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Emotional Disability ALL OTHER
MEDICATION(S) and other health issues:
Nathan is currently diagnosed with: ADD with inattention (314.01); Sleep Disorder (780.50); Anxiety Disorder
(300.0) and Depression (311). He takes Celexa (10mg) on a daily basis.

List Student Strengths, Skills, Interests
Intelligent; Observant of details; Good with words; Good vocabulary. Parents are supportive.
List Outside Factors (ex: health/medication issues, family changes, past experiences, legal issues, etc.)
Student attended the Crossing in Elkhart for the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year. Student was seen by the Behavior Consultant
for short term intervention during the school years of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013.
List no more than 1 or 2 Specific Behaviors Causing Concern (give exact/detailed description of behavior - describe in terms of
frequency, duration, intensity, location for each behavior)
Student actively and passively refuses to do his school work.
Antecedents (describe what typically occurs immediately prior to the behavior including setting, time, others present, etc. and if a pattern
When the school work seems too hard; When student perceives there is too much work to do; When student is tired
Indicate Methods of Collecting This Data

Consequences of the Behavior

Function of the Behavior

Needed Skills

Assessment Techniques Used to Analyze Behavior

Summary Statement of Information
Although student's academic ability is not in question, the lack of effort in demonstrating it is. The refusal to do school work appears to be a
combination of a lack of confidence, anxiety, avoidance and defiance. Potential interventions include: Teaching him Calming/Relaxation
strategies such as deep breathing; positive self-talk and self-analysis. Another possible intervention could include the "all-aboard" check in-
check out program. Short-term intervention with the Behavior Consultant is also a possibility.


Emotional Disability ALL OTHER
MEDICATION(S) and other health issues:
Nathan currently has the diagnoses of: ADD with inattention (314.01); Sleep Disorder (780.50); Anxiety Disorder
(300.0) and Depression (311). He takes 10mg. of Celexa on a daily basis.
Specific Behavior Goal(s) (List what you want the student to be able to do.)
1. Student will actively participate in academic tasks 80% of the time without refusal.
Plan of Action (How will outside circumstances/antecedents be removed, modified, or accommodated?
Include a list of acceptable replacement behaviors to be taught that decrease/eliminate inappropriate
behavior. Specify who those persons are that will be responsible for teaching replacement behaviors.)
Give tasks one at a time to avoid a sense of feeling overwhelmed whenever possible, break down larger assignments,
provide opportunity for movement, allow time to go to the office for a short break, make instructional accomodations
to decrease frustration, praise frequently stating exact reason for praise, offer choices that give him a sense of control
over the situation, use positive language. Replacement Behaviors: Teach acceptable classroom behaviors/replay
situations directing him to choices and consequences, teach/model better ways to express and relieve sense of
frustration and anger, use active listening, listening to his point of view then addressing behavior, offer reminders of
rules/ teaching/reteaching when needed, positive self-talk, social skills- interpersonal skills, emotional coping skills,
and decision making. Responsible people to teach him: Teacher, Behavior Consultant, Counselor
Positive Consequences for Behavior Reinforcement
Other: Daily All Aboardevaluation tool
Staff Response to Behavior(s)

Replacement Behaviors/Skills to be Taught and Indicate Person(s) Responsible
Evaluation (Indicate methods to be used to evaluate the Behavior Intervention Plan)
The need exists for a Crisis Management Plan. Proceed to Crisis Management Section.

Source: http://edfarmer.iweb.bsu.edu/resources/NH-FBABIP.pdf


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