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The Association recognises that it wil be required, from time to time, to make payments to tenants, Housing List applicants, former tenants and other service users. This Policy sets out the principles for payments in al circumstances.
The payments may be entitlements or compensatory.
Each type of payment set out below wil be accompanied by a detailed set of procedures.
No payment wil be made where the tenant or former tenant has any outstanding rent arrears or other debt due to the Association. Any entitlement or compensation wil be Where possible, payment wil be made in the form of credits to the Rent Account. Cash payments wil only be made in the fol owing circumstances: Tenants: Where the amount payable exceeds one month’s rental charge and
the Rent Account is clear, and the tenant has no other debts to the Association.
Tenants: Where the payment relates to minor works identified at a void
property for which an al owance is awarded to the incoming tenant and where the tenant has no other debts to the Association.
Former Tenants: Where the Rent Account is clear, and the ex-tenant has no
Applicant or Other Service User: To an applicant or other service user who
In other cases (of hardship etc) at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.
Redecoration Al owances wil be made in the form of vouchers or supply orders to approved companies. (There may be occasions where it wil be necessary to issue non- transferrable vouchers from approved suppliers).
Where appropriate, the tenant, former tenant or service user must sign an agreement accepting any payment made as ful and final settlement of any claim.
An annual budget wil be set for expenditure. Where expenditure exceeds budget this wil be reported to the Management Committee.
The provisions contained within the Equal Opportunities Policy wil apply. Individuals wil not be discriminated against on any grounds with regard to payments.
With regard to Right to Repair Compensation and Compensation for Improvements, the Association wil act in accordance with the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, Tenancy This is a one-off payment to a tenant towards the cost of redecoration where decoration has been damaged fol owing works, or to a new tenant at the start of a tenancy where the decoration fal s below a minimum standard as determined by the Association. In addition, a Void Al owance may be awarded to a new tenant to cover general cleaning or minor repairs to a property, which the new tenant has agreed to undertake.
As damage and minor works to properties wil differ in each case, each property wil be individual y assessed for the payment. Maximum levels of payment wil be set per room affected to control costs. In the case of planned or contract works, a flat rate to be paid wil be determined at the start of the contract.
fol owing major improvement / repair works where decoration has been fol owing planned / contract works where decoration has been damaged as a A Void Al owance wil only be offered at the start of a tenancy.
void periods and/or minor void repair costs are kept to a minimum tenants can choose internal redecoration schemes that they find suitable tenants are compensated for damage to decoration.
This Al owance wil assist in meeting the costs of materials for redecoration but is not intended to cover them in ful . Where a Void Al owance is paid, it is anticipated that this wil meet the total costs incurred by the new tenant.
Al owances wil be reviewed as part of the annual budget setting process. The revised Redecoration Al owances wil apply from 1st April each year.
This is a one-off standard payment to the tenant or sharing owner / owner made as compensation for the loss of their home due to the development / maintenance This is a one-off standard payment to the tenant offered for disruption due to the Works being carried out in the tenant’s home where the tenant has not been decanted eg. Improvement / replacement contracts.
Where the tenant has been decanted to another property to al ow works to be carried out to the existing property.
The payment amount wil reflect the level of disturbance in each case and wil be at the This is a one-off discretionary payment to a tenants, former tenants or other service users for circumstances which do not fit the criteria for any other form of payment outlined in this Policy. The fol owing provisions wil apply: The payment must be due to a service failure by the Association.
The service user must have experienced direct and quantifiable loss (not including loss of earnings). The Chief Executive Officer may authorise a payment of up to £100. The Committee wil be required to approve amounts There is no automatic entitlement to Ex-Gratia Payments and each claim wil require individual consideration. Any payment is made only as a gesture of goodwil with no Al claims for injury to persons or damage to property should be referred immediately to the Association’s insurers. Ex-Gratia Payments should only be offered if the amount of
claim fal s below the excess applicable on the Association’s insurance policy.
This Policy and accompanying procedures wil be reviewed every three years.

Source: http://www.loreburn.co.uk/assets/pdf/Payments.pdf

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