have since shaved 6 minutes off my walk time (pushing stroller too)! I feel less bloated and my energy level is sky rocketing!" From Lisa Barnes. "My father after using the 24 day challenge and staying on Advocare products lost 48 lbs in 6 weeks. More important he feels great and is going for a goal of 200 lbs. Go dad!!!!!!!!!" 
Remember, as you have all heard before.facts tell, stories sell! People make decisions towards better nutrition and overall health and well-being based on emotion.the benefits, not the product!
As always, questions? Just shout! Now go to it!!


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