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developed. The original tetR do not contain Public Health System (SSPA) has developed a TetR(Tetracycline repressor)-based al -in- allow the design of a less-toxic Tet-inducible
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expression cassette that maintain the endogenous characteristics of the regulated- Inducible gene expression systems based promoters and do not transactivate other research tools and are constantly developed and are reproducible only if the doxycycline- clinical application. Among the existing inducible transcriptional gene regulatory cloning or antibiotic selection. One of the reasons for this requirement is the high concentrations of TetR required to block system is the most widely exploited tool for controlling gene expression. However, al these tetracycline-inducible system require There are more autoregulatable lentiviral a tetracycline-dependant-transactivator to activate the regulated promoter. The vectors without the requirement of antibiotic transcriptional activity has several undesired several potential drawbacks that could limit based al -in–one lentiviral system that efficiently generates doxycycline-responsive cloning and/or antibiotic selection. This vector called CEST, is the result of the homology to the TetO operon) sites can activate cellular genes. combination of all the elements required for Tet-ON regulation into a single lentiviral responsive cassette (CMV-TetO) driving the expression of the transgene and the SFFV protein. This vector efficiently produced primary cell lines such as 293T and human infection) with the CEST vector and that Benefits of the Offer
The regulatable gene expression system has The technology is protected by a european numerous advantages properties that make it particularly suitable for application to gene therapy and basic research. For example, What are we looking for?
the system provides an “on”/”off” switch for gene expression that allows for regulated This research group is looking to establish a dossing of a gene product in cell lines or in a subject. This vector efficiently generates Key words
doxycycline-responsive derivates include: Category: Stem Cel s; Laboratory Materials immortalized human fibroblasts. Hematopoietic stem cells and embryonic stem cells doxycycline-responsive are very hard to obtain with the CEST. The system is highly responsive to low doses of doxycycline with 1 ng/ml been sufficient to reach peak expression in cells containing up to 4 copies per genome. CEST vector do not cause toxic effects. The research group have analyzed the potential alteration of TetR overexpression in hMSC, an important target for cel -gene therapy applications. They did not found any alteration on the phenotype or in the cel cycle status on hMSCs that were transduced at high MOI (multiplicity of


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