All net proceeds from the World Kindness Concert are donated to KindActs, a BC non-profit Society whose mission is to inspire human connection and activate the practice of kindness Examples of KindActs Successes:
Cycling for Kindness 2000:
An 18,000-kilometre journey to join and touch hearts around North America. After 205 days on the road, the Team reached millions of people with the important message of kindness through conferences, presentations to schools and businesses and over 210 media interviews. Kindnes s Concert
Ride Kind/Drive Kind:
A joint initiative of the Victoria Kindness Group, ICBC and BC Transit in recognition of the direct relationship between kindness, courtesy and road safety. Elementary children’s artwork depicting kindness were displayed on over 210 buses and seen by as many as 70,000 bus riders and an even greater number of auto-drivers daily. The Kindness to Colleagues™ Program:
A proactive program aimed at countering the increasing and often hidden violence in the workplace. Coupled with a determination to put the human back in human resources, this program produced outstanding results including more positive employee relations, decreased stress claims and an overall sense of a more caring employer.
The Kindness is Cool Canada Day Parade Float:
The youth-focused Kindness is Cool Team launched a float at the Canada Day 2000 Parade in Abbotsford to raise awareness for kindness. They not only won the hearts of 10,000 spectators but also won first prize in their category and were so well received that they returned for a second run in 2001 and a third run in 2002. Porridge for the Soul:
A unique and uplifting monthly breakfast gathering that mixes an inspiring keynote speaker with an opportunity to connect and network with like-minded individuals interested in creating positive change in their communities and workplaces.
Examples of KindActs Successes:
The Invest in a Kinder World Coin-spiracy:
Close to 60 schools in over 20 communities in BC have registered for this new province-
wide grassroots campaign to raise awareness about how a little kindness can go a long way.
The campaign, a pilot project of KindActs, involves the launch and tracking of a kindness currency called a “UNI” - short for the universal nature of kindness. To launch the UNI, schools commit to performing three kind acts – one for self, the environment and another - and then ‘paying the coin forward’. Since each UNI is uniquely coded, students are able to experience the impact of their kind acts by tracking their coin’s adventures as it passes hands and touches hearts around the globe on the campaign site, “Get Reel, Express How You Feel” Film Series:
A monthly evening event which features a short film, panel discussion and poet. Printing donated by Allegra Print& Imaging, Burnaby. Please con- Saturday November 16 ,
visit and Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School
419 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Towards a vision of a kinder world, one act at a time…
World Kindness Concert Program
In hosting this World Kindness Concert, we are joined by communities from around the globe orchestrating celebrations in honour of World Kindness Day (November 13). This day was declared by the World Kindness Movement to serve as a springboard for the 7:01 – Musical Welcome
promotion and celebration of kindness. Originally formed in 1997, the World KindnessMovement’s purpose is to acknowledge the fundamental importance of simple human Kira Sheppard
kindness as a basic condition of a satisfying and meaningful life and to join together the individual networks of member countries to build a kinder and more compassionate world. We thank you for being a part of this special global celebration. Together, we can be a kinder world, one act at a time… Kira Sheppard
Rachel Landrecht
We would like to thank the following for their generous support:
Nadine Marshall/Gail Smit
Riley Inge
Sir Charles Tupper Drama Class
Renaissance Vancouver Hotel – Harbourside Christopher Gaze
Dan Pelletier
Cecil Hershler
Sir Charles Tupper – Art & Drama Dept.
Jo-Ann Pezarro & RNB Dance Studio
Choreographer Arstrid Sherman
The Random Acts of Kindness™ Foundation Intermission
Christie Grace
Youthink - Greater Vancouver’s High-School Newspaper High Spirits Choir
Thank you Brock Tully for your contribution of the Reflections books. Eric Reed & Band
We hope that you will be inspired by his gift and choose to pass it on.
Clare O’Callaghan
Special thanks to all our volunteers, supporters, presenters, performers and all those who came on board after the printing of this program!!! Jennie Emery
KindActs Wish List:
M.C. – Brock Tully
KindActs is seeking ongoing sponsorship for its programs and events. We would greatly appreciate your support, financially or through "in kind services", in unfolding the vision of a kinder world. For sponsorship opportunities, please visit or call (604) 515-KIND (Vancouver). Thank you!


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