Effectuation Leadership – transform uncertainty into opportunity When we look back in ten years on predict the future, I can control it.” Effectual reasoning is the inverse of this.
dispassionate observer and not that of an anxious Focus on EFFEctuation
participant. We will see the upsides as well as the Using effectual reasoning, you start with only a set of means; in the process of deploying them, One of the upsides of the corporate goals gradually emerge.
destruction will be the development of business Ef f e c t u a t i o n e v o k e s c re a t i v e a n d models in business schools based on effectuation transformative tactics. Effectual logic is the name and not causation. These models will help given to heuristics used by expert entrepreneurs entrepreneurial leaders compete in a global and in new ventures. Effectual thinkers believe that “If I can control the future, I do not need to Causation underpins the thinking of the predict it.” business analyst. Effectuation underpins the Effectuation consists of a unique worldview Just pause for a moment and consider who is most likely to miss the turn off for the future, EFFEctuation PrinciPlEs in crEating
business analysts or entrepreneurs? Exactly. Read Your own FuturE
Bird in Hand Principle: Start with your means.
Focus on causation
Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Start Most business schools are currently structured taking action, based on what you have readily around imparting five core integrated subject available: who you are, what you know, and areas to aspiring business leaders: (a) leadership whom you know.
skills that capitalize on knowledge of (b) strategy, (c) finance and (d) information technology Affordable Loss Principle: Set affordable loss.
within the context of and influenced by a (e) Evaluate opportunities based on whether the global economy. So the logic goes like this. To downside is acceptable, rather than on the understand the financial drivers of a business, attractiveness of the predicted upside.
Effectuation is not new. It has a long and one must have a command of basic accounting illustrious history that has brought us an endless principles; to craft a business strategy, one must Lemonade Principle: If you are dealt lemons, list of great products that includes WD40, Post-
understand market dynamics; to meet market make lemonade! Embrace surprises that arise it notes, texting on mobile phones, penicillin, imperatives for high quality at low cost with from uncertain situations, remaining flexible Viagra, Facebook, and the internet. It just now minimal delay, ICT competency is crucial; rather than tethered to existing goals.
has a name and a teachable element and business to exercise leadership, one must be aware of schools are taking it seriously enough to include global, cultural influences and personal traits. Crazy-Quilt Principle: Form partnerships. it in the repertoire of leadership skills.
Implicit in the teaching is the emphasis on Form partnerships with people and organisations causal reasoning. Causal reasoning focus is on willing to make a real commitment to jointly thinking in many of its programmes as it achieving a desired goal through a specific set of creating the future – product, firm, market – supports leaders to explore new markets, develop given means. Causation invokes search and select with you. Effectuators don’t worry so much new ways of doing business and create their own tactics and under-lies most “good” management about competitive analyses and strategic future in a portfolio of MSc courses and business theories. Causal thinkers believe that: “If I can planning.
development initiatives such as ConnectUS.
“One of the upsides of the corporate destruction will be the development of business models in business schools based on effectuation and not causation.” Visit our website: January 2012 105



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Scyl a serrata (Mud Crab) Seed Production And Its Health Management • Researcher : Dr. Lee Seong Wei • Co- Researcher : Dr. Ikhwanuddin b. Abdullah@Polity (UMT) • Studen : Cik Syahrizawati Binti Mohd Zohri • Grant : Short Term Research Grant Abstract The culture of mud crab, Scyl a spp , is widespread because the methods variety of farming technique exists for mud cr

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