Foreword (rom) . 5Foreword(engl.) . 8Introduction(rom) . 11Introduction(engl.) . 141.To smoke, smoking habit-definitions? . 172.Are smokers significantly different from nosmokers? . 203.What is the scientific definition of the smoking status? . 224.Smokers are addicts? . 255.Why do young people start smoking? . 266.Tobacco products-different types of smokers? . 287.Cigarettes-what is their history? . 308.Cigar smoking-is it less harmful than cigarette? . 339.Pipe smokers are they more privileged? . 3910.Narguile- new trend- is it safer? . 4411.What is a cigarette made of? . 5012.More filter cigarettes today? . 5413.What do you need to know about filters? . 5514.What types of filters are in use? . 5715.Micronite filter-a contradictory history? . 5816.Charcoal filters-any advantages? . 6017.Biofilters-are they superior? . 6318.Polymeric structure filters at the horizon- a greater hope? . 6419.Menthol cigarettes- what makes the difference? . 6620.What is the truth about light and ultra light cigarettes’ safety? . 7021.Sweets or cigarettes for children? . 7422.What about tobacco plant production? . 7523What about tobacco consumption statistics? . 7624.What about smoking epidemics? . 7825.What is specific for nicotine dependency? . 8126.What about tolerance to nicotine? . 82 27.What is the relationship between chronic tolerance and dependency to nicotine? . 8428.Can genetics influence nicotine dependency? . 8529 Smoking and alcohol drinking-double dependency, double danger? . 8630.”Safer and credible” alternatives : clean nicotine, RIP cigarettes.What is harm reduction?What is snus? . 9631.Smoking related diseases-in figures? . 10432.Most important tobacco related diseases? . 10633.COPD-smoking as main risk factor? . 10734.Relationship between acrdio-vascular diseases and smoking? . 11035.Relationship between cancers and smoking? . 11436.Samoking and cancer of the larynx? . 11437.Taking in charge laryngeal cancer with traheostoma? . 11738.Lung cancer and tobacco consumption-update? . 11939.Annalysis of smoking behavior and relative risk of lung cancer? . 12240.Smoker’s guide for diagnosis and treatment in lung cancer? . 12541.Another risk smoking induces-oral cancer? . 13042-Can we attribute bronchial asthma to smoking? . 13343.More respiratory infections to smokers? . 13444.Other cancers attributed to smoking? . 13845.Other diseases having smoking as risk factor? . 13946.Effects of smoking in the oral cavity? . 14247.Smokng and aesthetic conditions? . 14548.Smoking and sexual life? . 14649.Smoking and blood bilirubine level? . 14750.Smoking and eosinophilic inflamation? . 14751.Smoking and ECG? . 14852.Smoking and visual acuity? . 14853.Smoke free workplaces-clean environments for smokers? . 14954.Priorities of tobacco control strategies? . 15055.Women and smoking-anything else? . 151 56.Smoking in pregnancy- for what price? . 15457.How to quit smoking in pregnancy? . 15858.Do pregnant women smoke? . 15959.Where to ask for help to quit smoking during pregnancy? . 16060.Respiratory diseases and smoking in women? . 16561.Effects of passive tobacco smoke exposure? . 16762.Smoke free life-medical staff’s role? . 17363.Health benefits of smoking cessation? . 17764.Motivation to quit smoking-is it realy important? . 17965.What do you think about smoking cessation? . 18166.What should smokers expect from counciling to quit? . 18367.Goals of advice to quit smoking? . 18468.What is it exactly counciling to quit smoking? . 18669.Brief advice? . 18970.Counciling hospitalized patients to quit smoking-what is he advantage? . 19071.Difficult situations to stop smoking? . 19272.Withdrawal syndrome? . 19473.Pharmacological treatment of nicotine dependency? . 19574.Nicotine substitutes-easiest way to quit? . 19675.Nicotine gum? . 19976.Nicotine patch? . 20377.Nicotine lozenge? . 20778.Nicotine spray? . 20979.Nicotine inhaler-can you give up smokng too? . 21180.Behavioural terapy-is it efficient in smoking cessation? . 21481.Hipnosis-any help in quitting smoking? . 21882.Acupuncture-is it useful? . 21983.Bupropion as an efficient aid to stop smoking? . 22184.Psychoterapy- complementary to pharmacological treatment? . 28885.Antidepressants, anxiolytics and others-any benefit? . 22886.Unconventional terapy-just another option? .229 87.Will you be able to be immunized to smoking behavior by nicotine vaccine? . 23088.Can you try other possibilities to quit smoking? . 23289.Reducing smoking-is it a solution? . 23390.Outcomes of reducing smokng in long term follow-up? . 23591.Weight gain-a real obstacle to quit smoking? . 23792.Smoking and drinking coffee or tea: what are the interactions? . 23993.How to avoid smoking relapse, once you quit? . 24694.World No Tobacco Day? . 25195.31-st of May 2004:”Tobacco and Poverty”? . 25296.relationship between Tobacco consumption and poverty? . 25597.Why cannot give up smoking?But why smoking? . 25998.Future trends in smoking behavior? . 26699.FRESH AIR (AER PUR) NGO in Tobacco Control’s role in Romania-making the history . 270100.Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC)-what is the purpose? . 277101.How can you use Internet in Tobacco Control? . 290Appendix1 Fagerstrom-Nadjari test . 304Appendix 2 Framework Convention for TobaccoControl(FCTC) . 305Bibliography . 321


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