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WEB Browser, Wireless, Ethernet, Internet, mobile phone, smart phone or tablet. Can store an index of up to 1.000 melodies, remote controlled. Can manage up to 24 relay outputs via twisted pair connection or via radio (optional). Guided instructions on a graphic LCD display. GENERAL FEATURES Easy user instructions on a graphic LCD display. Multilingual menu. Automatic daylight saving time. Perpetual liturgical calendar. 200 Watt. Amplifier. TIME PROGRAMMING: Perfect synchronism for management of time programmed melodies: Automatic programming of ALL fixed and variable holy days. Fully automatic daily programming, weekdays, pre-holidays, holidays, weekly, periodic, yearly programming. Modify/checking of any programming. Automatic erasing of programs which will no longer be repeated. Automatic random and cyclical programming for the Christmas and Easter festivities, etc. Quick function keys for immediate playing. Programmed daily events can be viewed by the simple touch of a button. BELL SOUND PROGRAMMING: Up to 1,000 bell sounds can be programmed via display, internal keypad or (optional) external keyboard. Any type of composition can be played and/or permanently saved for future playing. Possibility of programming repetitive tolls in time, number of tolls (Angelus), peals, bell sounds in sequence, volumes, routines, chromatic scale, playing speed, etc. All programs can be called by number. Each bell sound can be repeated, copied, modified, relocate its speed, change timbre and manipulated in any possible way. Ability to program bell sounds in sequence for an unlimited number of times or minutes. Programming does not require particular abilities as all necessary information can be found inside the machines software. TOWER CLOCK (optional circuit board RL085) Full management of clock tower hands. Automatic gaining after power cut. Power supply at 24, 110 or 220 Volts. Impulse every 30, 60 or 1 sec. SECONDARY CLOCK (optional circuit board RL085) Full management of secondary clock hands. 12 or 24 hour clock. Adjustable power tension from 12 to 24 Volts 1A. Impulse every 30, 60 or 1 sec. REAL BELLS (optional circuit board RL085) Using twisted pair or radio connections (optional) the device can manage up to 24 outputs for real bells as well as service programs (turning lights on, opening doors, etc.). HOUR STRIKE FOR ELECTRONIC CLOCK (for real bells optional circuit board RL085) All types of systems for hour strikes available: regional, national and international types according to local traditions. Hour strike repetitions can be personalised. Automatic Westminster clock. Any type of program can be carried out before or after hours/quarters strikes. SERVICES (optional circuit board RL085): Automatic turning on lights, door openings, alarms, heating/air-conditioning, etc. Automatic lighting of clock faces, luminous crosses even by remote control (optional). QUICK FUNCTION KEYS 10 keys for playing recurring bell sounds and for enabling/disabling time programmed bell sounds. BELL SOUND: Hi-Fi audio quality sound. Reproduction of bell sounds of different various bell sizes, from deep bass notes up to the shrill notes, in every possible combination. Adjustable volume of the bell peal sound which can be programmed individually according to the size of the bell sound to be reproduced. Digital Control of general volume, low tones and treble, 2 AUX Inputs and 2 AUX Outputs, night service volume. 200 Watt, class D Digital amplifier. SAFETY MEASURES: Access codes can be programmed to prevent tampering. Hammers disabled when motor is activated. Galvanic insulation on all outputs, including those of the tower clock. PARTICULAR FUNCTIONS: It is possible to enable/disable time programming, amplifier output, etc. using the remote control. All time programming of bell sounds are stored on inerasable un-volatile memory (no power necessary). The 10Mb LAN Ethernet port is integrated inside the machine and enables you to gain access to the LAN or Internet network by means of an IP address and a gateway which allow you to transmit and receive data via IP just as if you were using a normal server to gain access to various menus inside the machine. GSM remote control. Allows start-up of a melody or service program by means of a tone telephone or GSM mobile phone. Ability to reset clock via radio (optional DCF) or satellite (via optional GPS system) or NTP internet server (Network Time Protocol requires internet connection). Receiver mod. RST-86 for radio time synchronization by means of DCF atomic clock via radio Receiver mod. GPS-3600 for radio time synchronization by means of GPS atomic clock via satellite GSM-3500 remote control. To start a melody or service program by means of a tone telephone or GSM mobile phone. 10.000 channels remote control mod. TX-3500. Functioning range from 300 mts. to 1Km. Frequency: 433 Mhz 4 channel remote control mod. TX-4CH. Functioning range up to about 100 mts. 61 note dynamic midi keyboard mod. MD61 to play melodies and/or save them. Relay board with 8 relays (RL085) to manage tower clock, secondary clock or hammers/motors/service programs, etc. Front panel switch to manually inhibit external speakers : Blue coloured LCD graphic display, 255x128 - 3,7” : Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Minimum time programming time between two melodies : VIA RST Receiver (DCF or GPS) or NTP Internet server : By means of lithium type battery (10 year life) Time & melody programming memory keeping : IN/OUT RS485 data (RL055 interface circuit board) : 4 ch. & 10,000 ch. Remote control receiver input or GSM : DCF - GPS input signal (for automatic resetting of time & calendar). : Internal power supply input 240Vac - 47-63Hz. Consumption : Max. 4 Watt. Power absorption : Internal backup on flash; external backup on standard SD-card : Max. 22 hammers, 9 peals, 6 service programs : 200 Watt rms on 4 Ω. Class “D” amplifier . - 200 Watt. Amplified version. Rack standard 19"version. DMC 860A Standard RACK 19” 4U version Size ( l x h x d ): 482 x 132 x 305 mm Weight of side supports for rack mounting: 1 kg. Weight DMC 860A : 10 Kg. REGULATIONS: This unit has been manufactured according to the safety and immunity rules in force and bears the EEC mark foreseen by EEC directives 89/336.

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