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Our full range of fabulous coffees, teas, cold drinks and 7-day breakfasts. Don't forget all our
drinks are available to takeaway, so if you are in a hurry or on your way to work, just grab one
to go.
Tung Ting Oolong: This tea is grown on the Tung Ting Mountain in Taiwan at about 2,500feet. It has a golden-green hue and a sweet, flowery aroma with mild floral tones.
China Ying Zhen: Ying Zhen White Tea is a rare tea consisting of tender buds picked in springbefore they open.
Tea leaves rolled around a flower, which opens in hot waterChoose from 1000 day Flower, Jasmin Burst, Ginseng and Lilly Ball, Weeping Rose, RedFlower, Longing Heart and Three Flower Burst COLD DRINKS
We have a full range of cold drinks, from freshly squeezed orange and west country applejuice to Fentiman's natural drinks and homemade smoothies.
Local Bacon, Local Sausage, Fried egg, Potato cake, Beans, Roasted tomato & Toast 2 Veggie Sausages, Mushrooms, Fried Egg, Potato cake, Beans Roasted Tomato & Toast Three Free-Range Scrambled Eggs On Brown Toast Free-Range Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon And Served On Brown Toast HERBAL AND DECAFINATED TEAS
For those who prefer a choice of something without caffeine or milk.
Traditional blend of decaffeinated breakfast tea The classic South African tea made from the red bush plant that is naturally caffeine-free andcontains antioxidants This is a mild, easy to drink tea made from daisy-like chamomile plant. Said to relax and calmyou down – even induce sleep Exceptionally tasting and refreshing drink will not disappoint A blend of papaya, hibiscus blossoms, currants, blackcurrants, blueberries, elderberries,strawberry and raspberry pieces combine to create this rich, fruity blackcurrant blend Like you find in Turkey, the blend is composed of real apple chunks giving an intense flavourwhich is slightly sweet and slightly sour Using our experience with espresso coffee since 1994, we have worked with our coffeeroasters to develop our own blend containing beans from South America, Africa andIndonesia. Using AA grade Arabica high-grown coffees, they are blended and roasted inSomerset to a medium/dark colour. This brings out the full fruity flavour of the bean, whilekeeping it sweet. No beans are more than 10 days old and are ground to order.
All available in decaf and can be made with Semi skimmed and Soya milk Flavoured syrups: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel, Amaretto, Almond or toasted marshmallow intense double ristretto with slightly foamed milk double espresso, Italian chocolate and foamed milk OTHER HOT DRINKS
blend of condensed tea, with chai spices (large mug) BLACK TEAS
This is a selection of traditional loose leaf teas. They have been selected for their quality anddistinctiveness by DJ Miles, master blenders for three generations from Minehead inSomerset.
Our herbal range supplier is Tip Top Tea, who started out in Bristol a couple of years ago.
All our teas and coffees are available to buy from the Deli.
A fine blend of pure Assam & Kenya Teas, selected to give a strong cup of English BreakfastTea.
Crafted just for us, a blend of Orthodox Tendered from Kenya’s Rift Valley, Kenmare, aclassic high grown in Sri-Lanka and an Orthodox Carramore Assam.
A blend of 40% imported Assam with England’s only locally grown tea from Cornwall. Thefarmer started growing tea only seven years ago and his family have been farming on thesame land for seven hundred years.
A traditional world favourite tea flavoured with bergamot oil This is from Margaret’s Hope estate in Darjeeling, whose high elevation makes it one of thefinest and gives the tea a sophisticated winey muscatel flavour An orthodox African, this tea has a fine flavour and bright colour. Excellent with milk.
Adawatte has a very pale colour but plenty of flavour, and Uva`s typical astringency. A goodrefreshing afternoon tea.
A long leaf black tea smoked over pine chips to give it its distinctive aroma and flavour. Goodwith or without milk.
Unfermented, these teas are refreshing and are purported to carry significant help benefitswhen drunk regularly.
Distinguished by its beautiful shape, emerald colour, scented aroma and tending sweet floracolour : Highly regarded as the most fragrant and popular scented flower green tea. Delicate, lightand slightly sweet.
Smooth balance of properly popped rice and roasted rice. Healthy, nutty, clean drink thattastes quite unique.
A classic green tea whose rolled leaves resemble the shape of old gunpowder balls. Smooth,clean and refreshing A blend of Gunpowder tea with fresh mint (sugar to taste if you want it)


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