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Information for users of the
Certain rules and regulations apply for the use of the Archive / Museum, which are covered in the
Conditions of Use and the Price List. In particular, the following points must be observed:

These are the objectives of the National Archive of the Richard Wagner Foundation Bayreuth:

to collect and preserve documents, in written and pictorial format, as well as publications and
objects pertaining to the life, works and posthumous reception of Richard Wagner;

to use a selection of them for the presentation of these and related themes at the Richard
Wagner Museum;

to make them available for academic research and publications promoting and deepening the
understanding of Wagner.

Requests to use of Archive / Museum must be made in writing by using the application form. Orders
for images must also be made in writing. The request / order must contain a detailed description of
the objective, topic and material of the project. Generally formulated requests to inspect entire
archive categories, as well as bulk orders will not be processed. By signing the request for use and /
or the reproduction order form, the signatory recognises and accepts the conditions of use and the

The Archive is open to visitors from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 2 p.m. to
4.30 p.m., Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. A fee of €5,- per day is charged. From May to September
certain restrictions will apply. Particularly in July and August the Archive can, as a matter of principal,
only be visited after making an appointment in writing, at least 4 weeks in advance. The request /
order must contain a detailed description of the objective, topic and material of the project. Generally
formulated requests to inspect entire archive categories, as well as bulk orders will not be

Fees are raised for accessing the Archive / Museum, for the reference staff's time- and work effort
connected with this accessing or with answering written requests, as well as for posting and / or
publishing of photos or films depicting any of the Archive's / Museum's illustrations or items. These
fees are classified and laid down in a price list and will be conveyed on request. A fee of €40,- per
hour is charged for assistance by the Archive personnel.

Our reference staff will assist research projects merely by identifying and providing archived
materials, books or pictorial material. Written information concerning matters of research will
generally be restricted to notifications on the availability of archived materials, print items or
illustrations. To provide further information is entirely within the Archive's discretion.

Authorized users are persons older than 18 years, who can furnish proof of involvement in academic
research for a definite purpose, and who guarantee strict adherence to the conditions of use. If the
research is for the benefit of an institution, a dissertation or an admittance, authorization from the
employer or the lecturer needs to be provided. Persons whose purpose does not relate to Wagner
research are not entitled to use either the Archive or the libraries. This particularly applies when the
requested research material is available for use in public libraries. Persons unknown to the
Museum / Archive staff must present their official identification document before using the Archive.

Permission for use may be subject to additional conditions and limitations. It is valid only for the
purpose stated in the request and will be revoked should the conditions subsequently cease to be

There is no entitlement to provision. The provision of archive material may be refused:

on the grounds of safeguarding copyright and privacy rights,
if prints are available, which can be used instead of the archived material for achieving the
intended research purpose,

in special cases, in which the Archive itself is bound by special regulations,
in cases where the archive material is in a delicate state and could be damaged by use.
The requested material is presented in the study room. Users do not have access to the Archive's
card index system. Access is limited to those archive categories relating to the respective research
theme. Only in exceptional, well-founded cases may authorization be granted to view the archive
material, image collections, libraries and card indexes on location. Archive material must be returned
when the user leaves the workplace for a longer period of time, as well as before the term of use

The archive user must ensure due care in the handling of archive material and books and is
personally liable for any damages caused. No notes or underlinings may be made in the books and
archive material. Overclothing, briefcases and folders must be placed in the provided lockable
wardrobes before entering the study room.

Concealing the actual authorized research or publication purpose, or the unauthorized extension
thereof, culpably damaging or mixing up archive material as well as grave violations of the conditions
of use, especially the successful or attempted removal of archive material, other items, archive aids,
books etc. from the study room will result in temporary or permanent exclusion from use of the
Archive. Disregard of the conditions of use or of the contractual agreements derived thereof will
furthermore lead to a raise in the fees owed:

100 % in the case of missing or false mark of origin according to § 16 (Obligation of Reference);
500 % in the case of misuse or infringement of authorizations granted.
Photocopies are only made by members of the Archive staff. A list of the documents to be copied
and the number of copies to be made must be made in advance. Alternative reproduction techniques
will be used for any documents in a state that is too delicate for photocopying. This decision will be
made by the Archive administration. The costs involved are as stated in the current price list. Under
§ 53, paragraph 6 of the German Copyright Act (UrhG), the copies may not be disseminated or used
for public presentation.

In the case of text publications, the applicable laws regarding copyright and protection of privacy
must be observed. In the case of publications of reproductions and manuscripts of the Archive, the
National Archive of the Richard Wagner Foundation Bayreuth must be stated as reference. Of every
publication based on accessing the Museum or the Archive or in which any of the Archive's
illustrations were used, a unsolicited specimen copy is to be rendered. This applies in particular to
doctoral dissertations and other theses.

Archive material and printed matter may not be taken out of the grounds.
Exceptions can only be made under certain circumstances, and must be authorized by the director.
Bayreuth, January 1, 2002
Dr Sven Friedrich
- Director -

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