A List of Killers in Public School Shootings
The research looked at 46 different school shootings, over the period of 20 years, looking for the answer to these four questions. 1. Was the killer prescribed psychotropic medication before the violence?* 2. Did the killer's motivation involve a girlfriend? 3. Was the killer religiously motivated? 4. Did the killer have a preoccupation with guns? This study mainly looks at school shootings where more than one victim was involved or where the shooter ended it by committing suicide. The reader should also understand that withdrawal from some psychotropic medication can also causes violent side effects. Therefore, those individuals who stopped taking medication shortly before their violence are also included in the drug connection. Question Marks indicate the need for more study. The main cause for inaccuracy in the study 1. The number of the killers who were taking unprescribed medication at the time of their violence is unknown. 2. The number of killers who were prescribed medication is probably higher than study indicates since data is hard to accumulate when the justice system will not release the medical records or sometimes even the names of minors. Whenever violent acts occur, the victim's friends and families ask why. This table shows one main reason why child violence is up. The question that should be asked is, why are we allowing it to continue. Looking at the different cases, there often appeared to be multiple causes, a combination of being bullied, violent music or movies, loneliness, etc. Add to this the loss of reason, reality and restraint cause by being intoxicated (medicated) and you have a recipe for disaster. I know that the documentation will not hold up in court; it is hard to accumulate data when the justice system protects the privacy of minors who are accused of a crime. However, there is enough evidence, proving a trend, that it should be researched further. It is time that we held the pharmaceutical companies accountable for what they are doing to our children. This spreadsheet was last updated in June 2011 The D/I/S column indicates the number of Deaths, Injuries and if the killer committed Suicide. Drug Connection
Drug Connection
Christopher Williams Essex Elementary School Katheryn Cranbrook said she originally diagnosed McLaughlin with an emerging psychotic disorder in 2003. But now she Thought he was on a mission from his God. Clinical depression was also present in the last four generations Campbell County Sheriff's Department Deputy Darrell Mongar of the Loukaitis and Phillips families. Being diagnosed with testified that Bartley had 10 Xanax pills in his pocket. clinical depression implies that there was a medication They may not have been his prescription. Shooter suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; this may Attacked a prayer meeting, Satanist according to classmates. imply he was on psychotropic medication. Survived later suicide He said he had been living in pain for some time and that he was One report Ritalin, Sam B also said drugs because treated by psychiatrist (though not specific as to which boy), Satan connection according to Tex Marrs. The specifics on the type of drugs are not being released to the public. He was prescribed drug after a five-minute phone consultation with a psychiatrist. A history of treatment with psychiatric drugs for depression and ADHD. Except during a successful escape attempt, the Canadian media have not been allowed to disclose Smith's name or photograph. A friend of the family said that his grades had been falling Suffered from depression and attempted suicide when he was 10 during the past year and that he had been medically treated for Previously diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, implies on Age 12, he stopped taking medication shortly thereafter when he Nursing student, suffered from depression


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