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Tennant are extremely excited to advise that a partnership has been finalised with Our Employee Benefits Consulting team prides FedGroup, the largest participation mortgage bond administrator in South Africa.
itself on personal service, objective advice andrelevant communication to Boards of Trustees.
This merger has already begun to open many doors for us, and the benefits will Monthly trustee reports allow Trustees to monitor most definitely be passed onto you, our valued client.
the Fund’s progress and transactions. Tennant are We are looking forward to you moving forward with us in the financial services innovative in structuring rules to allow for the most tax efficient means of contributions, for both themembers and companies. Trustees are alwaysempowered to make decisions in the best interest Employee Benefits.
of the members. Details of other great innovationswill be coming up in future publications.
One of the ways in which a benefit paymentfor a minor (person under 18) could be madein the past was to pay the benefit to anumbrella trust. This benefit would then beheld in trust for the minor and there couldbe monthly or other payments dependent Did you Know.
on what was required. It all sounded above Health Care Consulting.
board, but then there was the case of theLiving Hands Trust.
The FSB decided that it had to step in and prevent similar situations arising again of swine flu, government
– it changed the law. The Pension Funds Act was amended to create a special kind of retirement fund call a Beneficiary Fund and is has to comply with all the requirements of this Act. Also, Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act has been amended. Payments in respect of minors, where the guardian is incapable of managing the money, must now be paid to a Beneficiary Fund.
Sky News reported that Tamiflu, one of the few
Beneficiary Funds can make payments with the same frequency as the old umbrella drugs available to treat the virus, can cause side trusts. The trustees of this fund are responsible for the appropriate management of the benefit payments and investment of the assets. The bottom line is that with Should you have any concerns, there is a public this move the FSB has attempted to ensure a better way in which to protect the help line available. The number is 0861 364 232.
benefits for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.
Personal Financial Planning.
It has been almost a year since the global financial crisis started in September lastyear, and although financial markets remain fragile, there are clear signs of improvedstability. Key indicators have improved, including the US housing market, showingthat the US recession is drawing to a close but with a muted recovery in sight.
In addition, most emerging stock markets have rallied by around 80% in dollarterms (including South Africa), so they have had a big run. We are of the view thatstock markets are in recovery mode.
The recent decision of the Monetary Policy Committee’s to cut our repo rate by50 basis points to 7% will further stimulate our economy that will result in additional When a loved one dies there are a number of
tasks that need to be done before the estate
can be finalised.

Dies intestate : valid Will – If your loved one has Employee Benefits :
died and has a current Will it makes the process smoother. Firstly, the Will needs to be obtained.
The nominated executor in terms of the Will needs to be informed of the death. The executor will thenregister the estate with the Master of the Supreme Healthcare :
Court. The executor needs to be approved by the Master of the Supreme Court. Once approval is granted the executor will then be able to distribute the assets in accordance with the Will.
Risk Consulting:
Dies intestate : no Will – If your loved one has not left a Will the next-of-kin will need to register theestate with the Master of the Supreme Court, who www.tennant.co.za
Personal Financial Planning :
then nominates an executor. The executor will then be able to distribute the assets with Intestate

Source: https://www.tennant.co.za/nletters/Newsletter_sept09.pdf

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