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Copy of sunray isd 50-773_biennial_progress - exelon wind 7-9 llc - amended 10-24-2012.xls

Biennial Progress Report for Texas Economic Development Act
J%@=831BAA>/<<7<5;=@3B6/<=<3A16==:27AB@71B;CAB1=;>:3B34=@;A4=@3/16 J)67A4=@;;CAB0347::32=CB0G3/16/>>:71/<BB6/B7A>/@BGB=/:7;7B/B7=</5@33;3<B J4B63=@757</:/>>:71/B7=<E/A;/230G/5@=C>=4BE==@;=@31=;>/<73A3/16 J%:3/A3@3BC@<A75<326/@21=>G4=@;A/<23:31B@=<71A>@3/2A633BAB=B63A16==: district before May 15 of each even-numbered year.
J4B63=@757</:/>>:71/<BA>:7B7<B=BE==@;=@3/>>:71/<BA/4B3@B63=@757</:/5@33;3<B all current agreement holders must complete this form.
J)63A16==:27AB@71BB6/B7A/>/@BGB=B636/>B3@ /5@33;3<B7A1=::31B7<5B632/B/ J>>:71/<BAA6=C:2=<:G1=;>:3B3B637<4=@;/B7=<4=@B637@G3/@A/A/</5@33;3<B required by Chapter 313.008 on this form for the Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA).
holder, noting what year they were formed after the original agreement was approved.
J)63%@3?C3ABA1=;>/<73A1=;>:3B3B633:31B@=<71A>@3/2A633BD3@A7=<=4B634=@;%:3/A3AC0;7B J/16/5@33;3<B6=:23@A6=C:2@3A>=<2/A/1C@@3<B/>>:71/<B=<!7<303:=E both an unsigned electronic version and a signed hard copy version of the spreadsheet (with any
J>>:71/<BAA6=C:2@3>=@BB637@>@=>=@B7=</B3A6/@3=4@3?C7@323;>:=G;3<B/<2 attachments) to the district. Please contact CPA if you have questions about the form. The spreadsheet version of this form can be downloaded at: www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/proptax/hb1200/index.html.
J4B63=@757</:/>>:71/<B7AAB7::B63=<:G/5@33;3<B6=:23@>:3/A32=<=B1=;>:3B3 J4B3@3<AC@7<5B6/B/::4=@;A/@31=;>:3B3B63A16==:27AB@71BE7::4=@E/@2B6/B2/B/B= the CPA for inclusion in a statutorily required report to the Texas Legislature.
In addition to the Biennial Progress Report required from each applicant that is a party to an agreement, a separate Biennial Progress Report summarizing the combined applicant’s data for the entire agreement must be completed. J4=<3=4B63/>>:71/<BA1/<<=B>@=D723B67A7<4=@;/B7=</AC;;/@7H/B7=<@3>=@B;CAB 2 Name of CAD appraising the qualified property in this school district 3 Name of project on original application (or short description of facility) JD Wind 7 LLC, JD Wind 8 LLC, JD Wind 9 LLC 4 Name of applicant on original application JD Wind 7 LLC, JD Wind 8 LLC, JD Wind 9 LLC 5 Date original application filed with school district 6 Name of company entering into original agreement with district 7 Date original limitation agreement approved by school district 8 Date of final signing of agreement (if different from board approval date) Exelon Wind 7 LLC, Exelon Wind 8 LLC, Exelon Wind 9 LLC 10 Complete mailing address of current agreement holder 3 Lincoln Center, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 11 Name of company contact person for agreement holder 13 Phone number of company contact person 14 E-mail address of company contact person 15 Texas franchise tax ID number of current agreement holder: 32028368564 (Exelon Wind 7); 32025984827 (Exelon Wind 8); 32025984785 (Exelon Wind 9) 16 If the current agreement holder does not report under the franchise tax law, please include name 17 NAICS Code of current agreement holder (6 Digit): 18 Name of authorized company representative (if different from above): 19 Title of authorized company representative (if different from above): 20 Phone of authorized company representative (if different from above): 21 E-mail of authorized company representative (if different from above): 22 Complete mailing address of authorized company representative (if different from above): 919 Congress Avenue, Suite 1450; Austin, TX 78701 23 First (complete) year of Qualifying Time Period – after the date the application is approved. See 24 First year of property value limitation (generally the third complete year of the agreement): 25 Original Limitation Amount (for entire agreement): 26 Amount of qualified investment during the qualifying time period the recipient committed to spend or allocate for this project on application (Not Total Investment): 27 Date of construction commencement (estimate if in the future): 28 Date construction completed (actual or estimate if in the future): Has the description of the qualified property changed from that in the application? If so, please 29 describe on an attachment how the actual qualified property - for which you are providing actual and estimated market values on subsequent pages - differs from that property described in the agreement. Include only property located in this school district.
30 What was the number of permanent existing jobs at this facility prior to application? 31 If you are one of two or more companies originally applying for a limitation, list all other applicants here and describe their relationships. (Use attachments if necessary.) If you are a current agreement holder who was not an original applicant, please list all other 32 current agreement holders. Please describe the chain of ownership from the original applicant to the new entities. (Use attachments if necessary.) 33 If the agreement includes a definition of “new job” other than TAC §9.1051(14)(C), please provide the definition of “new job” as used in the agreement. (Use attachments if needed.) Form continues on second tab
Biennial Progress Report 2010 - Page 1 of 2 Biennial Progress Report for Texas Economic Development Act
District Name
Project Name
JD Wind 7 LLC, JD Wind 8 LLC, JD Wind 9 LLC Form 50-773
Company Name
Exelon Wind 7 LLC, Exelon Wind 8 LLC, Exelon Wind 9 LLC 1st Yr. of Qualifying Time Period
Qualifying Time Period
Limitation Period
From application
approval date to
Jan. 1 of next tax Complete Tax
Please enter tax years (YYYY) here (starting in “Year 1”). →
Number of qualifying jobs2 applicant committed to create on application (cumulative)** Number of qualifying jobs2 applicant actually created (cumulative)** Number of new jobs3 created (cumulative)** Number of new jobs3 created that provide health benefits for employees (cumulative)** Median annual wage of new jobs each applicant created** Average annual wage of new jobs each applicant created** Total investment for this project (per year or time period, not cumulative)4** Amount of qualified investment applicant actually spent or allocated for this project5 (per year or time period, not cumulative)** (See also Note #1.) Market value of qualified property on January 1 before any exemptions6** Market value of qualified property (amount shown in #42) less any exemptions, but before the limitation on value authorized by Tax Code Chapter 313** Limitation amount in each of years 1-10. 7 ** Taxable value of qualified property certified by the county appraisal district for the School District M&O tax rate (per hundred dollars of value)* School district I&S tax rate (per hundred dollars of value)* Total school district ad valorem tax levy (M&O and I&S) on qualified property* * Actual data only. **Actual and projected data. Use actual data for prior years. Estimates are required for current and future years.
1. Only projects with agreements executed after June 19, 2009 may have any qualified investment between the time of application approval and Jan. 1 of subsequent tax year.
2. Jobs meeting all of the requirements of Tax Code §313.021(3). Each qualifying job is a new job that meets the wage standard for that school district, and is covered by a group health benefits plan for which the employer offers to pay at least 80 percent of the employee-only premium. Do not include construction jobs in counts of qualifying jobs.
3. For new job definition see TAC §9.1051(14). 4. Total investment is all investment at original cost, including land acquired after filing of application. Investments made in one year should be reflected in the subsequent year’s market value.
5. The investment made during the qualifying time period meeting the requirements of Tax Code §313.021(1). Fill in amounts for the time between the application approval and Jan. 1 of first tax year, Year 1 and Year 2 only. (See also Note #1)6. For all values, use those from CAD as available. For future years, use market value that the entity estimates will approximate the market value for ad volorem tax purposes in that year.
7. This amount may vary annually for agreements with multiple agreement-holders. Subentities should enter their share of original limitation amount. Limitation amounts of all subentities should sum to that of the original limitation amount originally approved by the school district.
By signing below, I, ___ROBERT DANIEL____________________________, certify that I am the authorized representative of _______EXELON WIND 7, 8, 9 LLC___________, a current agreement holder of a limitation on appraised value, and the contents of this form and the attached documentation are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
The CPA requests companies complete the electronic spreadsheet version of the form. Please submit both an unsigned electronic version and a signed hard copy version of the spreadsheet (with Authorized Official Sign Here__________________________________________________________________________
Date_________________________________________________________ Print Name/Title______ROBERT DANIEL, TAX AGENT____________________________________ Phone (Area Code and Number)_______(512) 671-5557_______________ Biennial Progress Report 2010 - Page 2 of 2

Source: http://www.texasahead.org/tax_programs/chapter313/applicants/SunrayISDno77_JD_Wind/Copy-of-Sunray-ISD-50-773-biennial-progress-Exelon-Wind-7-9-LLC-amended-10-24-2012.pdf


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