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Clinical staff use only: If PA Assessment by RN was required tick sign_____________Director of Nursing sign___________ This centre is owned and operated by Dr M. Stergoulis, Dr J. Cannon & Dr A. Theodore email: Please answer ALL questions, printing clearly, and RETURN THE FORM TO THE DAY SURGERY
All information given is treated as strictly
Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Master/Dr: Surname_______________________ Given Names __________________
Home Address _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________P/code_______ Postal Address (if different from above)_______________________________________P/code_______ Telephone-Home_________________ Business _________________ Mobile ____________________ *Please be advised all patients over the age of 55yrs will require pre-anaesthetic testing, this includes Full Blood
Count, BSL & ECG (speak to your dentist/RDS for further information)*
*Age _______Date of Birth ______________Sex: M F Occupation: _____________________ Medicare No:__________________________ Valid to: ___________ Ref:_______ Veterans Affairs No: ________________Pensioner Pharmaceutical Benefits No. __________________ Do you have private health insurance - hospital cover? Yes
Name of member _____________________ Have you had membership for >12 months: Y / N Next of Kin: Name __________________________________ Tel. No. ________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ Relationship to patient: _______________________________________________________________ Date of Admission: ___________________________________ Proposed treatment:____________________________________ ( check with your dentist if unsure) Name of admitting Dr/Dentist __________________________________________________________ Is this your first admission to Randwick Day Surgery? Surname:____________________ Given Names:_______________________ dob:______________
The following information is required by the NSW Health Department for statistical purposes: *Country of birth: ________________________ Language spoken at home_____________________ *Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin: Y, Aboriginal Y, TSI Y, both A&TSI No
*Marital status: Married/defacto
Never married (single) Widowed Divorced Permanently separated Not known
*Have you been admitted to hospital within the last 28 days: No
MEDICAL HISTORY: To be completed by the patient before admission.
Have you had any previous operations or serious illnesses? If yes please detail___________________________________________________________________________________ Have you had any reactions or problems with previous anaesthetics? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have an Advanced Health Care Directive Are you allergic to any foods, drugs, complimentary medicines or dressings? If yes please detail______________________________________________________________________________________ Previous Anaphylaxis?_______________________________________________ No Yes Are you being treated for any other medical condition? If yes please detail______________________________________________________________________________________ Please list all medications you are currently taking, including herbal medications such as Fish
Oil, Echinacea, Gingko, St. Johns Wart, Ginger or Garlic tablets._________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Do you suffer from any of the following? Please circle your answer Name of General Practitioner: ______________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________Tel No:_________________________ * If you do not have a GP or details unknown please tick
Randwick Day Surgery is owned in equal shares and operated by Dr. M. Stergoulis, Dr. J. Cannon, Dr. A. Theodore Standard Forms - 001A Pre-Admission Form Revision 12 23 April 2013


Labor Duisburg GmbH Ambulanz für Gerinnungserkrankungen/Hämophilie Tel. 0203-300980 * FAX 0203-3009899 * ambulanz@mvz-labor-duisburg.deName____________________________________________Vorname_________________________________________ Geb.-Datum__________________________  m  wAnschrift___________________________________________________________________________________Bei Kranke

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Paediatric Asthma Intake Form An accurate health history is important to ensure that it is safe for you to receive treatment. If your health status changes in the future, please let us know. All information gathered for treatments is confidential except as required or allowed by law to facilitate diagnosis (assessment) or treatment. You will be asked to provide written authorization for rel

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