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Universal Acid Test Kit
Alco Controls
AOK is suitable for all oil and refrigerant mixtures. Mineral and POE oils can differ in Acid number principally due to additives specified by manufacturers to reduce wear and therefore prolong compressor life. Features
• Universal acid test kit for use with all oils: POE, mineral,. • By changing the percentage of oil sample taken, the acid number of the oil can be determined accurately • Phase separation of the chemicals in the kit provide a positive color change regardless of the color and condition Test description
In applications where the specific Acid number of the virgin oil is known, the % fill can be selected from the graph shown or maybe selected from the table of common oils. If Acid number or virgin oil is not known, we advise to contact the compressor Kit indicates "fail"
Test procedure
The oil test can be performed in 3 steps: Kit indicates "safe"
Add the contents of the small bottle into the large bottle and shake well. The contents will change color as indicated on the ➋ Select the Acid number from the graph or from the table. Fill the small bottle with oil to the corresponding % level (100% = up to top). Pour oil sample into large bottle containing the colored mixture and shake well. Manufact.
Acid number
➌ Wait one minute and then compare the color of the new Mg KOL/g.oil%
mixture pink:
mixture clear:
As the acid level increases above the test point, the mixture will become lighter in color. If the system provides to be acidic, i.e. mixture becomes clear, additional tests may be conducted with new test kits with smaller % fill of sample oil in order to Components / Ingredients
Contains Toluol, Methanol, Isopropanol, Stabiliser, Emulgator, Safety Data Sheet
Detailed information on content, transportation and waste disposal rules see safety data sheet AOK_6539_safe.doc. Data subject to change without notice. Please consult oil manufacturer for latest information. Universal Acid Test Kit
Alco Controls
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