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Int J Pharm Sci Nanotech Vol 6; Issue 4  December 2013 (extra issue)
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology Volume 6 •  Issue 4 • December 2013 (extra issue)
Research Paper
Development of Colon Delivery Tablets of Albendazole using pH-Dependent Polymers Kansagara Hetal*, Bhagat Shreel and Singh Sudarshan Department of Pharmaceutics, H.N. Shukla institute of Pharmacy, Affiliate of Gujarat Technical University, Near Lalpari Lake, Amargadh (Bhichari)-360001, Gugarat, India. Received January 19, 2013; accepted August 14, 2013


Albendazole is a banzimidazole derivative with broad with pH dependent polymers and plasticizers. The spectrum anthelmentic activity and excellent tolerability. prepared tablets were evaluated for hardness, friability, Albendazole was selected for colon delivery because the drug content and in vitro dissolution. Among all colon is the major site of residence for several types of formulations, Eudragit S100 coated tablets showed the worms and only a very small amount of drug reaches the best outcome to protect the drug in stomach environment colon after oral administration. The objective of this work as compare to CAP. Tablets coated with 8% Eudragit S100 was to deliver Albendazole to colon by coating it with showed 98.08% drug release within 12 hr. These findings various pH dependent polymers and plasticizers. The indicate the potential viability using pH dependent formulations were prepared with lactose monohydrate by polymers for colon specific drug delivery. wet granulation method using Starch paste and coated KEYWORDS: Albendazole; pH dependent polymers; Eudragit S100; CAP.
targeting. However, colonic transit time can last for up to 78 hr, thereby allowing the absorption of even drugs of Albendazole is a banzimidazole derivative with broad low permeability (Chauhan et al., 2010). spectrum anthelmentic activity and excellent tolerability. The goal of this study was to develop albendazole Albendazole was selected for colon delivery because the colon targeted tablets using pH dependent polymers and colon is the major site of residence for several types of plasticizers which target the delivery within the colon. worms and only a very small amount of drug reaches the colon after oral administration (Khokra et al., 2012). Targeting of drugs to the large intestine has number of important implication in the field of pharmacotherapy. Materials and Methods
Various approaches have been used for oral delivery of Albendazole was procured as a gift sample from drugs to colon, which include pH-dependent systems, Mepro Labs, Surendranagar, India. Sodium time-dependent systems and systems which are Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Lactose Monohydrate, bacterially triggered in the colon. Among these Crosscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Talc and strategies, systems relying on the metabolic activity of Starch were used from college. Eudragit S100 (Evonik colonic micro flora are not significant. There are many industry), CAP (cellulose acetyl phthalate, Deep coat problem related to enzymatic degradation like expensive polymers), diethyl phthalate, acetone and isopropyl raw material, rare source of natural polymer, microbial alcohol are of standard quality. contamination of natural polymer (Chauhan et al., 2010). Time-controlled release systems such as sustained or Preparation of Core Tablets
delayed-release dosage forms are very promising due to the potentially large variation in gastric emptying time Tablets were prepared by conventional wet granulation for dosage form in human. In this approach the colon method. The various excipients used were listed in Table arrival time of dosage forms cannot be accurately 1. Ingredients except glidants and lubricant were predicted resulting in poor colonical availability. The pH- thoroughly mixed and passed through sieve no. 60. dependent systems are more preferable for colon delivery Granulation was done with a 5% starch paste. The wet systems. Various polymers are available like Eudragit mass was passed through sieve no. 12 and dried at 50°C ES, Eudragit FS, Eudragit S, CAP, HPMC Phthalate, for 1 hr. The dried granules were lubricated with and Shellac (Chauhan et al., 2010). Drugs can be magnesium stearate and talc, then compressed into delivered with pH-dependent system to colon by specific tablets using single station tablet punch machine.



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