BREOX FMT 30 is a cost-effective performance anti-foam with the significant added
benefits, over more traditional antifoams, of improved processing and yields in
microbiological fermentation applications. It is also suitable for use in aqueous systems
requiring an anti-foam which will operate specifically at temperatures around 30°C, for
example warm water wash circuits, bottle wash formulations etc.
BREOX FMT 30 has been specifically developed for use in microbiological fermentations.
FMT 30 is generally better tolerated by most micro-organisms than silicones or standard
polyalkylene glycols, though for each individual case this should be confirmed. Another
common problem associated to polyalkylene glycols and silicones is ultra-filtration at low
temperatures. FMT 30 is soluble in water below 25°C and as a result, should not block
membranes should ultra-filtration be required at this temperature. FMT 30 is also stable to
conventional sterilisation conditions.
BREOX FMT 30 is also readily removed from fermentation vessels and does not show any
tendency to accumulate on the surfaces. Any traces of residual FMT 30 can be washed
away with cold water.
BREOX FMT 30 can be readily removed from solution through the use of high surface area
polystyrene absorbent. This is only suitable however, in circumstances where the resin does
not remove any other materials present.
The preferred method of addition of this product is as a solution in cold water, or as a dispersion that has been prepared in cold water. A recommended level is 5% in water at between 10 and15°C. This product can also be added neat if required TYPICAL PROPERTIES
The typical values presented overleaf are believed to be accurate, they should not however be considered to constitute a specification.
Physical Attribute
Analysis Method
Value and Unit
BREOX FMT 30 has been tested on many fermentation systems where it can allow
dissolved oxygen levels to be maintained (a problem that can be associated with other types
of anti-foam.) It also exhibits less of an affect on oxygen transfer from the nutrient broth to
the micro-organism. Due to this factor foam formation during fermentation can be controlled
with BREOX FMT 30 without dramatically reducing the yield of the final product.
BREOX FMT 30 was tested in a rotary shaker at 240rpm at a dosage of 10,000ppm (which
represents a substantial overdose) in a variety of fermentations including penicillin,
streptamycin, lincomycin, erythromycin, L-lysine and citric acid.
Test 1 – 500cm Erlenmeyer flask, 50cm medium broth.
O2 Concentration
Final Antibiotic
NB. Tall Oil – 50% blend of FMT 30 (35%) and block co-polymer (15%) Test 2 – 21cm Erlenmeyer flask, 200cm medium broth.
O2 Concentration
Final Antibiotic
Handling & Safety:
A material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) has been issued describing the health, safety and environmental characteristics of BREOX FMT 30 together with handling precautions and emergency procedures. This must be consulted and fully understood before storage, handling and use.
The product can be stored for at least 2 years at ambient storage conditions and temperature without any deterioration.
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