Part numbers:
The Videx Padlock is a high security Federal 500X padlock with Videx’s weather resistant 6-pin Schlage format cylinder pre-installed. It has a solid brass body and a chrome-plated,hardened steel shackle. The retainer, ball bearings, andshackle pin are all stainless steel. Three shackle lengths are available as indicated by the part numbers above. Key retaining padlocks are available by special order. Please contact our sales department for details.
The CL-6P1WR cylinder is specifically designed for use in exposed applications such as an outdoor padlock. Several padlock designs allow water and dirt to enter theback of a cylinder. In addition, closing a padlock shackle can force water and dirt into small openings in a cylinder.
Over time, this can degrade the lock’s performance. The weather resistant 6-pin cylinder’s sealed design Applications include storefronts, gates, construction sites andequipment or any location needing unwired access control.
Lock Body
15⁄16” 24mm 23⁄16” 56mm 3⁄8” 9.5mm 15⁄16” 24mm 23⁄16” 56mm 3⁄8” 9.5mm 15⁄16” 24mm 23⁄16” 56mm 3⁄8” 9.5mm CyberLock
Part numbers:
Cylinder Specifications
• Stainless steel with a nickel-plated front Operating Temperature
• -40º to 160º F; -40º to 70º C, non-condensing Power Requirements
• None; power is supplied by the key’s battery.
Hardware Security Features
• No keyway to pick.
• If torque is applied to the front of the cylinder, it separates from the back half leaving the cylinder in the locked position.
• Resists electric charge applied to the face of the lock.
Hardware Options
• Tamper pin which blocks the locking pin automatically when impact force is applied Number of Keys per Lock
• No limit to the number of keys that the lock can support.
Number of Locks per Key
• Up to 3300 locks can be accessed with a standard user key.
• A Master key has no limit to the number of locks it can access.
• A database has no limit to the number of locks or keys it can manage.
Lost Keys
• The system can designate and disable lost keys.
Access Schedules
• Schedules programmed into the CyberKey provide complete control over specific days and times that a key will operate. A key can use up to 49 different schedules to access locks.
• A database has no limit to the number of schedules it can manage.
• Holidays may be set as exceptions to the schedules.
Audit Capacities
• The lock remembers the last 1100 events with date and time.
• A key remembers up to 3900 events with date and time. It can be set to keep only the most recent set of events or to stop operating when its audit trail is full.
Electronic Security Features
• Key Expiration – a begin/end date range can be set during which the key will work. • Delayed entry – a lock can be set to delay entry for up to 20 minutes.
• Multiple key custody – a lock may be set to require more than 1 key (up to 4) before opening.
Electronic Rekeying
• Rekeying a system is done via the software; no need to install new locks and issue new keys.
Padlock Specifications
Lock Body
Lock Mechanism
Shackle Strength Test
Videx, Inc., 1105 NE Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330 • 541-758-0521 • Fax 541-752-5285 • • GCO1742


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