Are there any side effects that I should know
Before treatment your family veterinarian may suggest routine
blood and urine tests to make sure there are no underlying
problems or concerns that are not evident upon initial exam.
The best option for your pet will depend on a number of
factors i.e. age, severity of signs, progression of disease and
Ilium Meloxicam Suspension is a non-steroidal any other health concerns. Older cats and cats with other health concerns may require increased monitoring; your family anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that your vet has veterinarian will discuss this with you.
If your cat does become ill on NSAID medication, contact your family veterinarian immediately.
What you need to look for; Meloxicam (the active ingredient) is regularly used in humans and animals to relieve pain, fever and inflammation. Ilium * yellowing of the skin, gums or whites of eyes Meloxicam for Cats can be used to treat acute pain (rapid onset), relieve pain after a surgical procedure and also for long term use, to treat degenerative joint disease (DJD) and What else can I do to help my cat?
Discuss your options with your family veterinarian, as each case is individual, and your family veterinarian is in the best How do you know if your cat is in pain?
Recognising pain in cats can be extremely difficult, signs can Lifestyle changes i.e. weight loss, if your cat is overweight, be minimal, and often owners see the signs but attribute them a weight loss diet may be recommended. Supplements to aid to “my cat is just getting old”.
joint repair and movement or a specific joint diet may also aid in your cat returning to “their old self again” In the wild, cats that appear sick or injured become vulnerable Exercise – it may seem difficult to exercise cats, but it can be to predators, for this reason domestic cats still hide signs that achieved, with some creative use of toys exercise is possible, As the owner you are in the best position to look for subtle What you need to know:
• always give Ilium Meloxicam 0.5 Anti-inflammatory Oral • if your cat does not eat, do not give the medication – • DO NOT GIVE any other medication at the same time • stiffness• reluctance to jump• missing the litter tray • poor appetite• reduced interaction with the family and other animals How often - at the same time each day, once a day • vocalisation – particularly when handled• mood swings or aggression When do we come back ______________________________ Is the use of NSAIDs safe in cats?
Cats differ from other animals in the way their body’s
Will any blood or urine tests be required _________________ process and metabolise medication. You should only ever give medication that has been prescribed by your family How often will these tests need to be done _______________ veterinarian to your cat. Many human drugs can be highly toxic to cats and giving these could be life threatening.
If at any stage you have concerns or feel that your cat isn’t quite right, do not give any further medication, contact your Ilium Meloxicam 0.5 Anti-inflammatory Oral Suspension for Cats has been evaluated by regulatory bodies in Australia and is safe and efficacious for use in cats at the manufacturers recommended dose rates.
Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for veterinary consultation or advice. It is recommended a consultation be arranged with a veterinarian should you have any concerns relating to your cat’s health and wellbeing.


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